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Global Conflict Campaign Part A

Author File Description
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
Fixed all Map Bugs
Included a folder for Quick Game Modification

Also Added:
Future Force Warrior
Neutron Bomb
Hydrogen Bomb
Daisy Cutter
Corporate Office, Apartment Housing, and Banks
Different Map (Make sure to donwload part B!!!)
-Bigger pop limit
*Population is boosted to 400
-Nation Change
*ECOWAS is changed to Nigeria and recieves standard Info Age infantry at barracks plus ECOWAS Reserves at fort

The mod has over a dozen new units. Each nation has at least two Information Age Units. The super power nations (Americans, Brazilians, British, Russians, Egyptians, South Africans, Iranians, Chinese) have three.

Just read the description inside the zip file for more details and thanks for all the Support!


This is update is the same file as the PART A Global Conquest Campaign posted above.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
Completely awesome mod, all I can say.
It's great that someone is continuing the legacy of DontheDime, and Lamar deserves complete props for discovering the Nuclear Sub holy grail we've (or at least I have) been trying to figure out for so long.

Additional Comments:
I hope someone will figure the suicide bomber soon, I've been just using a crudely modded flamethrower.
Rating: 4

Although I give this the same rating as the Old World mod, and for the same reasons, it's good to note that this one is better. I'll start off with some general comments and then move on to critisism that is likely to apply to any number of CTW mods.

Combat in ancient times can be a bit tedious. The need to build up the infrastructure with which to build an overwhelming force to overrun the enemy cities with can easily take 20 miutes or so, not to mention the fact that you'll be simultaneously killing of the AI assaults in a hastily set-up killing zone. Not so in moderntimes.

All that matters is getting out that one B52 bomber to rule them all. With it you can usually take out that lone enemy sam site and with the next, you can bomb anything that the enemy can use to hurt you with into oblivion. Cities are taken by storm, your small ground force running along at quicktime to keep up with your campaign of precision carpet bombing. ;-)

Ok, so this may not work so well on territories that are better defended and have ratings above 3. But with each territory reduced to 1 after its capture and the AIs investing no cash in (re)building territorial defensive ratings at all (that I'm aware), this will the the brunt of all battles fought after a certain number of turns. Brigand, Sabotage and Treachery cards help to rapidly speed up this process as well.

CTW campaign mods sofar seem to suffer from the same problems. After a certain break even point, everything becomes increasingly easy. Usually after you've captured your first or second capital, battles will rarely take more than 10 minutes to complete. The problem breaks down into several related components:
1. Too much cash floating around.
AIs don't spend theirs, which means you capture it when you capture their capital. This needs to be fixed. Somehow, they should spend their cash on cards or more territory strength. If nothing else, their treasury should not exceed 200. It's simple enough to build a script that does that, I think.
2. Too many rare resources.
I sure hate it when I get hit with a Trade Embargo, it's often the most troublesome card to encounter. This means that I rely on that extra income, which means I probably have too much of it. Pherhaps rare resources on the CTW map should be limited to the capital territories. I know the map will look desolate, but that's the whole idea.
3.Too many "good" cards.
Brigand and Sabotage have small effects, but when multiple are played together they have the effect of nuking a territory into the stoneage. Treachery has limited application (only str 4 or less territories), but a few sabotages can fix that problem. This is easy enough to fix by removing the following cards from the "deck": Treachery, Sabotage, Brigands, Fouche, Talleyrand and Letter of Marque.
4.Too much scorched earth.
Not sure how to fix it (short of writing a script that would keep track of every territories' strength and keeping it in line), but territories should not be reduced to 1 after being captured, simply because that makes them too easy to capture for the next guy that comes along. A -1 or -2 would be more appropriate.

Athrun Zala 2006
Hey man, awesome scenario!I will be glad if you put Malaysia(because I'm Malaysian),Brunei Darulsalam and Indonesia in this mod.Can you made another factions?It's called OIC and all Muslim country put in there.Can your put Malaysia special unit is Su-30MKM fighter jet,ACV Adnan and B-52G strafortress(it carries cluster bombs)?

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