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Republic of Chile

Author File Description
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
The Republic of Chile

Sequels to "Operation Switchblade" with just a little bit more intensity! Bushwacker hasn't seen the Officer's Club in years
and gets no time to play Golf.

There are a total of four scenarios created in RON GE T&P:

Overview: The fictional Brigadier General Winston Collins (Bushwacker) is assigned to United States Army Special Operations Command.
He is trying to progress through the General Officer ranks and seems to get nothing but complex assignments from the Joint Chiefs.
He was given the operational command assignment to assist the Chilean government in curtailing efforts by the Mayan
Liberation Brigade (Socialists), to overthrow the elected government.

So do you want a job with a Defense Contractor or become the next Joint Chief of Staff?

Scenario Mission(s):

The scenario order is a follows:

Operation Hung Jury
Operation Homework
Operation Hot Jelly
Operation Salsalito

1. Operation Hung Jury-MY attempt to TO CHEER ON MODDERS to make some WALLS, lol, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISMS solicited of the simulated.....TOP... INSERTION.

2. Operation Homework-Looks like a Favor for the President
3. Operation Hot Jelly-Cut off their Finances
4. Operation Salsalito-Wrap the Package in A Bow

Mission Objectives/HINTS:

I have received a limited number of player comments other than probed1969, who provided some comments that were useful.
My intention is that you try to complete all objectives before you reach the VICTORY message, feed back is welcome so I learn from my mistakes.
In several of the scenarios you have an ally, it's a good idea to use/keep an eye on what there doing.
However, as you maybe aware, they are not that dependable and have a tendency to get in Your way.
Primarily you could use for example, Enter,22,Enter, Press Insert, and point your mouse and left click move
your ally to a specific location. If you still have your game instructions, the tech and special unit/powers
quad-fold has a helpful listing on the back.
I have also placed hints in the game to quickly get you where you (need/recommended/should) be depending on your skill level.

(Units & Buildings)-If it's not available/there, you don't get it, PAY ATTENTION

In some cases at the start of the S,"engineers" and an advanced element have arrived with LIMITED equipment, to set up a forward base for you,
and may even place a few of your units for you initially, after that your on your own GENERAL.

Special Ops tactics intended use:

1.DELTA Operators and SEALs primarily attack specific targets to disrupt the enemy or protect/rescue VIPs, when completing a specific objective, move\hide them until the next target opportunity arises and go check on something else.
(I wish there was a function key to extract them!!!)

2.All of my scenarios you are suppose to escort VIPs to a safe place(CITY/FORT) and GARRISON the VIP!
(I haven't been able to figure "garrison_unit, script command out just yet.)
Don't just hang around until the timer goes off, YOU WIMP, get those sexy ladies to a safe place.

I recommend you use the folder system, so you can include the scenario mood music: Track1, Track2, Trackusa, in all scenarios, except "Hung Jury".

Hung Jurry, you only need Track1, Trackusa and Explosion for this scenario.

All music is included from "sounds" folder in RON T&P, except for trackusa.wav, if your at the "bust loose" AND "HEAD Banging AGE", lol,
This is the famous Singer, Kate Smith Singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA", song AUTHOR is Irving Berlin. SOMEONE CORRECT ME, Isn't she somewhat responsible,
for the term "It ain't over till the fat Lady Sings"?

.....Enjoy Peps
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File Author
I placed folders in the zip, however, the file was too big, so I had to remove repetive sound files, so to get the full effect:

Track1, Track2, Trackusa, into Folders Homework, Hot Jelly, Salsalito, then place
Track1, Explosion, for Hung Jury

probed1969 In homework I get a defeat message saying I've lost half my units, but I haven't lost anyone? It happens at about a minute and 35 seconds. Any ideas?
File Author
Did your SEALs appear?
File Author
They must be updating the site, I can't edit my original comment, hmmm..

I think this is same as the Tower problem you had in the original Switchblade, when you download to your pc its reads the map alittle different. I'll catch you in MOD Parameters on this.

Okay, quick fix, go into script, start at line 88, change x,y coordinates from 3,20,140, for Humvee, Elite Special Forces, and jump camera TO:

x,y= 3,40,140, this will place you right outstide the City of Vigo, will not change the game at all.
probed1969 I must've nodded off on the first 2. In Salsalito I was waiting for something to happen...then it did! lol Man did I give them a head start. At the end it was like playing whack-a-mole with them moving all the time. lol

Good job. Are you done with South America yet? I think I have malaria. =)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very easy to play. Instructions and updates keep you informed.

Balance: 4
I felt a little too powerful until the last scenario, but that was the author's intention.

Creativity: 5
Fictional, original concept. Good storyline, characters and places.

Map Design: 5
Lots of attention to map detail and use of map to further the scenario goals.

Story/Instructions: 5
Interesting story with plenty of information about what's happening around you.

Additional Comments:
Very good work. Great use of scripts. You've come a long way in a short time. I'm looking forward to more.
File Author
probed- I'm glad you enjoyed the Scenario's, thanks for the rating.

I'm surprised that Homework wasn't more troubling? Hot Jelly was specifically designed to move the storyline along and be a "tutorial" getting you prepared for Salsalito where the use of all battlefield tactics would be necessary.
probed1969 The first time I played 'Homework' I played defensively and the MLB got a good start. The 2nd time I played more offensively and attacked on mulitple fronts. It's interesting how they attack down the middle.

You're not supposed to use "all... tactics" all the time?
File Author
Oh...so you were able to breeze your way through in Salsalito without multi-tasking?
probed1969 Not sure what you're asking...

I always multi-task and I didn't breeze through it. lol You've given the player plenty of tools to work with. It's just up to them to do something with those tools.
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