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Old World CTW

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<fixed the field battle glitch>

I went in and made ALL 10 tribes selectible in the CTW map (so now u can get the Mesoamericans). I triple checked the battles, they all work with all nations. You can also play with the tribes in Quick Battle now.

This is a mod of the updated DonTheDime map with the armies, anarchy and so on set between the Ancient and Medieval ages.

This mod includes 10 Cultures each with multiple special units borrowed from like nations (celts have british and french units...) and each nation has a special General Unit based off of the characters in T&P's scenarios (alexander, napoleon, etc).

You fight in Ancient age for 5 turns and get 30 turns in the classic and medieval age.

I strongly urge trying all nations as they are all really effective. Forts and Generals are crucial to gameplay. Thus you can build Forts and stables in the ancient age. Many unique units have been made available an age early so more unique units can fight together (YOU'RE GONNA LOVE THE EAST ASIANS!) You can also build unique units at forts (Mesoamericans get the special units of Incas and Maya there!)

I've included backup files. Installation is just copy and paste. Tell me what u think. I really appreciate feedback! Here's an outline of the civs.

Niger-Voltans (replacing Nubians) have the power of Trade.
Has unique heavy infantry for first three ages (borrowed from Iroquois).
Has an extra heavy infantry unit built at fort in medieval age (borrowed from Iroquois)
Has redesigned bantu light infantry as a standard unit.
General Unit: Warrior King (replaces Djezzar) gives +4 attack to all units

Nilo-Saharans (replacing Egyptians) have the power of Plenty.
Has redesigned unique ranged infantry from Ancient to Medieval ages (borrowed from Nubians).
Has redesigned chariot cavalry and light cavalry (borrowed from Egyptians).
General Unit: Pharoh's General (replaces Darius) gives +5 armor to all units

Lybico-Berbers (replacing Turks) have the power of Siege.
Has unique ranged cavalry (borrowed from Nubians).
General Unit: War Chief (replaces Spitamenes) goves +4 speed to all cavalry and +4 attack to ranged cavalry.

West Asians (replacing Persians) have the power of Empire.
Has unique heavy infantry for first four ages.
General Unit: Persian Commander (replaces Antipater) has healing ability to all units and +3 garrisoned attack.

South Asians (replacing Indians) have the power of Tradition.
Has unique and extra strong elephant cavalry.
General Unit: Elephant Commander (replaces Porus) gives extra speed to elephants and creates extra decoys.

East Asians (replacing Chinese) have the power of Formality.
Has unique light infantry for first three ages.
Has unique ranged infantry (borrowed from Koreans) for first three ages.
Has early samurai unit (borrowed from Japanese) built at Fort.
General Unit: Asian Warlord (replaces Ptolemy) gives +3 range, armor, and LOS to archers and siege craft.

Mediterraneans (replacing Romans) have the power of Militarism.
Has unique heavy infantry for first three ages.
Has unique heavy cavalry (borrowed from Greeks) for classical and medieval ages.
Has barbarian auxillary unit (borrowed from Spanish) from classical to medieval ages.
General Unit: Greco-Roman General (replaces Alexander) gives +3 attack to all units and +4 attack to heavy infantry.

Celts (replacing French) have the power of Leadership.
Has unique ranged infantry (borrowed from British) for classical and medieval ages.
Has unique heavycavalry from classic to medieval ages.
General Unit: Celtic Warlord (replaces Parmenio) has extra range, longer ambush and gives +4 attack to heavy cavalry.

Norse (replacing Germans) have the power of Smithing.
Has unique heavy infantry for first three ages.
Has Landsknechts at medieval age built at fort.
General Unit: Nordic Chieftain (replaces Wellington) has extra range, +1 siege and +4 defense to all units.

Mesoamericans (replacing Aztecs) have the power of Sacrifice.
Has unique light infantry for first three ages.
Has unique light infantry (borrowed from Maya) built at Fort.
Has unique light infantry (borrowed from Inca) built at Fort.
General Unit: Jaguar Lord (replaces Archduke Charles) reduces unit cost by 60% and makes all units move faster.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
-0.5 for using the DonTheDime's map
-0.5 for simply being too easy


On the whole I'm very enthusiastic about CTW mods, especially the ones that get finished and are playable!

In this particular case, I'm especially impressed with the small changes that managed to strengthen the AIs tactics, which actually gave me a few problems before I started to adopt my own. ;-)


The map, while looking good and representing a lot of hard work, has far too many areas. While this from a certain perspective is certainly a good thing, it also means that after a while (about 10 turns) you have so many rare resource bonusses and so much cash to buy cards that unintentionally losing conquest battles becomes virtually impossible. Also, once you can start aquiring territories by overruns, you can opt for a lot of additional income by not fighting any battles at all.

I've gotten exceptionally good at beating AIs at the highest difficulty. All else being equal, I can with some difficulty defeat 2 of them allied or 3 in skirmish. This means that when I get a resource bonus of +100 or more from rare resources or if I slap on a few usefull cards (usually extra tech), they get thrashed so fast that even I don't really know what I hit them with.

So, how to fix this:
Either use a different map (not gonna happen, too much work, I know ;-) or remove 50% of the rare resources on the CTW map. Definately and disable the industrial income switch, DonTheDime's scripts already provide some income and even though it's not much it's already more than I need to sweep the map.
Another way to make it a little harder is to give each tribe all the areas surrounding their capital from the start. This will make it harder to conquer large parts of the map in a single battle. Or herhaps you could somehow upgrade the difficulty of conquering the capital territories.


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