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CTW Domination Part 1 of 3

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Three part epic. Very different from Global Conflict in gameplay and tone.

Put your ratings here after you've installed all three parts and played the game thru.

CTW Domination is a total conversion and conquest mod made by Lamar001.
It uses the map and some of the scripting from DonTheDime's Global Conquest Mod.
My mod however is almost ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.
This is not Global Conflict. This is not Global Conflict rehashed. This is DOMINATION.


There are detailed FOOLPROOF directions inside each folder.
Follow them and you'll be dominating in no time

Extreme levels of poverty, corruption and oppression have given rise to global anarchist movements.
Many national leaders have fallen resulting in complete chaos around the globe.
The United Nations has deployed peace keepers to every continent to stem the violence.
During this crisis, the most powerful nations have sought to exploit the situation
All nations with a standing army of at least 10 million and a GDP of 100 billion have left the UN.
These rogue nations known as the Big 20 have gone on the warpath to appease their populations
The Big 20 have forgone all alliances and international commitments in the hope of appeasing their people through DOMINATION.

The BIG 20:
Americans, Mexicans, Brazilians
British, French, Italians, Germans, Russians, Turks
Egyptians, Nigerians
Iranians, Pakistanis, Indians
Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese
Japanese, Philippinos, Indonesians

Removed all scenarios except Tactics for fighting the UN and Conquest for fighting other nations
All scenarios are 60 minutes (So 2 minutes is like a day on the battlefield)
Patriots take 10 minutes to respawn so protect them
No free move unless using Commandeer Transport (Otherwise 1 move per turn)
Added multiple attack links all over the map to compensate
Added GATEWAY territories to make this map easier to navigate (You'll always know the path to the next continent)
Turned all the underwater cities into Possessions (like colonies you have to buy them or conquer their owner)
Nukes replaced with Super Weapon (Upped Power of Nukes but not as large as the hydrogen bomb)
Armies are bigger (12 infantry, 8 anti-tank missiles, 10 tanks, 10 armored cavalry, 2 wagons,1 general)
Patriotic Startup (Loading Screen is your nation's flag)
Government Screens (Splash Screen for government choices with Super Weapon)
Anarchy Screens (Splash Screens for Riots, Rebellions and Overthrows)
Super Weapons Cheap, Strong Nuke (NUCLEAR ICBM)
Super Weapon Big, Quickly Produced Nuke (NUCLEAR WARHEAD)
Nation Specific Tanks with real world stats (M1A2, M60A3, T-72, T-54, Type 59, Challenger, Leclerc, Leapord)
City Fighters Modern Bazooka (REBEL)
City Fighters Modern Bazooka Cloaked (INSURGENT)
All Super Weapons are tied to Government; loose the government loose the weapon
108 turns and no chance of continue (Each turn is a week in your 2 year term)
Income, Trade and Conquest tribute only (no more tribute for doing nothing)
Industry Income based on 3 tribute for every territory level (Level 8 gives 24 tribute every turn)
You start with all of the cards in your territories (Russians are loaded, Nigerians have nothing)
Bonus Cards are always 250 tribute
Removed most of the bonus cards leaving 14 plus the Commandeer Transport card to provide some free moves

All Wonders already on map so no Wonder Cards
Wonders activated at Civic level 3
All nation powers are upped
All splash and splash percentages up
Tanks, Bombers, Ships much stronger
Apartment Buildings for Gold-cost Citizens (TENANTS)
Bank Buildings for Armored Caravans (ARMORED CARS)
Corporate Offices for Armored Merchants (MILITARY CONTRACTORS)
Super Weapon Infantry (FUTURE FROCE WARRIOR)
Super Weapon Missile (DAISY CUTTER)
Super Weapon Unit-Kill-Only Nuke (NEUTRON BOMB)
City Fighters Modern Infantry (CONSCRIPTS)
City Fighters Modern Infantry Cloaked (GUERILLAS)
Nation Specific Jets (MiG, Mirage, Phantom, F-15)

I'm sorry I've been away so long. I'm even more sorry I couldn't get a new map to work with.
I do think that you'll find this rewarding though.
Thanks for playing.


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File Author
"ok.... im counfused about 2 things, where, or what r the underwater citys, and how do i use super weapons"

sorry it't taken me a while to respond guys. been busy w school.
Yes all battles are effectively Conquest battles (accept for tactics which can also become conquest if you take a city and decide to go about conquest style). I did this to speed up the gameplay and give everyone (ai included) an equal chance to use all their powers and so forth. I felt the other scenarios, while cool, slowed up the game and frankly there is a lot of world to conquer here.

the underwater cities i was referring to was a bug in the original DonTheDime map that for some ungodly reason positioned cities in the middle of the friggin sea so that you couldn't conquer them or play the game with any hope of winning. sometimes the cities (or lack thereof) would make the game crash. this happened on most of the island scenarios. since i couldn't fix it manually, i made those problem areas possessions that you can only get through barter of nation-conquest. i hope that clears that up.

the superweapons are the weapons you get once u research a government. if you loose control of the government due to anarchy for any reason, you no longer have control of the weapon in battle. the superweapons are outlined in the splash screens you see once u pick a government on the map (by the way what did y'all think of those?). The superweapons are as follows:

Nuclear ICBM (cheaper less destructive nuke for republic)
Daisy Cutter (quick to produced, non-nuclear missile for republic)
Nuclear Warhead (quick to produced, wide area killing nuke for despotism)
Neutron Bomb (quick to produce, units only nuke- leaves buildings, standing for despotism)
Stealth Bomber (not given to americans since they have the better B-2, for democracy)
Advanced Fighter (extra fighter at the airbase for Monarchy)
Cruise Missile Sub (cloaked typhoon sub that can fire inland, for capitalism)
Future Force Warrior (super armored, ranged infantry, for socialism)

hope that clears everything up.

rkrempel The game crashes on startup of a tactics scenario, thrice now.

Errormessage: Unknown Gpiece Type
File Author
"The game crashes on startup of a tactics scenario, thrice now.

Errormessage: Unknown Gpiece Type"

I haven't run into that problem. I suggest redownloading the entire mod and installing it all over again.

I have just uninstalled my entire rise of nations game (expansion pack and all).
I reinstalled everything from the ground up and installed the mod on this page.

I found my images in the splash folder were put into folders which could cause problems for viewing the government splash screens (if you've been seeing white or something- redownload part 2!).

Other than that, there are no problems that I see. I played through a game and had no problems. With which team were u playing or tried to play as and in which terrtory did you try to invade when the tactics scenario crashed?

1000 apologies for the inconvenience and please everyone redownload part 2 so u get the full effect of my efforts.

TherionVraak I get the Gpiece error too,
when I am russia and try to invade Kazakistan
and when I play as Japan and try too invade
south korea.I have just installed the mod and
though I have not tested this,I belive that whenever I start combat I will get this error.

[Edited on 10/21/06 @ 11:55 PM]

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