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We were Soldiers...

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This is a semi-historical account of the 1965 battle of the Ia Drang Valley, (pronounced- yuh drang). Lt. Col. Hal Moore's mission: Find and kill the enemy. He planned and executed his battalion's insertion at an LZ (Landing Zone) near the Chu Phong Massif in Central South Vietnam. His battalion, the 2nd Bat. of the 7th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) came up against the 66th PAVN (People's Army of Viet Nam) Regiment, plus portions of the 33rd PAVN Regt. and the H-15 V.C. (Viet Cong) Main Force Regt. and was battered but not beaten.

There are 2 ways to play.

1. Follow the instructions on screen (recommended on the first attempt) to re-enact Lt. Col Moore's insertion and defense of the LZ. If your defense is successful you may continue by trying to eliminate the remaining resistance in the hills.

2. Play it your way. Use your forces as you see fit and see what happens. Remember-it's dangerous out there.

Points to consider:
Due to a lack of helicopters only a Company at a time could be inserted at the LZ. It will take a few minutes for the whole battalion to arrive. As the insertion continues the enemy forces take notice and begin massing for attacks. Secure the LZ perimeter so the remaining forces can insert.

Manuevering large units in the hills can be hazardous to your troops' health. This cna be large unit action to begin, but small unit action is possible, even preferable in some places. Although you may run into large groups of enemy in places.

Your F.O. (Forward Observer) is calling in the artillery you. Beware of friendly fire. Real artillery takes time to arrive after leaving the muzzle of the gun. You control your own air support. Both have limitations of coverage due to the terrain.

In time you will be reinforced by the 2nd Bat. 5th Cavalry. They relieved the 2/7th on the battlefield.

Because of the limits of the editor, limited unit types and my own abilities it wasn't possible to be 100% historically correct, but it's reasonably close. Please keep this in mind when playing.

I hope you enjoy it. I had fun making and playing it. I'm working on a Vietnam War series and if this goes over well I'll upload it when I'm finished.
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File Author
Thanks for the comment MP. They mean more coming from scenario designers like you and Marce. Check out his Republic of Chile series if you get a chance. You and he are who inspired me to try and do a scenario with more to it than just a map and some units.

Good to hear it kept you busy. Yours always keep me jumping!

Hue is where the NVA murdered 1,500 civilians or so and dumped them in a mass grave, I believe. It's on my list of things to attempt. I'm not quite up to that level of scripting yet, but I'm still plugging away at it.
LT Monty that bit that canadian chap said and the comment about an "American bloodthirsty war"??

Do you people even understand the Cold war or the Politics of the time or warfare in general? You obviously don't, because what you have just said leads anyone who understands these concepts to think that you are badly read and somewhat ignorant of the real historical facts. Read up about the war from neutral sources not hippy pacifist weekly and then think about it before you right this sort of drivel!

Asside from that I think the Scenario is good, difficult but good. I also think any mod produced about the vietnam war (complete with Hueys and all) would be brilliant! The communists and bleading heart liberals amongst us could even get to play as the Cong since they sympathise with them so much.

[Edited on 04/23/06 @ 10:25 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the comment Lt Monty. Glad you liked it.

I've found that working on a scenario for a while makes it difficult to know how hard or easy it is to play. You know where everything is and what's going to happen. Even if I try to play it like I don't know what's going to happen, I just can't do it.

I'm not trying to say anything politically with this. It just seemed less well represented than many other wars and battles.

There are a couple of mods that make the Vietnamese nation available, but I haven't found any Hueys or other mods that reflect the period. I've looked at the helicopter art file several times, but haven't yet attempted to skin it.
carcf2002 Hello... I'm new at downloading scenarios, so I anybody can help me by explaining where I should place (what folder) the downloaded scenarios. Thanks
File Author
Place the scenarios in your RoN or TaP scenario folder. If you don't have one create one. Then go to solo game and click on load a scenario. Then scroll to scenarios and then select the individual scenario you want to play.

This is for T&P. Not sure if it's different for the Gold edition.

Typically it will be here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Scenario\...
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\Scenario\...

[Edited on 04/24/06 @ 03:42 PM]

LT Monty You would probably need to change the BH3 file for the helicopter. Most probably twice or three times (Chinook, Huey and Huey Cobra).
File Author
Well changing the model isn't a possibilty for me. I tried painting the ugly bubble front helicopter, but the open frame at the rear seems to be built into the model so I can't paint that part. I did get some of the bubble painted and the chopper's green now at least. Not exactly an UH-1 though. lol

The Attack Helicopter can probably just be skinned for the Cobra, but the Chinook is a whole other issue.
Meat Puppet

Lt Monty: The comments about America's involvement in Vietnam, which I thought were naive and were rightly shouted down, nonetheless do not justify your comments about "hippie pacifist weekly," which were also naive. This site is big enough for people of all political stripes, although we're not supposed to be talking politics in the first place, according to the admin. - MP
marce61 I second MP comments, political banter, has no place in scenario comments or reviews, period. This site as I understand it is a international community!

Second, the game is based on strategy and tactics for different time periods in history, not political or personal views! I play and create scenarios for fun and a release from the "real world"!

For those who like to express, engage, and antagonize members, take it to the appropriate forums, or button it, and layoff the keyboard!

Where suppose to be creating and encouraging projects for the enjoyment of all!
File Author
Doubtful that many, if any, will see this comment at this point in time but wanted to mention a couple of things anyway.

I fully understand Meat Puppet's requests for reviews. That's about the only way a designer will know what works and what doesn't, plus get a feel for which way to go in future scenarios. As of this writing there are 178 downloads of this scenario. I have one review and a few helpful comments. Pretty sad.

One thing I especially expected to see comments on was the helicopters flying back and forth between insertions. Not a word. I put that in especially because I'd seen reviews where the rater felt that something like that would add to the realism.

By downloading, playing and not rating or commenting you may be causing some of the better designers, (like Meat Puppet) to give it up and spend their time doing something where there's some sort of payback.

I realize most of this community has moved on to other things, but there are obviously still some people that play this game and download scenarios and mods. A good scenario or mod takes time to develop and prepare. Take a few moments of your precious time and give them some props for their work.

At this point I don't know if it's worth it to finish the series or not.


[Edited on 05/03/06 @ 12:57 PM]

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