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The Battle for The Sea 2

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The Battle For the Sea 2

This is my first attempt at creating a scenario based on a historical battle. The information contained in the scenario(s) are summaries of research found pertaining to the actual battles. There were three major battles at the City of Ypres. The battles are infamous because of the attrition strategy used by the General Officer Corps and the use of "Mustard Gas". (See MOD notes)

All pertinent research sources, would have taken up all the space in this area.

Key Points:

1. The Germans had just taken the City of Antwerp
2. The British had blockaded the Port City of Zeebrugge (Lord of Admiralty-Winston Churchill)
3. The alley forces where pushed back to the area in the scenario.

4. The Germans, 4th, 6th and 15th Army Corps
The allies, the Britsh, Canadians, and French with an Algerian Corps(Indians).

5. The British and German Armies still had horse mounted Cavalry Divisions at this point the Tank was used at the third Battle of Ypres, where they got stuck in the mud. I think seven(7) where deployed. More importantly, I did not include alot of horse Cavalry, just enough to try to stay in the historical parameters, and, I don't know how to script/reverse the tech age for just one unit (Carabineers/Hussars).


I have created two (2) scenario depicting the battles:

1.Ypres Salient- this version was intended for beginner to intermediate players. You will command one nation.

2.Commander-In-Chief-this version was intended for intermediate to advance players. You will command all alley forces.


I am basing skill level(s) on these key points;

If you can utilize all Function Keys and Advanced Options you are an Intermediate to an Advanced Player.

If you have been playing RON for a good period of time, and have good miltary tactics, with the "speed of the mouse", I also consider you an Intermediate to Advance Player for this scenario.

Despite my ignorance to MODS, I was able to include a Smoke Mod, graciously provided by PROBED69, it goes in you Art Folder, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP THE ORIGINAL. After your done playing just reverse in your RON directory.


1. Manage your troop assets and use the trenches to your advantage.
2. Ignore Nation (6), they are there to layout key reference points to the battlefield.




for iamcandian, sorry, I couldn't just do Passchendaele, their heroic stand, goes down in history as one of the greatest stands of any Army on the field of battle. Hopefully your skill will let you play Commander in Chief.

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probed1969 I like this one better than the first. I'm able to control all the allied forces and try to keep them out of trouble. Even though I don't always succeed. =)

The Mustard gas looks cool. I'm glad it worked out so well. I'm keeping the green smoke in my game.
File Author
Yeah, the green smoke looks great, you can quickly make the distinction from the artillery fire, and the coloring is consistent on what was reported from observers at the actual battle. Thanks again

Swngblade, reports that he is a canadian, and commented, in the one nation version, that the Canadians, urinated on towels, and covered their mouths, to relieve the effects of the mustard gas attacks at Passchendaele.

Sounds exciting...:(

[Edited on 04/16/06 @ 07:43 PM]

SwinginBlade awesome man...how come u apologized to iamcanadian only and not me for not doin the glorious stand at Passchandaele ;) maybe next time u should apologize to ALL canadians...ehe...great scenario
SwinginBlade try Vimmy Ridge next time...do some research too. After the other allies couldn't take it, people were shocked to see the 'ole Canadians comin' in and bootin' out the germans. s'one of the many acts of valor they showed in WW1. I think there's a war memorial for the canadians at vimmy ridge that stands to this day, seen it on tv. keep up the good work, man.
File Author
I thought there was only one, LOL.

What front is this battle? I am consumed right now with the next battle, but, I will take from your enthusiasm, that this is a battle worth re-enactment.

Or is this just a ploy, for you two canadians to get me to do an exclusive canadian scenario? ....,LOL.

I like WWI because it's just down-right ugly in your face warfare. But, it's hard work writing the scripts because of the intensity of the fighting.

The research part, you can believe, I will thoroughly review, The scenario has to cover the major portions of the historical battle, and significant key points, in my opinion. If, I can't make the keys work scripting, or natural ai, I won't attempt.

Fiction is too easy, LOL

Good eye, I new about them covering their mouths with the "tainted towels", but, frankly, when I was writing the scenario, it went right by me.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Plays very nicely. I liked having control of tha allies as well as my own units.

Balance: 4
Pretty good balance. I felt with the allies I was a bit stronger than the Germans.

Creativity: 5
The idea for the Mustard Gas was brilliant! Glad I could help out with the art.

Map Design: 4
Nice map. Maybe could've been a little uglier. lol

Story/Instructions: 5
I knew nothing of this battle before this scenario and now I know more. Good background info.

Additional Comments:
Great work. Not quite as good as your fictional scenarios in some ways, but I know that historical is harder to do because you're locked into a storyline.
SwinginBlade lol...that'd be weird, seen the lil riflemen covering their mouths with yellow towels, hahaa... but it really happened, so maybe we shouldn't make fun of it, as real heroes(and canadian ones at that) stood their ground.
---check this out, found it when u asked for more information...


and no, im not kiddin. this is a very important canadian event, as we played the PRIMARY role in taking the ridge.
come to think of it, it was also a heroic battle of how we won the war of 1812, too ;-)
File Author
swingblade- You didn't seem to grasp my comment well. First, that comment was meant for probed69, he can explain his position on the comment if he likes.

To clarify my intent, first, I'm a combat vet,enough said. Second, my comment as a combat vet, was meant, "as", it must have been disgusting and horrible to have to put a "piss rag over your own mouth" to just keep yourself functioning and alive!!

And I know your memory is not so short, that you forgot me mentioning the incredible and heroic stand they made at Passchendaele, as a intro to the Scenario.

Hopefully, were on the same page now, I agree, Vimy Ridge, Western Front, is a part of history where once again the Canadian army fought in valiant fashion, see the thread I LEFT, "Canadians" in the General discussion area.

iamcanadian- I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario, and, yes, I'm am attempting to create a set of scenarios, that I think I can successfully re-enact. However, YOU DID WHAT, come on dude, get you hands dirty, LOL. You get some help if you make a tactic error or two.

I should've mentioned this in the Scenaro description. Inorder to have the constant bomardments of artillery throughout the battle, primary weapon in WWI, I increased the LOS and RANGE on the Artillery pieces, you took advantage. Slick canadians, JOKING, LOL...

When I was making C&C I was thinking of the threads you left about not having an opportunity to play as you home nation, so you and the rest of your countrymen comments have been appreciated, it seems to have been worth the effort to make Version 2.

[Edited on 04/21/06 @ 12:01 AM]

SwinginBlade srry for my misunderstandin, man...
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Great- real fun and tacticly challenging- amazing scripting work

Balance: 4
You have to think for this- however, at the end of the day i think it was mabye a bit too easy

Creativity: 5
This is the first scen ive seen that really does ww1 well- mustard gas is great to

Map Design: 5
Good-had a great ww1 atmospheare with the trenches and green gas

Story/Instructions: 5
Really good- add a lot to the scenario- great background and the poem was a good idea

Additional Comments:
I think that ww1 battles are more inteseting than ww2 but they are very hard to do well. i would like to make some but i couldn't do it to your standard. Best ww1 scen i have played and i hope you make some more
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