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We were Soldiers...

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is a semi-historical account of the 1965 battle of the Ia Drang Valley, (pronounced- yuh drang). Lt. Col. Hal Moore's mission: Find and kill the enemy. He planned and executed his battalion's insertion at an LZ (Landing Zone) near the Chu Phong Massif in Central South Vietnam. His battalion, the 2nd Bat. of the 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) came up against the 66th PAVN (People's Army of Viet Nam) Regiment, plus portions of the 33rd PAVN Regt. and the H-15 V.C. (Viet Cong) Main Force Regt. and was battered but not beaten.

There are 2 ways to play.

1. Follow the instructions on screen (recommended on the first attempt) to re-enact Lt. Col Moore's insertion and defense of the LZ. If your defense is successful you may continue by trying to eliminate the remaining resistance in the hills.

2. Play it your way. Use your forces as you see fit and see what happens. Remember-it's dangerous out there.

Points to consider:
Due to a lack of helicopters only a Company at a time could be inserted at the LZ. It will take a few minutes for the whole battalion to arrive. As the insertion continues the enemy forces take notice and begin massing for attacks. Secure the LZ perimeter so the remaining forces can insert.

Manuevering large units in the hills can be hazardous to your troops' health. This cna be large unit action to begin, but small unit action is possible, even preferable in some places. Although you may run into large groups of enemy in places.

Your F.O. (Forward Observer) is calling in the artillery you. Beware of friendly fire. Real artillery takes time to arrive after leaving the muzzle of the gun. You control your own air support. Both have limitations of coverage due to the terrain.

In time you will be reinforced by the 2nd Bat. 5th Cavalry. They relieved the 2/7th on the battlefield.

Because of the limits of the editor, limited unit types and my own abilities it wasn't possible to be 100% historically correct, but it's reasonably close. Please keep this in mind when playing.

I hope you enjoy it. I had fun making and playing it. I'm working on a Vietnam War series and if this goes over well I'll upload it when I'm finished.
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marce61 This is an outstanding piece of work here, but, I,m alittle un-nerved right now from the scenario, rating coming, but more importantly, I can't believe you didn't ask me to return the favor, and make a MOD for you...LOL

Oh, I can't MOD, well, you could of least asked...great scenario.
wakain wowzers!!!!the ia drang valley at last!!!!
Meat Puppet iamcanadian, we can debate U.S. foreign policy any time you like, but your comment is over the top - MP
marce61 comment was un called for, you must have not known a family that had anyone who served YOUR NATION or ANY OTHER NATION, LOVED ONES ARE LOST, THEY DON'T RE-SPAWN IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(The game was pretty easy to play. Personally, I had a little trouble with the dialog box instruction, of where I was suppose to be, but, I not the only player. Second time playing I caught on much better.)

Balance: 5
(I thought this was the best part of the scenario, based on what I know of the battle, an numerical balance is tough with the Scenario Editor. You did an excellent job with unit placement and movement. The feeling of being "ambushed" was here which is the primary key point that needed to be covered. Didn't particulary care for the task of going into the hills, it was tough in those tight quarters, again correctly implemented in the game play)

Creativity: 5
(You took a battle with a foundation that should have been a boring skirmish into an excellent scenario.)

Map Design: 5
(Again, not much there, I'm talking about Vietnam, and you re-created it perfectly considering the RON tool allocation. I was particularly intrigued by the Bison (as Water Buffalo), nice touch.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Historical Battle-your summary of the battle was infomative to set the scenario up, can't ask for more.)

Additional Comments: Huey's would have been nice. Maybe a MOD guru will make one.
File Author
Thanks for the review Marce. Glad you enjoyed it. Agreed manuevering in those hills is difficult. Imagine doing it for real while being shot at. but...there aren't any water buffalo in this scenario.

As for the other comments. As opinions are like...well, you know, everybody has one. Too bad they're not fully informed opinions. A little further research would reveal that in this ugly little war civilians were the pawns of ALL sides. Used, kidnapped, assasinated, raped and murdered by everyone if it suited their purpose or they were in the way. The average peasant was more worried about eating and surviving than what autocrat was pulling the strings. Although Ho Chi Minh was a revered leader, having gained a reputation by being instrumental in overthrowing the French Colonial government, his drastic land reform program caused thousands of deaths by itself.

Additionally, the country the North Vietnamese Army and the PLF was fighting for wasn't theirs by right. They had stolen it from the native tribes in centuries past and had run these tribes into the hills to live a semi-nomadic existence of slash and burn agriculture. Vietnamese are generally descended from Chinese, not Khmers, Chams, Bru, Hmong or any of the native population. The Vietnamese called these native peoples "moi", which translates to savages and there was great animosity between them.

As with most history, there is more involved than a passing glance will reveal.

[Edited on 04/21/06 @ 02:02 AM]

marce61 Okay, I playing too many scenario's lately trying to catch up from the time spent with the Battle of the Sea and C&C, and I have been going "way" back to earlier scenario's so I don't re-create a WWI battle covered by another member. I'm confused....nothing new.

[Edited on 04/21/06 @ 09:07 PM]

One_Dead_Villy please debate politics in the community forums not in the downloads sections. Thanks.
uthum876 dang, i'll be sure to check this out. I might make a mod for this...who knows.
Meat Puppet good scenario ... it's good to see more scripted scenarios here ... i didn't get to do much tactically for a while, it seemed like the nva were all over me from the get-go, and the only way to fight them off was to concentrate my forces until the attacks wore out ... didn't use my airpower for a long time, didn't even know it was there until i had a breather and did some exploring ... scenario had a realistic feel, good challenge and the popup-dialog events forced multitasking ... well done! - MP
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