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Operation Switchblade V.2

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Overview: The fictional Brigadier General Winston Collins (Bushwacker) is assigned to United States Army Special Operations Command.
He is trying to progress through the General Officer ranks and seems to get nothing but complex assignments from the Joint Chiefs.
He was given the operational command assignment to assist the Chilean government in curtailing efforts by the Mayan
Liberation Brigade (Socialists), to overthrow the elected government.

If you already played Operation Switchblade, Version 2 , SWITCHBLADE WAS MY TRUE SOLO RUN AT S. there are a few tweeks and I changed nation Maya to Russia,(they have Shock Infantry, T80, Tank, etc.


Mission Objectives/HINTS:

I have received a limited number of player comments other than probed1969, who provided some comments that were useful in re-tooling this Scenario.

My intention is that you try to complete all objectives before you reach the VICTORY message, feed back is welcome so I learn from my mistakes.

Special Ops tactics intended use:

1.DELTA Operators and SEALs primarily attack specific targets to disrupt the enemy or protect/rescue VIPs, when completing a
specific objective, move\hide them until the next target opportunity arises and go check on something else.

2.You are suppose to escort VIPs to a safe place(CITY) and GARRISON the VIP!

All music is included from "sounds" folder in RON T&P, except for trackusa.wav, This is the famous Singer, Kate Smith Singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA", song AUTHOR is Irving Berlin.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
probed1969 You have been busy! lol

1. Same problem as before. I had to save it in the editor to open it in the game. I don't know why.

2. Ewww! I could live without the music. Especially Kate Smith. lol I usually have music turned off or way down.

3. An awful lot of resources on both sides. The AI starts spamming wonders immediately but Migs don't show up until almost the end. The only limit I have is the pop cap and that doesn't effect me after a while.

Good news, the tower was there. =)

It did play out more like it was supposed to I couldn't get to the hostages before the SF guys arrived.

Good to see that you're up and running again.
File Author
My Bad, I forgot to disable them, like in the other scenarios, it can be a nuissance when they have alot of cities, the ai must have a build schedule, so it thinks next logical thing to build is a wonder. I will file that info away thanks. You had a little fight this time?

I had to catch up, that UP thing ate up alot of creative energy. thanks
probed1969 Oh, I forgot. Your files are named swithblade v.2.scx and so on. The computer doesn't like that extra dot in there. I renamed them switchblade v2.scx, etc. Just in case anyone says they can't get it to work.

Well...the AI has all their cities, resource and military buildings. what else would it do with all those resources? It also reseaches one of the end techs immediately too.

Actually the biggest fight was managing all those troops until some died. Do you not use control groups to manage your troops? The game will only allow you to group so many then you have a lot of stragglers sitting around. Just like in the real Army. lol
File Author
How much help do you want, lol? I would have patterned the airborne drops differently, (would have a Armor, Combat Support Co's drop).

I've tried (create unit in group) didn't like it, maybe like you said I had too many in group, I would attempted platoon size elements,40, secondly, how do you get the MGs and ATMs, to support Infantry, you could lose all quickly, you need a LARGE DZ to do it right.

Curious from your comments in Switchblade, did you make an Airbase before the airborne drop? If you did the planes(C-141s) don't crash, they go to the AB. Or did you say, oh, they shot down my planes...lol
probed1969 I want all the help I can get. lol I told you I'm lazy.

Ummm...the unit sizes are deceiving. In the game 40 infantry units is a lot more than a platoon. The units play bigger than they look. Besides 40 X 3 (individuals per unit) = 120.

If you form a control group you can change the group's formation. They should then all line up in relative support of each other. Should being the operative word. Well...a real DZ for this many infantry would be pretty big in actuality.

Funny you asked. I was building an airbase when the first drop happened and I thought, "wonder where the planes are gonna go?" lol The airbase finished in time for them to go there and refuel. I think they were headed there on their own, but I helped them anyway. Didn't want to waste perfectly good B-52s. Meaning I could now use them to bomb with. Thanks! =)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Pretty good, although there were a bit too many friendly units at times.

Balance: 4
Seemed a little one-sided to me. Maybe a few more ememy or less friendly troops would be good.

Creativity: 5
Original concept and storyline were well thought out. The hostage idea was good.

Map Design: 5
The map allowed the scenario to play out as intended. Lots of things to look at.

Story/Instructions: 5
The pop-up dialogues keep you well informed of your objectives and add color to the scenario.

Additional Comments:
I enjoyed it and enjoyed harassing the author. lol It's more than just 100's of units facing off on a plain map.
File Author
Thanks for your comments:

1. It's supposed to be one-sided, an US invasion force vs some ill equipped upstarts.

2. Agree, too many troops, I think if I would have limited the support units better, the balance would have been better at the end.

3. I think it's about a brigade size element attacking which was my intent (2500-troops) vs. 500 MLB, I don't think there was 500 mlb out there though. Was counting on MLB to build better this time w/extra space.

Harrassment Pls

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Map Design5.0
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