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THE PLAGUE version 2

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: If you like the scenarios on this website and want your favorite designers to go on making scenarios, give some feedback--either good or bad--by rating the scenario ... nuff said ...

SCENARIO DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP, with custom sounds included in the zip file. It is scripted, so there is a script file. Save all these files in the same folder so the scenario can run properly. The custom sounds include music to add to the fun.

The scenario files are called "plague2" in a folder called THE_PLAGUE_2.

QUALIFIER: I used intensive scripting in this scenario to provide a maximum game experience. Unfortunately, this means it might glitch on your computer. If you get a glitch, let me know--maybe it's the script. I'll check it and let you know.

SCENARIO: This is a remake of my first real scripted scenario, The Plague. In this scenario, a deadly disease gets loose at a research laboratory near a major metropolis. Scientists fleeing the laboratory bring the disease with them to the metropolis, and then all hell breaks loose.

You are the head of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC). You have been given forces to enforce a quarantine at two major checkpoints--the Airport, in the south of the City, and the Hospital, in the east. The infected will try to overwhelm both of these positions after the plague spreads throughout the city.

Your forces include light armored vehicles (crowd control), machine guns (quarantine enforcement), assault marines (CDC response team), flamethrowers (cleanup squad) and other units.

Your enemy are the infected, a mix of militia, partisans and armed merchants. The partisans and armed merchants are simply sick people trying to leave the city or get into the hospital. They will shoot to get past you, they are desperate. The militia are people with advanced symptoms of the disease--which make them superstrong, impervious to pain, and lusting for blood. They will come at you in an endless, living river of diseased people. The only way to stop them is to take back one city center at a time, and prevent new units from generating.

Note that if individual infantry units fall below a certain strength, they may become infected themselves! Even if they get shot they can become infected from contaminated bullets carrying the plague virus. If you have a cluster of infantry and one of them gets sick, that cluster may be doomed. The plague is unforgiving.

Your job is to stop them all from leaving the City: Enforce the quarantine!

Then take the City back.

* Your forces are blue. You are the CDC.
* Your ally is white. This is the City. The City has no forces and doesn't do anything except ferry reinforcements.
* Your enemies are the infected citizens, and they are red and orange.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Take all the red and orange(infected) cities back for the City to win. If there are no orange cities by the end of the game, you must kill all the orange units.

OTHER INSTRUCTIONS: There are other instructions and game hints at the beginning of the scenario.

GOODIES: Every six minutes, you can access standby forces by clicking on the appropriate number in a box that appears on the left side of the screen. These forces include:

* Flying Circus: attack helicopters - good for slowing down or stopping a major assault and buying time
* Devil's Brigade: flamethrower units - good for defense
* Ragin' Cajuns: elite sniper squad, very good for taking out militia - but easy to kill by partisans, so use them carefully
* MacArthur's Jarheads: special combat brigade that can be used to attack the enemy in the rear - time this perfectly, or else they could easily become overwhelmed and destroyed

OTHER GOODIES: You cannot build units. Your reinforcements come periodically either by helicopter (hospital) or by cargo plane (airport) from across the big body of water to the north. If you lose the airport, you will lose that source of reinforcements. This can hurt, since this is where your armored reinforcements come from. At the hospital, you'll only get infantry by helicopter.

The City player has a city center in the middle of the metropolis--the police station. If you put troops next to it, you will rescue the police trapped inside, and increase your forces.

If you lose the airport, the President will give you two options--a missile strike on the power station to deny the people of the city food and water, plus a paratrooper landing at the police station; or reinforcement at the Hospital in the form of the Screaming Eagles Brigade, which provides tanks. Tanks are very useful in this game to take back city centers and to destroy enemy shooters such as armed merchants. The enemy militia are deadly enough because they are hard to kill, but the enemy armed merchants and partisans are deadly in a different way, in that by shooting you infantry with bullets infected by plague germs, they can start an epidemic among your own troops.

As a final goodie, you start the game by selecting one of two difficulty levels. In the "Bring it on!" level, it is very hard to hold the Airport.

STRATEGY: Do not expect anything to happen until the plague takes over the city. Then try to consolidate your forces to hold off the first wave of attacks. The enemy will just keep coming, so you will have to preserve your troops, hold the airport, build up with reinforcements, and advance one yard at a time. This will be difficult as you will have to split your attention between the Hospital and the Airport. If you lose the Airport, withdraw all your forces there to the Hospital or else they'll just be killed where they are. Try to take back city centers whenever you can--they turn white (allied player), and the infected don't take them back. Some city centers are unit-generating points for the infected--take them, and the infected get fewer reinforcements as time goes on.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I really liked coming back to this scenario--it's a fun theme, and I hope I made it even more challenging than the first version, with more fun goodies to make each game different depending on your choices. I hope you like playing it as much as I liked making it. If you like it, please give me a good rating--remember, scenario designers do what they do 50% for the fun, 50% for the glory. If you don't like it, please tell me how to make it better. Good luck and happy hunting!

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Le_Grande_Puba Hello MP, nice to see you again.
Great Scenario by the way

Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey Puba, good to hear from you - glad to see you're still creating good scenarios. I downloaded your single-player version of World Diplomacy and look forward to playing it. Cheers, MP
Death Hawk Just made a comeback, nice to see MP & Puba are still making maps for RoN :)
PlaidBaron I played the first one and I thought it was really fun. This one is even better, just as strange but very good.
SwinginBlade kool...nice job, mp!
marce61 Excellent, you managed to make a very good scenario, even better. I liked the popup choice for difficulty, very creative. Your map was extremely well organized and thought out (as usual), to the point that I thought you imported an aerial map into the Editor. I liked the use of "slow" speed of the infected to give you the zombie effect, nice touch.

p.s. I left you a thread in the General Discussion area.
StealthArcher Hint for those who found it too hard:
Go to your bunker near the hospital and research the attrition upgrades, as these guys are militia and die fast to that.
eXocet Spooky!

How do you get ideas like this?
Very creatively done,
it is fun to play..

Deucalion Woahz! Major glitch. The Mayor will go to war with you!

After capturing all the cities for the Mayor, so that one of the Infected teams is defeated, I accidentally lost the Airport to the OTHER Infected team, the remaining one. Having done this, I was offered the choice to increase ground troops or bomb power plant, as is the norm. I picked bomb power plant. Unfortunately, as all the cities were captured, those buildings belonged to the Mayor, and when I bombed them, it caused the Mayor to declare war on me.

Mind you, that is the only glitch I have found so far. Otherwise, very well done.

Steelmeal Nice scenario its a good challenge.
i also agree with Deucalions idea of a multiplayer version of this map.

Also an idea i had was you could use spearmen
as riot police.

[Edited on 07/07/08 @ 01:26 AM]

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