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Dien Bien Phu ver 3

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is my third and probably final scenario beased on the battle of Dien Bien Phu. This is completly different of ver.1 and 2 and for it i have reaserched the battle and based the level on the actual area in which the battle was fought. This time instead of a single defended city the French hold many fortified positions and this time have airbases, positioned at the places the airstrips really were in the battle. I have included a couple of extras as well:
A map of the battle for anyone who wants to see what really happened and some extremly crudely done (but i hope funny) animations i made when i was bored. You may decide that they are just the deranged museings of a madman, but i hope you enjoy them. (They are powerpoint files, do not put them in RON, just open them.
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probed1969 Sorry man, I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think you have the concept of this battle. Your new map makes it look like the fight took place in a suburban area. Dien Bien Phu is in the middle of nowhere! At this point in history the Viet Minh were using manual labor to drag equipment and supplies into those hills. They didn't have armored divisions with tanks and armored cars. If you want those things pick a battle where they were in fact used.

The French weren't exactly state of the art either. Most of their equipment was leftover from WW2 and was given to them by their allies. So the technological difference between the 2 wasn't that great. In fact with the units you selected and the setting you created this looks more like some battle from WW2 than anything in the French-Indochina war.

The cliffs have really gotten out of hand too. Manuevering around them is very convoluted.

Maybe you should try something you're more familiar with.

You also didn't find a spell checker I see.

Can't comment on the Powerpoint presentation. Don't have Power point.
File Author
i realise the dien bien phu isn't a big city, come on there are onlyabout 20 houses there. not exactly a metropolis lol! Also, i know that the french technology was somewhat out of date, but i also wanted a scen. that was playable. the vietminh outnumbered the alot, but took alot more casualties. in the battle i know this was because the french were so much more dug in, but with the vm advantage of numbers and artillary, i needed to do something to even the odds. the battle seemed to be quite in fitting with what i found out on the internet, but i know the is always going to be error. also, how come everyone on ron heaven seems to be experts on french colonial history lol?
ps. good job you didn't see the pp. i don't know why i put it on. note to everyone reading this-don't judge me by those powerpoints, they seemed like a good idea at the time but i only really put them cos i was bored. i think i will lay dien bien phu to rest now and try something else. sorry 4 all this probed- im not on a rant at you, i appreciatte feedback and thought this scenario was rushed myself
Trooper5445 I haven't played yet but I saw the animations. I actully thought they were funny but they were definitly weird. I'll reveiw later.
probed1969 Maybe instead of having the cities representing the outposts you could have used something else. Having all those structures on the map for that battle causes it to lose the feeling of isolation those French soldiers felt. Imagine being miles from anywhere, surrounded by enemy and being shelled mercilessly.

I'm no expert in French history, but am interested in "modern history". Is that an oxymoron? lol

I may have liked your art better, who knows?

No need to apologize. I was expecting more this time, but besides the map and units it only takes a few minutes to beat.

Since you made a new map for this, move onto something more familiar. Even if it's been done before.

Why can you spell reasonably well on here, yet in your scenarios you can't spell squat? =)

Keep trying.

[Edited on 04/07/06 @ 11:16 PM]

File Author
well probed- you will be happy to know that this is my last Dien Bien Phu and am now going to work on somthing with a little more substance
probed1969 More substance? Like studying your spelling? Or do you mean something non-historical where you can just put gobs of units on a map with over-sized cliffs?

I can't imagine anything having more substance than an instance were hundreds of brave men died fighting for their countries.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Not too bad, but those cliffs are ridiculous to try and manuever around/over.

Balance: 3
Even though the enemy had tanks and better technology, he was easily overcome.

Creativity: 1
How many times can one person do the same scenario? Especially when it gets no better.

Map Design: 2
Instead of wide open areas with a few little villages, it's cities and cliffs.

Story/Instructions: 2
There's a lot missing from this story. Looks like you took a couple of minutes on google and decided you knew it. Not!

Additional Comments:
I respect your effort in trying to improve this, but you went the wrong direction. Hopefully you'll come up with something better suited to your talents next time.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Ah the cliffs they killed me. OTher than that it was pretty good but the cliffs were a major problem.

Balance: 3
It was pretty easy though a little hard to mange whats going on to 10 or so diffent groups.

Creativity: 2
The first time it was a 4 the second time it was a 3 the thrid time a 2. My suggestions is to update the old page with the new file and rename cause it's anoying to have to download and rate again.

Map Design: 2
The cliffs and the citys really bog it down. I would have only put a few scattered hutts.

Story/Instructions: 3
'twas okay.

Additional Comments:
I gennerally like your work and have a question. What's next? I think you could do a campaign on the cavemen mayby playing as them?
wakain I love the animations.
marce61 What did you do? I was just about to download V3, you made such progress from V1 to V2, I was expecting something excellent on your part. Looks like you went in the wrong direction.

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Map Design2.0
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