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THE BLITZ: The Battle of Britain

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes

ABOUT THIS SCENARIO: If you download and enjoy this scenario, please come back and give it a review so scenario designers keep coming back and offering new scenarios!

This scenario was created in RON Thrones & Patriots scenario editor, with custom scripting and sounds. The file is called BLITZ. Custom sounds include songs from WWI that were still popular during WWII.

SITUATION: Hitler has decided to invade Great Britain, starting with an aerial bombardment of major infastructure--industry, Royal Air Force (RAF) installations, etc. This bombardment was to be followed by a sea invasion. Suffering severe losses, the Germans changed tactics and began bombing civilians--the horror known as the Blitz.

Your job as the head of the RAF is to muster your meager air forces and defeat the Luftwaffe, first in your own skies, then in daring raids into northern France.

SCENARIO: The map depicts the English Channel separating Britain (blue player) from the Luftwaffe staging from bases in northern France (red, orange, green players). The map of London uses names from London districts but is otherwise fictitious, like the names of the German air groups and the position of London, etc.

This scenario is economic in that you must collect metal and oil to sustain manufacturing new air units, but otherwise it is entirely an air battle, with no ground units. You can, if you want, convert citizens to militia and cross the Channel to attack the Germans, but you're not supposed to do that and if you do, you're no longer playing this scenario the way it was intended.

You will notice that London consists mostly of cities grouped together, representing districts in the overall urban area of London. If a "city" falls below certain health, it will convert to the white player, which represents "bombed out." That means that part of the city is bombed to an extent that it no longer has economic value to the British, and is no longer of interest to the Germans to attack. Other buildings may be get bombed out as well, such as military factories and, very important to note, airbases.

If you lose a large number of these "cities," the Luftwaffe will then attempt to bomb RAF headquarters, which is your capital. If you lose RAF headquarters, it will be considered that the RAF have been overwhelmed and the British (you) lose the game.

You will notice some interesting things about perspective with this scenario. First, there is a lock on the zoom-out--the buildings look small. Citizens are resized to be even smaller. The air units are sized to look larger than usual. This is to give you a view of the air battle in the air.

Note that the Germans also have a V2 rocket base, and will fire V2 rockets on London as often as they can. This rocket base will probably pick off a few of your "cities," but worse, it may end up destroying your airbases.

VICTORY: You must try to shoot down as many German planes as possible, and if you're capital (RAF Headquarters) is under attack, then you're in trouble, the Germans will come at the RAF HQ with everything they've got, so you will have to cluster and defend. All the Germans have to do is knock your capital down to 50+% of its health, and you'll lose.

If you can absorb the German onslaught, you will eventually begin to build RAF bombers, with which you can begin to make raids into northern France. Unlike your original airbases, which can be "bombed out" by knocking off more than 50% of its health, the German airbases must be destroyed entirely to get rid of them. If you destroy the airbases belonging to a German player and then take off 50+% of that player's capital's health, then you will knock that particular Luftwaffe air group out of the game (its capital will switch to the "bombed out" player, meaning that German air group has taken enormous losses and is no longer effective as a fighting unit).

Note that if you attack one of the German air groups, the other one or two will probably come to help.

Note that the British population cap is 100.

Also note that while you start with all your technology and don't need more technology, you should periodically check your economic buildings (smelter, senate, etc.) to make upgrades.

This scenario has a lot of excitement, a good challenge, custom sounds and resized units offering a new perspective on a RON scenario.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you like playing this scenario as much as I liked creating it. If you like it, please come back and review it. If you didn't like it, tell me how to make it better. - MP
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The Naminator Wrong map or it was a fast victory

[Edited on 04/28/06 @ 11:21 PM]

eazyhasaids It was just a desert with some houses an airfiled and some troops
probed1969 The English Channel has parted. We can walk to Berlin. lol

Just goes to show, no one's perfect.

[Edited on 04/29/06 @ 12:16 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
Oops. The file saved in two different places. The one that was uploaded was a test file. The real file will be uploaded in a few minutes ... MP
Meat Puppet
File Author
Okay, the correct file is now uploaded--should be, anyway--MP
marce61 Okay, took my first whooping, will get back to you. Probably, should of played the test map, LOL
SwinginBlade from now on, i'll consider it an intervention from god when the brits won the battle of britain....geez...the germans kicked my ass so much it's still sore...
marce61 The scenario is great, but,.......second whooping, is there a way to steal some metal, LOL.......LOL

[Edited on 04/30/06 @ 01:49 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey Marce, to get more metal, don't forget to upgrade your steel mills and then upgrade your government to a democracy to get the higher commerce cap. Good luck! - MP
Army_Of_One Hi Meat Puppet,

Do you like to join my World War 2 CTW Team?
If you can you can help make scenario it will help out a lot on CTW and you make best scenario thanks.

PS try out your new scenario soon.


[Edited on 04/30/06 @ 04:00 AM]

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