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Modern Civilization (T&P) Montero V.3.0: 4D

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Version 2.0...hard work!

This one includes a LOT of new content, including over 95 skins, with climate-specific (mainly desert) ones.

It also introduces two new nations, Portugal and Israel.
Update to V.2.1
Fixed the Vietnamese Vietcong/Vietminh problem.
Updated V.2.2
Finally fixed the Vietnamese T-55, with a new skin...took me all day, you'd better like it! Also, added an old asian modern age infantry skin, never actually enabled it.
Update to V.2.5
Added a bunch of new skins, including all climate Wehrmacht skins (which make the Germans really great to play in the Modern Age), completed Canada, and perhaps one or two more details.
Also, it adds two new nations: Syria, of the Middle East (which isn't quite completed, only one UU so far), and Cuba, of the Caribbean Sea, in Latin América.

This update is dedicated to the Cuban people, who have been so strong across their war-torn history, and still struggle against the oppresion of a pseudo-communist dictatorship, the Cubans are one of the most pushing peoples of Latin América, and also one of the most disgraced. Still, they live on and keep a little beacon of hope that someday, they will once again be free.

New skins: 137, meaning a 42 skin increase over version 2.0
Updated version 2.7.
This time, I changed some skins and added a few new ones, I also completed China, Japan and Russia.
How little it may be, I'd like to dedicate this update to all the people who have lost their lives and homes in the south of the United States due to the hurricane Katrina, it is truly a shame to see such loss of life and resources to nature, my condolences to all of those affected by the storm.

Back to bussiness.

New skins: 144, with a 7 skin advantage over version 2.5.
Updated 2.8
Minor update, it fixes the Canadian desert PPCLI and the Italian Ballista. Full credits to ODA for the ballista, from idea to skin, all his. I also took the chance to add few new skins.

New skins: 151, 7 more than 2.7...I don't rest on my laurels!
That was a long wait...
Updated 2.9
I just added a few new skins and one or two units, this is mainly to let you know I'm still alive.

Ahem, dedicatory...I'm not dedicating this to anything, I just want a little mention about the Venezuelan-Mexican political crisis originated in Vicente Fox's comments about Mercosur and, most specifically President Chávez after the Summit of the Americas, about two weeks ago...both presidents are very wrong, and frankly, very stupid. I just want this to be a little reminder of that.

New skins: at least 15, I snucked some skins into other files to prevent the mod from being such a huge zip.
Updated to version 3.0: 4D

Alright, some new features:
-Added Cazadores as a UU for the Venezuelan, they are our most badass Special Forces.
-Removed Guardia Nacional.
-Made new skins for every Venezuelan unit, to better reflect our uniforms instead of that generic jungle camo.
-Added Spetznas as a Russian UU, with complete enviromental camo. Thanks to Uthum876 for the inspiration and basis for the color pallete.
-Came a little closer to that 8,000 kb limit :)

Ah yes, I didn't have time to fix up the Vietnamese T-55, now that I gave it a new model (King Tiger) I'll get that done before Dec. 16th.

Well, I decided to make a new dedicatory in this update, as I have been doing since 2.5, this time around, it's a recordatory of the fraudulent elections that ocurred on December 4th (4D), where Venezuela's corrupt government took over most of the National Assembly with around 75% abstention, the oposition didn't vote. Now it seems the situation is even grimmer, as the new Assembly is announcing it's intentions to pass laws so our president can rule until 2030. Social explotion, anyone? Wish us luck.

Bussines as usual:

Fully playable nations:
-Saudi Arabia

Other nations (includes incomplete nations and nations I'm not sure what else I could do for them):
-United Kingdom
-South Africa

Don't play as Nigeria, yet.
Russia has many problems with Modern Age units, not recomended to play as them UNLESS:
a) You play starting in the Modern Age, or only in the Modern Age.
b) You play any other age, without playing the Modern Age.

Skins: over 166. Yea.

The readme is included, as always.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Canadian
Rating: 5
great skins , having no problems and teh fact thta j00 can use nations that RoN left out >:O you had a good idea and mad it godly, j00 make the makers of RoN look like noobs xD

Additional Comments: what will canada have for its teh units? :o
Rating: 5
Overall good mod

Additional Comments:
I like all of the changed nations and new UU. I don't know if it is just me or if the mod is not done yet like Montero says in the descrption, but when ever I try to research or build a UU, my game crashes. Other than, I can't wait for the next mod.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Montero, I absolutely love this mod. It is by far my favorite mod based on modern war. I like the way the population increases based on what you select in the pregame options, for example if you select 100, pop cap actually is 300; if you select 200, pop cap is 600. The unique units are very detailed and each civilization represents its real-life counterpart in great detail. I gave it a 5 because it is my favorite mod to play.

All that being so, I was hoping you could answer a simple question or two from me about a few tech issues. I have played over 30 quick battles with this mod and I can elaborate to you specifically what glitches I have found. Depending on what age I begin the game in (start in modern, end in iformation), randomly the unique units created in the redoubts are unavailable, or sometimes they are available, but disappear midway through the game. For example, once I played with the Iranians and the pasdaran elite squads turned into elephant gun mahouts in the middle of the game for no reason. They were quickly killed, and for the rest of the game, the pasdaren elite squads were no longer available to be created, there was no unit available in the redoubt at all. The disappearing problem happens when I begin in the info age as well. Created soldiers do not disappear, but my ability to create any more of them at times does. Also, the Vietcong (also created in the redoubt) change from civilian looking to soldiers and back in the middle of the game. Was that done intentionally? I mean, that is actually pretty cool. It seems that when I include the Spanish as a computer nation, the game hangs or freezes, forcing a reboot of my computer, on or around the time they reach the modern age (If I start in Industrial).

Lastly, please answer this question if nothing else. What nations have you played with or do you recommend playing with that have the fewest technical glitches? Are there certain nations that I should not play with? I really like your mod and want to continue playing it. Please give me any advice you have on how to avoid these few glitches or errors. Out of the 30 or so times I have played it, I have only encountered errors perhaps 6 or 7 times, but nontheless, this can be frustrating. Thank you very much for creating this mod. I appreciate you reading this and taking the time to answer my questions.

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