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A Ride to Hell

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Needs T&P?: Yes
A Ride to Hell

Thank you for the positive feedback on the "Battle for the Sea, V1&V2.

So, this is my second attempt at creating a scenario based on a historical WWI battle. The information contained in the scenario is a summary of research found pertaining to the actual battle at the Marne River.

I'm still on the Western Front, there were two major battles at the Marne River. This is an re-enactment of the First Battle of the Marne River, September 6-12th 1914.

Again internet research sources, would have taken up all the space in this area.

Key Points:

1. The Germans are conducting a major assault on the City of Paris!
2. The British and French forces are exhausted from 12 days of repeated German attacks and subsequent retreats.
3. The French government has fled to the City of Bordeaux, presumably enjoying some good wine.
4. The Germans, 1st Army, Commanded by General Alexander Von Kluck and the 2nd Army, General Karl Von Bulow
5. The allies, the Britsh Expeditionary Force and the French 5th, 6th and 9th Armies).


You are to repel the German assault, it won't be so easy this time. After that do as you wish.


1. Early on you get a little and the only help of the scenario, it is a key point to the battle, there is a tempting asset along with this spawn, it will be of no use, let it go about it's business, don't interupt the spawn!
2. Manage your troop and building assets look for weak points/weak armies in your line.
3. Do not allow one of your armies to get over run, an alley City in the hands of the Germans will be devastating!
4. Again, Ignore Nation (6)("White"), they are there to layout key reference points to the battlefield.
5. For history buffs who know this battle, it's there if you act on it!

1. The scenario drags (frame rate) alittle in the first minute, I'm using a Celeron Processor, 512/448MB of RAM, and 64MB RAM Video Card (WEAK!!!), so if your PC attributes are less, make the necessary adjustments. After the first minute, the frame rate returns to normal (14 frames per second) for the rest of the scenario.

2. Oddly enough they actually used planes during this battle for reconnaissance. But, I didn't include since they couldn't be used for troop support or attacks. But, I gave you a little more Cavalry this time, and the fronts are spread apart on a huge map this time. The actual battle map only revealed two trench line fronts.

P.S. I left a few WWI Era Postcards in the Zip.

Enjoy, as always comments welcome and encouraged.

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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Good fun to play, could have been prehaps slighlty more in terms of script- it added some much in ypres, but i realise it is difficult and what was there was good
Balance: 5
Good- at first it seemed like i would be over-run but it balenced it self out perfectly

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis hereGreat- i love ww1, and no body does it better than you

Map Design: 4
good, not as many trenches as ypres but all appropriate for the scen.

Story/Instructions: 5
Intro was good and level progressed nicely

Additional Comments:
Not quite as polished as ypres, but still v.good. i look forward to your next scenario, i snapped this one up as soon as i saw it
Thecrayfish like it- review on the way
File Author
I'm glad you liked it, thanks. Oh, by the way, when you going to put out some new stuff? I know you didnt let comments about DBP Version 3 get under your skin, DUDE. What are you working on........cable is pretty boring these days!
probed1969 Really cool map. The bridges are outstanding. They make for good bottlenecks. The taxis were cute too. lol

Either I missed the spawn unit(s) I was supposed to ignore or I used it. =) Oops.
File Author
crayfish- I'm glad you like these WWI scenarios, there really tough, but, I'm not exhausted just yet. I thought Ypres would be well received, but, boring gameplay for some. However, as mentioned before, your comments and other interested members are keeping me going. There's alot more interest than I anticipated, and I'm stuck on the Western Front, LOL.

Scripting, this is maybe my fourth scenario! I'm not a seasoned veteran, I have been playing RON since Feb 2006! I am hooked though, LOL. A little "tidbit", when I first loaded RON, I must have turned off an option, so when I was in the Scenario Editor, the Script ID, X,Y coordinates weren't revealed to me! Switchblade, and Rep of Chile Scenarios, I had to GUESS the locations for the SPAWNS, LOL...LOL. Script Wizard, I'm Not.

As mentioned WWI, there's not alot of "ingredients in the soup", a little meat, potatoes and a few peas, that's it, LOL...LOL Also their historical re-enactments, so, it's limiting as to were you can push the envelope.

Oh, you missed the coordinated Gas Attacks? Or maybe my fingernails are "burned off", LOL. Then again, if you are a member that has played other scenarios I have posted (Switchblade, Rep of Chile and WWI chapters), I have a tendency to keep your eyes alittle busy, so, I understand. Or was there something else you think would of added alittle more spice?

probed69-The taxi's are modified Cavalry, some might decide to use them to attack, since there at the Front. Well, they have no attack points, just like real taxi's. "Let them go about their business", they return to Paris after the French Riflemen Spawn.

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 11:33 PM]

probed1969 Ooooohhhhh!! I sent them to the front to be slaughtered like cattle. As good as decoys in my book. lol Now you know why I never made General. =)

Ummm...I just looked at your stats. They say this is your 8th scenario. You overachiever you.

[Edited on 04/29/06 @ 12:14 AM]

File Author
Eight (8)scenarios doesn't sound right. Ah...Black Revolution (2) they were sequels to freedoggy's Negro Revolution, they don't count, I copied freedoggy's script for them, changed who you controlled and added some eye candy to the map, and they were the "First" scenario. Switchblade & the 3 chapters in Republic of Chile, and 2 WWI battles, that's five...no 6.....OKAY

You took the "A Ride to Hell" too literally, LOL...You can believe I will never get in a cab w/you.

iamcanadian, I take it you don't like\not fond of the French? Sorry about that, can't change the nations in a historical battle. Maybe this helps?

The battle, German Gen Kluck's 1st Army actually over extends itself trying to take Paris, they are stopped, now, THE GERMANS ARE ACTUALLY RETREATING, so, I had them running in and out of your lines, to slow your advance, so I could spawn the retreat, second, a formidable force must meet you on the other side of the Marne River, where the Germans set up trenches and hold off the Allies, extending this horrific war for several more years!

So engage them and enjoy a successful counter-attack!

Or maybe you didn't like this one? Well, that's okay, nevertheless, Hang in there Vimy Ridge is coming soon.

I'll take a peak at your website, there is no porn right? LOL

[Edited on 04/29/06 @ 03:21 AM]

Meat Puppet I gave this a shot and thought it was a good time ... Well done! MP
File Author
Thanks, your comments are well appreciated!

Did you get a chance to play the Battle for the Sea, your tutorial was instrumental in putting that one together, thanks again. I played Plague V2 (crisper than V1, but, I liked the first version a little more, that's a problem when you try to make a 4.9 and FIVE), LOL).

Currently, I got a saved game on Middle Earth. I like your maps too much, I got to save after the first few minutes, because I get totally lost, and forget what I am suppose to be doing, LOL. Nevertheless, both were "as usual" great scenario's, I'll catch you over there in a few days.

[Edited on 04/29/06 @ 03:31 AM]

Meat Puppet

I'm glad you found the tutorial helpful. All it takes is getting the hang of how scripts are structured and how to "think like the script editor," and then you can basically just keep learning new script functions and adding to the complexity of your scenarios. Then there's another critical aspect of scenario creating that many people don't recognize--eye candy. People like to see cool stuff on the map. For example, with WWI scenarios, what if you added some farms, with a few of the buildings burning? Nothing adds ambience like smoke. You can also add cool music too. For example online try to get Wavepad (google it). I think it's free. But you can take music files and convert them to .wav files, and then edit them down to snippets. This allows you to add in brief soundtracks, sound effects, whatever you want using the script line: play_sound("soundfile.wav");

Speaking of music files, download my latest, "Blitz," and grab the music files for your own use if you want to use them for WWI scenarios. Both of the songs that have singers are from the WWI era.

I didn't play "Battle of the Sea" because I had to replace a game file, and I never do that as a rule. Knowing me, I would screw it up somehow and never get my original game file back. That's why I almost never work with mods either. I like to keep it simple lol

Keep up the good work!

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Map Design4.0
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