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Global Conflict Version 4.5 (Part A)

Author File Description
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
(fixed brazilian bug, bonus cards are always 250, generals have greater range)

I'm updating this puppy again cuz of the bug in the Wheel and Deal scenario. I replaced the Wheel and Deal with Ambush. Assuming there are no more bugs, I won't touch this joint again until someone post a new map to work with (my email is Scottfree001@yahoo if anyone is interested).

NOTE: the Part B of 4.0 works fine with this,

-Tweaked the capital tribute to the CIA Worldfact book's newest economic readings
-Fixed the government leader names (some were presidents where they should have been prime ministers)
-Reduced the cards available to 18 with each one balancing the other out:
Sabotage, Letter of Marque
Trade Embargo, Resource Economic Boom
Population Boom, Mercenaries
Logistics, Partisans
Propaganda, Cultural Dominance
Traitors, Spy Network
Political Dissidents, Warpath
Advisor Fouche, Advisor Talleyrand
Great Thinker, Tech Eureka
-All Wonders are already on the map and cannot be replaced (no wonder cards).
Supercollider is in the middle of the Arctic
Space Station is in Florida
Everything else is in its historic place
-Rearanged Bonus Units you get when u max out Library:
Military Level 7- Future Force Warrior
Civic Level 7 - Advanced Fighter
Commerce Level 7 - Cruise Missile Sub
Science Level 7 - Three New Missiles
-Put back in Armaggeddon Clock (40 nukes)
-Three Missiles are now
Hydrogen Bomb (very wide splash be careful)
Neutron Bomb (like nuke but leaves bldgs up)
Daisy Cutter (Nuke but no affect on clock)
-Lowered Population Cap to 400
-Changed Allies (nations on same line r allied)
USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Japan and Canada.
Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Algeria and China.
France and Germany
Brazil and Argentina
Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa
Morocco, Egypt, Turkey
-Still have resources only in one area
-Still have 48 turns all in Info Age
-Still use custom start ups (in part B)
-Still same buildings
My extra Wonders (Sankore and Bete Georgis)
Apartments, Banks, Corporations
Fallout Sherlters
Most buildings can be captured
All Military buildings garrison at least 30
-All buildings a bit tougher now to survive the neutron bomb.
-Included a folder for quick play mod
-Global Prosperity now gives any nation the Stealth. This way in a quick battle you can still get the stealth (americans now have the B-2 which is bit more powerful)

Unit Breakdown
Algerians: MiG-29, Insurgent
Americans: Assault Jeep, M1 Abrams, B-2 Bomber
Argentinians: Mirage Fighter, Assault Jeep
Brazilians: Mirage Fighter, Assault Jeep, Guerilla
British: SAS Commando, Harrier Jet, Challenger Tank
Chinese: MiG-29, Hind Copter, Conscript
Canadians: F-15 Eagle, Assault Jeep
Nigerians: MiG-29, Rebel
Egyptians: Mirage Fighter, Hind Copter, Insurgent
Ethiopians: Rebel, Assault Jeep
French: Mirage Fighter, Leclerc Tank
Germans: Leapord Tank, Luftwaffe Tornado
Indians: MiG-29, Hind Copter
Iranians: MiG-29, Hind Copter, Insurgent
Israelis: F-15 Eagle, Conscripts
Italians: Tornado Milan, Assault Jeep
Japanese: F-15 Eagle, Conscripts
Mexicans: Jaguar Assault Infantry, Guerilla
Moroccans: Mirage Fighter, Conscripts
Pakistanis: Dragon AT Missile, Mirage Fighter
Russians: Shock Infantry, T80 Tank, MiG-29
South Africans: Eagle Fighter, Rebel, Assault Jeep
Turks: Leapord Tank, F-15 Eagle
Venezuelans: Mirage Fighter, Guerilla


Thanks for your patience with all these damned upgrades. Hopefully this is the last one.

Let me know what you think of the new features and make sure to download part II or this will not work.


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Metallica_rocks sorry dude but it says its not a valid zip file
File Author
strange. i'll get right on it.

my apologies
JAC194 I downloaded it fine...
JAC194 About the venezuelans, you spelled chavez's name wrong it's chaveZ not Chaves.
File Author
thanks JAC, you might want to redownload it as I made the correction you mentioned and lowered the costs of the fallout shelters (800 food and metal was rediculous).

everything should be a lot smoother now.
JAC194 Excellent. Cruise missle sub is great (props for figuring that out!) the nations are for the most part balanced and ctw is great.

Additional Comments: Just one prob. Some nations dont have real UU's like their UU's some other nation has as well. Can you fix this too?

Great job overall.

[Edited on 01/18/06 @ 05:49 PM]

JAC194 I give it a 5.
rkrempel -When playing the Indians you get 3419 tribute. Possibly a typo somewhere?
-Tried to play a Barbarian rally mission attacking a small island. Game crashed.

[Edited on 01/19/06 @ 01:18 PM]

File Author
"When playing the Indians you get 3419 tribute. Possibly a typo somewhere?
-Tried to play a Barbarian rally mission attacking a small island. Game crashed."

the tribute u start with reflects that nation's current purchasing power in the billions (for india it is 3.419 trillion). Whatever nation you pick, will start with a tribute of their current status.

For instance, Nigeria has a GDP of 126 billion so the tribute you get when you start as the Nigerians is 126. Furthermore, their capital has a tribute worth of 126.

The deeper your pockets the more tribute you have or can loose (America is worth 11.75 trillion dollars so conquering them gets you 11750 tribute)

As for the island thing, I apologize cuz there is just no fixing that yet. That's a problem that has been in the system since I started using it. If anyone has a better map that would be appropriate for all nations I'd definately use it (if you'd permit me). I hate that bug and have tried to work around by giving small islands to nations.

thanks for trying it.
File Author
yo i fixed the thing that makes the game crash when island hopping. i've made it so most of the time you can just buy them outright. if you don't, you'll fight a tactis battle. sometimes the enemy island is under water tho, so you might have to use the "cheat victory" code get passed it. So until I get a better map (cuz i suck at making them) that should do the trick. Everyone also make sure to download the upcomming New Startup Screens. Tell me what u think of them and drop some suggestions if you don't like the ones i put up.

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