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The War for Middle Earth

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
SCENARIO: First of all, I hope if you download this scenario and play it, you will come back and rate it. Scenario designers don't make money, we do it 50% for the fun and 50% for the glory. Feedback keeps us in business. Nuff said ...

Second note: This scenario uses scripting that may not work on your computer. Should work perfectly on most computers, though ...

Third note: There is not much in the way of game instructions in the scenario itself, or as a .txt file in the scenario (I forgot). So consider this page your game instructions.

Fourth: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots scenario editor with custom scripting and one custom sound, an intro sound (drums.wav).

SITUATION: Five races rule Middle Earth. NO attempt was made to make this Middle Earth like Tolkien's Middle Earth. It's just a map that has some races from Middle Earth. These races are:

Elves: The Elvish player can build scouts and archers only. Every so often, he will get a group of archers and cannon at his capital, otherwise he has to build them. The Elves have a limited population cap (when controlled by a human player, due to their heavy advantages). Their kingdom is heavily wooded. These archers can move very fast but are otherwise weak. The Elves also do not suffer attrition.

Giants: The Giants can build scouts, cannon, supply wagons and Landsknechts, which are the Giants themselves. These units have been resized to look like, well, giants. The Giants are very powerful and strong units but are very slow. They occupy a part of the mountain rich in mountains. Other Giants units, like citizens, are sized normally, as these are humans enslaved by the Giants.

Dwarves: The dwarves can build swordsmen, scouts, cannon and supply wagons. They are resized to look like Dwarves. Other Dwarvish units are sized normally as these are humans enslaved by the Dwarves.

Orcs: The Orcs can build cannon, Heavy Fire Lances, scouts and supply wagons. They start with the Temple of Tikal wonder, which is the "Dark Tower." Every so often a group of Royal Scutari and Mahouts (war elephants) will appear. All of these are sized a little bigger than humans but not as big as Giants. They also move a little faster than humans but slower than Elves. The Orcs are very formidable player.

Horse Lords: This is the human player. The Horse Lords can build scouts, infantry (Praetorians) and two types of cavalry.


* You have a choice of three races to play: You can be 1) the Horse Lords, 2) the Giants, or 3) the Elves. This allows you to play the same scenario at least three times and get a totally different game experience.

* You cannot build castles/forts and some wonders. Other wonders are given customized costs (more expensive than usual).

* The resources are renamed: metal = iron, food = grain, wealth = gold, just for fun.

* Finally, and this is important: Note that each player starts with a certain number of castles. If a castle is reduced below 50% of its hit points, the castle will surrender and be attributed through treaty to a random player. This really mixes up the action. Sometimes another player may take another's castle, and it's given to you by treaty. This can only happen once--if the castle is attacked again after it is given to another player, it can be destroyed.

Otherwise, this is a straight-up diplomatic scenario with conquest victory conditions.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario! If you like it, please come back and rate it. If you don't like it, tell me how to improve it. - MP
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wakain I must say this idea of the middleearth is on a special way very funny
probed1969 Pretty cool idea as usual. The unit sizes change the look nicely.

Playing as the Horse Lords, I received notifiction that I had gained 3 forts by treaty. I only actually received one though.

The game seems really slow if you don't have access to mountains. Was that intentional?
Meat Puppet
File Author
Glad you liked the game, Probed--hope you had fun playing.

The script says you get the forts if it says you got them but your computer has the final say, glitches may occur. Or, you might have been at war with the player who was laying siege to the fort, and he destroyed it after it was given to you.

Your elite light cavalry is set to be almost as good as your heavy knights, and you don't need metal for it when you play as the Horse Lords. But to get infantry and in particular cannon, you need it. Otherwise yes it's intentional to give limited access to iron, it changes the strategic landscape and forces you to act.


The trick is that the giants, a formidable player, are in the center, controlling most of the iron. A good strategy is to wait until the giants are embroiled in a war with another player, ideally the Orcs, who are a nasty opponent, and grab a city or two from them. The Giants move very slowly so they can't react very fast to invasions on two or more fronts. But you should make sure you're strong enough to take down the castle that will inevitably be in the way, and then move on fast and take a city before they come for you.

I found the Elves to be the easiest to play--they're pretty isolated, and their speed and archery make them very formidable, as long as you can keep your forces concentrated and remember the reinforcements that appear at your capital every so often.

The Giants are hardest but possible to win if you keep the peace with most neighbors and move in force against your enemies. I also think they're the most fun to play because they're, well, Giants.

The only thing I'd change at this point would be to make the Dwarves a little bigger.

Right now I'm thinking about turning this setting for a scenario into a field battle between humans, dwarves and elves against orcs and giants.

- MP
Kite Runner
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Well i give it a four because only 3 nations out of 5 to play but still good.

Balance: 5
Balance had an excellent area except for the Giants hehe.

Creativity: 5
The creativity is all the way 5 because battles like these are legendary myths

Map Design: 5
map Design makes it like the area of each race is like their homeland

Story/Instructions: 5
Story is just like lord of the rings but no leader units except generals/CEO/Monarch

Additional Comments:
Good Job
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I guess I was expecting more. This plays like pretty much any other diplomacy scenario, onlt this one has gimmicks to try and get your attention.

Balance: 4
The balance is pretty good. Surprisingly easy compared to some of your other scenarios.

Creativity: 3
You make good use of other's original ideas, (books, movies, etc.), so it's not completely original. The unit sizes have been altered before in other's work

Map Design: 4
Map design is good. It somehow seemed less manicured than some of your others. Can't quite put my finger on what was missing though.

Story/Instructions: 4
If you know a little of the original story you understand the basic theme. Possibly a little more info about the lack of resources (particularly metal) would've been good.

Additional Comments:
Overall a good scenario, but not one of your best. I can pretty much only rate you against your other work, which I try to do with everyone. This seems to make the script "gimmicks" take center stage over action.

I don't understand why you always ask for ratings, but seldom ever give them to others. Is it because you feel other's work is inferior so it's not worthy? I would think with your experience you would appreciate the efforts of other scenario designers and encourage them. I've read the posts of your early work and you were once a struggling designer yourself who "will never" create a scripted scenario "unless someone shows me how".

Maybe your input would help someone over a hurdle or encourage them to try harder. You're obviously looked up to here. Use that as a tool for good, not just glory.

OK. I'll shut up now. lol
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Probed,

I generally don't review others' scenarios because I don't feel that great about designers reviewing other designers' work. If I like somebody else's scenario, I'll write them a note. Two scenarios I've liked recently are "Ride to Hell" and "We Were Soldiers." As for encouraging other designers, I wrote a guide to scripting that took me a long time, and occasionally if I see a promising designer I'll provide encouragement. KingWalker was a scenario designer I encouraged and helped along and he became one of the top designers on this site.


P.S. When rating a scenario, I believe you should ask, "Is this scenario a good experience and is it the best it can be?" rather than, "How does this scenario compare to his previous work?"
probed1969 I see your point about rating scenarios, but it seems to me that there's a vast difference in the level of ability of the current designers judging by the scenarios uploaded lately. It somehow doesn't seem fair to rate a first timer and compare him to your work. Most would never get more than a 1.0. By rating you against your other work it's rating your progression or at least judging whether you're putting out similar quality work. Of course personal taste also plays a part in ratings.

So I'm taking that as you'd rather me not rate your scenarios, since I've posted all of one scenario? I will oblige if that's your wish. However, as you can see, fewer than one out of a couple hundred downloads get reviews.

I've mentioned before your scripting guide was excellent and it was benevolent of you to upload for all to use. When I first started coming to this site most questions were met with either do a search or figure it out yourself. Lately though there seems to be a much more cooperative atmosphere and you're part of that transformation.

Obviously your scenarios are greatly anticipated here and your reputation precedes you, but I think you reviewing new designers' work could be a real benefit to their improvement.

Or we can agree to disagree. lol

[Edited on 04/29/06 @ 05:45 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author

I agree; what I'm saying is the rating should be based on the scenario itself, relative only to itself--is it what it can be and/or was it fun, without comparing the designer either to 1) previous works or 2) other designers. Just my opinion ... Of course you wouldn't want to slam designers just starting out, I agree on that too. Similarly, I wouldn't want to constantly have to increase the bar on the quality of my work, instead of just creating scenarios I think are fun--if I ever think I'm being penalized for having produced good scenarios, I will change my name!

I'm often amazed at the feedback. For example on Middle Earth I intended only to give human control of the Horse Lords. But I thought hey here's a way I can give control to Giants or Elves as well, just for a bonus value. I got a lower rating on Playability because I did that--I didn't give the option to control all 5! lol Other scenarios I thought were too hard, and got penalized for being too easy; and vice versa. I finally started offering choice of difficulty, and still got penalized for Balance. So personal taste is everything!

It stinks when you put a lot of time into something like one of these scenarios and get no reviews or only 1-2. I think if a person visits this site and partakes of the labor of a scenario designer, who gets no real compensation, the least he can do is spend 2 minutes writing a quick review, if he was at all happy with his game experience and wants the scenario designer to continue designing. But I'd rather not rate other designers' scenarios for a number of reasons. If you want to rate any of my scenarios, though, you are welcome. My rules are only for me ...!

Lately there seems to be interest in doing at least a little scripting to enhance gameplay and make the scenario a unique game experience, which I like to see. But scripting is not necessary with some creativity. Basically, the overall creativity level is increasing.

If I see a scenario I like, I usually tell the designer (what I liked and didn't like). If the designer wants to know more, I am happy to provide a critique, but only on invitation. When I actually rate a scenario, it's usually because I'm blown away by it--KingWalker had a few like that. KingWalker went from dabbling to very quickly becoming a scripting powerhouse, which was amazing. He did it by borrowing elements of some of my basic scripts until he got the hang of it, which is how I learned it--by borrowing from the RON scenario scripts and in one case from another designer.

Thanks for your review and comments ...! MP
marce61 MP- To be honest, this type of mythical/mystical stuff I'm not a fan, but, you seldom create a scenario that's not entertaining, and that's what I got. Once again, creativity and great scritpt work, win me over.

Geez, Make a terrible map for change, LOL, so I can critique something.
probed1969 OK. One more comment then I'll shut up.

Because we're human it's impossible for us to not bring preconceptions and opinions to this rating process. Therefore if I see MP as the designer I expect more than if it says newdood. I also expect something different from a historical scenario than one that's fiction. That's just how we're wired.

If I go to a concert to see one of my favorite bands I expect more than if I go to a bar to see a local band. I can be disappointed in my favorite or surprised by the locals, but my perception is still there in the beginning. I naturally expect more from a known entity than from an unknown entity.

So...if I see an MP scenario I expect a minimum of a 4, but if it's newdood I expect a 1 or 2. That's just how I see it.

btw-even if you changed your name we'd know it was you by your maps and scripts. lol
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