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World War II Mod Pt I

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Needs T&P?: No
-MUST download WW2 Pt I and Pt II for this mod to work
-This mod is not based on balance issues but more of historical accuracy.
-This mod is for Quick Battles ONLY
-MUST play in the World War II Age (it will appear as that on the screen).

These are the ONLY nations you can play as:

Spain, Japan, China, Soviet Union, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Finland, USA

-Only Japan, Great Britain, USA receive aircraft carriers
-Germany can build two different auto plants to build different tanks and also two different barracks for different infantry
-Great Britain can also build two different barracks for different infantry units
-Not every nation receives the ability to train flamethrowers
-Nations that fought in N.Africa (GB, USA, Ger, Italy) switch to desert skins for most of their units.

Credits: ODA/Unit35 Rise of Panzers
ODA's Tank skins
Uthum BF 1943
Edilberto's skins
Centurin's Corsair skin

How to Install:
Pt I
1) First go to the data folder of Rise of Nations (Rise of Nations/data)
In the data folder make backups of these files (otherwise you won't be able to play the original game again,without reinstalling): buildingrules,craftrules,help,rules,soundtypes,unitgraphics,unitrules

2) Insert the new files into the data folder

3) Follow the same procedure for the tribes folder and files (Rise of Nations/tribes)

4) Insert the new tribes files

5) In the art folder (Rise of Nations/art) simply put all of the allies' art into that folder. It should only ask you to replace the iface units. You should replace it but make sure to back up the original first.

6) Download Pt II and insert the axis' art into the art folder (Rise of Nations/art). It will ask you if you want to replace the general german skins. Back up the original first and then replace it.

Then run the game and it should work.
Remember to play only in quick battles as the nations listed above and only in the world war ii age.
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Red1530 When I tried to start RON with your mod I got the fowlling message

Number of tribes in rules.xml does not equal
NUM_ Tribes

I am using Rise of Nation Gold.

[Edited on 10/08/05 @ 11:31 AM]

Death Hawk This look pretty good but could you make it work off the mod list rather than actually replacing files???
uthum876 Dudes I don't think this mod is compatible with the gold edition. Maybe Panzerx can make a TAP version?
edilberto I have followed the instructions but the mod it doesn't depart, and this writing goes out

BHG RTS run time ERROR


WHYYYYY???? :'(

Help me pls?
wakain of course you know that Spain,Finland and China
have not fought in the 2nd world war.
a more logical option would've been France(something like stronger Forts and fort units),The Netherlands(naval Civ.)and australia/New Zealand.
File Author
Red 1530, I do not know much about the RON gold edition. I made this mod using the original RON game...maybe someone else could help us out with this problem.

Edilberto this mod should work for the original RON game. Make sure you are putting the files under the Original RON folder not T and P. All of the art should go in the same place in the RON/art and the data in RON/data. You need Pt I and Pt II. Make sure you are playing this beginning and ending in the World War II Age only with the nations I specified. Are you using RON gold too??

Deathhawk i will have to look more into that.. if there is a way to not have to back up the folders. As of now I am not sure how to do that.

.... and for wakain I am planning to put Netherlands and Australia into the game, just havent had the time. I know Spain never really fought in WW2 however they did support the axis, in fact they sent Spanish volunteers to fight in the invasion of the USSR. However China and Finland DID take part in WW2.

I hope this mod is working for everyone else.
edilberto My RON and RONT&P are Original, only difference is that my RONs , They are entirely in Italian CD, box and instructions!!!!..... but , I have inserted the mod in An integral copy of my RON that I have put in the depliant documents.
Me combined a disaster?

Grrr....Grrrr... >:(

...I have tried the mod. The mod goes well, but if I play only against an adversary computer. Besides, after 20 minutes around, UK using, USSR or Germany the game is stopped, and still in the Unit CCNN legionary, model.BH3 and skin.TGA don't correspond.

Hi... :))))

[Edited on 10/09/05 @ 02:28 PM]

wakain okay,it wasn't meant offensive,however,aren't you confused with norway(finland)

or with the finnisch/Russian war in th 30's?
there was fought in china in the japanese/chinese war,starting again in 1936,but that wasn't an official part in world war II.Spain could be good for the Spanish Civil war in the 30's.

nice to hear you were thinking of holland and australia already.
another idea could be Vichy France(first Axis,later Allied)
edilberto The Spanish civil war ended with the victory of the franchist (fascist). Spain entered in the Axis, the Spanish units more known are the SS legion condor.

[Edited on 10/10/05 @ 09:21 AM]

nice dictator that sickens me to hear someone say that China didn't fight in the second world war, some figures say that as many as 20,000,000 chinese died from the beginning of sino-japanese war(1937) to the end of world war 2.(1945)...while that might have begun before the German Invasion of Poland in 1939 there is no excuse not to include the last 6 years as part of world war 2.

Finland was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1939, invaded the Soviet Union itself in 1941(with support from Germany), and forced the Germans to withdraw from their country in 1944 in the Lapland War. So yes, Finland also fought.

[Edited on 10/10/05 @ 10:39 AM]

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