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Rise of Nations Awakenings V2.5

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is my last update of this mod I promise.

Don't use the mods folder. I'm having problems with it and assume I'm not alone in this. Just copy the files into your data folder on Thrones & Patriots.

Any questions, comments or concerns hit me up on my email- Scottfree001@yahoo.com cuz I'm not planning on working on this mod anymore unless personally asked. Not being cocky, just got other stuff to work on.

Have Fun

Thanks for trying it and much love to montero for the post that showed me how to use the xml file.

What's included:
All the scenario units can now be used in the quick game or CTW games without interfering with anything else. That means Redcoats, Imperial Guard, General units (depending on what kind of government you have), special naval units (Patrol boats, My Cruise Missile Sub, Ship of the Line...) and Guerilla Fighters for the African, Latin American and Middle Eastern Nations.

There's so much stuff in this mod it boggles the mind. Just keep in mind this is designed for regular play with the regular nations (Bantu, Greek, etc.)


Commander Paoli and Shwartz are left off since they don't fit the regular civs as well as the Portuguese units.

The extra units DO NOT appear in the start up screen. Just the play the game and you'll see them cuz they're nearly everywhere.

This ups the attack and splash damage for artillery, battleships and bombers.

Uses Battleman's Improved Naval Warfare v.2.0 for better explosions and sinkings at sea. I can't really tell the difference but I figured it would help.

Adds my Cruise Missile Sub though I toned down the splash from 8 to 2.

Boost population incrementally to 450

Land Units
Humvee - All Units
Bandeirantes -Spanish
Elite Bandeirantes -Spanish
Conquistador -Spanish
Elite Conquistador -Spanish
Redcoats -British
Imperial Guard -French
Junkers -Germans
Greek Mercenaries -Greeks
Boudicea -British
SAS -British
Advisor Fouche -French
Guerilla Fighters -Aztecs, Maya, Inca, Bantu, Nubians, Egyptians, Turks, Persians

Naval Units
Galleon -British, Spanish
Ironclad -Americans
Cruise Missile Sub -All
Ship of the Line -Americans, British, French, Spanish
Patrol Boat -Aztecs, Maya, Greeks, Turks, Egyptians, Bantu, Nubians, Indians, Chinese, Mongols,

Air Units
Harrier Jet -British

Command Units
Alexander (With Despotism and Classical Age) - Greeks

Antipater (With Despotism and Medieval Age) - Greeks

Memnon (With Republic and Classical Age)- Greeks

Ptolemy (With Despotism and Classical Age) - Egyptians

Parmenio (With Despotism and Classical Age) - Turks

Djezzar (With Despotism and Medieval Age) - Turks

Darius (With Despotism and Classical Age) - Persians

Spitamenes (With Republic and Classical Age) - Persians

Wellington (With Monarchy and Enlightenment Age) - British

Napoleon (With Monarchy and Enlightenment Age) - French

General Kutozov (With Monarchy and Enlightenment Age) - Russians

Archduke Charles (With Monarchy and Enlightenment Age)- Germans

General Blucher (With Democracy and Enlightenment Age)- Germans

Advisor Fouche (With Monarchy and Enlightenment Age) - French

Please leave feedback. Remember, this mod is intended to work seemlessly with the REGULAR game.


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edilberto very gooooood!!
edilberto But this mod bears:

Anzacs ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Boer War British ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Victorian British ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Portuguese ODA 2.0 (TaP)
Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Napoleon Old Guard ODA 1.0 (TaP)

Even using RoNModMerge ?
File Author
"But this mod bears:

Anzacs ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Boer War British ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Victorian British ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Portuguese ODA 2.0 (TaP)
Rise of Panzers ODA 1.0 (TaP)
Napoleon Old Guard ODA 1.0 (TaP)

Even using RoNModMerge ?"

What did u mean by bears?
I didn't use any of the above if that's what your asking. i just went into the unitrules and unlocked everything I could lay hands on. What's RonModMerge?

Thanks for trying it tho.
edilberto You excuse me, I have translated badly, I don't speak Anglo-Saxon.
I wanted to know if your mod succeeds in working , with the mods, that I have listed.

RoNModMerge is a program that has the ability to melt more different mods together.
You see download utility programs

[Edited on 01/09/06 @ 07:05 AM]

Phillistine Please do not post high or low scores without any explanation or just a few words. I am getting fed up of telling people this and am going to start banning if it carries on.

Don't respond to this either. Any questions mail me. The downloads section comes under the CoC.
edilberto Kind Phillistine, are your words for me? If it is yes , which is my crime? please
File Author
what is phillistine smoking? I don't think his comments were meant for anyone here, but the following are:

If ur not going to talk about the mod then don't waste time posting cuz u just look stupid. Now if anyone has anything meaningful to post I'm all ears. I've never seen anyone post a high or low score without an explanation anyway.
edilberto bhò? :'( barbagliate. HI!!!
Phillistine Edilberto posted one sentence and a 5. I removed it. Lamar01 you were told not to respond here. You will receive an official warning in your mail later. Next time do as you are told.

[Edited on 01/10/06 @ 05:15 AM]

Phillistine Second Official Warning.
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