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Grit, A Shovel and A Thingey

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Needs T&P?: Yes
"Grit, A Shovel and A Thingey"

This is the third installment of WWI scenarios based on historical battles. The information contained in the scenario are summaries of research found pertaining to the actual battle.
I'm still on the Western Front, this is an re-enactment of the Canadian assault on Arras Vimy Ridge, France, April 9th-12th 1917.

The Canadian Victory at Vimy Ridge was a defining moment for Canada, when the country emerged from under the shadow of Great Britain and felt capable of greatness.
Canadian forces earned a well deserved reputaton as formidable, effective troops because of their stunning success. The capture of Vimy Ridge was more than an important battle
victory, but, for the first time all Four Canadian Divisions attacked together, men from all regions of Canada were present at the Battle. Brigadier General A.E. Ross
declared after the War, "in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation". The Battle of Vimy Ridge, was a victory for the Canadians, but, it came at a terrible cost, with
more than 10,000 killed and wounded. Four Victorian Crosses were awarded, Pvt William Marne, Lance Sgt Ellis Sifton, Cpt Thaine MacDowell and Pvt John Pattison.

Key Points:

1. German forces seized control control of the ridge in September 1914 and quickly constructed deep defensive positions comprising of bunkers and artillery proof trenches, all protected
by concrete machine gun emplacements. With their "D" in place they pummeled the town of Arras with heavy artillery--seemingly at will. The French made several attempts to
retake the ridge in 1915, but, where "crushed" by the Germans, suffering 150,000 casualties. The British relieved the French in 1916, and they also failed, their front being
pushed back about 3 miles. The scenario picks up from here.

2. The Canadian force consists of Four Divisions (1,2,3,and 4), under the Command of British General Julian Byng. However, General Arthur Currie, Commanding General,
1st Canadian Division, because of his actions during this battle, and was Knighted for his wartime service, he will command forces on the Battlefield.

3. The allies, the Britsh Expeditionary Force's Artillery Battalions have been shelling the German positions, the British brought to
bear over 1,000 Artillery pieces to pummel the German positions.

4. Mods-These Mods were made by probed69, they support key elements of the battle, alot of effort went into making these Mods,
so the scenario would be as close as possible to the actual events at Vimy Ridge! I strongly encourage you to accomodate my request and make the necessary adjustments to your RON ART file folder.

I have included the Mods in one (1) folder and copies of original RON files in another (2) folder to make this easy for you and give you a backup (security blanket), all files are from the art folder, not too complicated.

4a. Marble, this supports a key element of the Canadian assault
4b. B-25, B-25 prop, this supports an extremely key element of the battle, was the key to the Canadian's success!

Any comments regarding the result should be directed at ME,...hey...can you make me another thing ?.............,
"I don't think that's possible", Aaargh, just take off....And paint it....., he gratitously accomodated me (and my "try this and that"
in this endeavor, I don't have clue how to begin, my examples looked like something you did in elementary school.

5. Due to Meat Puppet's encouragement, I have included a little period music, to set the mood. Song by F. Wheeler, "Boys in Khaki, Boys in Blue"


Simple, you are to take the Ridge at Vimy, Arras, France.


1. "Cover and Use your Brain Bucket", manage your troop assets,"Hollywood assaults will get your crushed!"
2. Take a moment and read the popups, key information is included here.
3. Again, Ignore Nation (3)("White"), they are there to layout key reference points to the battlefield.
4. The BEF, is only providing Artillery support, you cannot move them.
5. What you see is what you get!

P.S. you may get a tiny bit of help if you get in trouble.

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File Author
There is a typo in the above mentioned text, the file(s) are B-25 and B25prop, NOT B-52 and
B52 prop, sorry for the confusion

I played this last night w/o the Mods, the difference is enormous, I again strongly recommend that you use the Mods included.

Reminder, make sure you backup you Art files when placing the Mods. Thanks again probed69.


[Edited on 05/13/06 @ 02:01 PM]

probed1969 Whoa, marce. Don't go overboard on the thanks. Just a couple of skins. We just had to discuss the color a few times. lol

The map is great. Very realistic. This may be your best to date. Great work.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very good, unit positions for all teams excellent

Balance: 4
A tad harder than your previous ones, thats probably a go0od thing though, i thought marne was a little easy

Creativity: 5
Great level and great skins

Map Design: 5
Well designed, love the graveyards

Story/Instructions: 5
The best of yours to date in this catorgry. v.good

Additional Comments:
Liked the zeppelins, v.impressive but rather weird looking. also, had a plane shadow.lol im not complaining though cos it was a great level you are the best scenario maker on the site at the mo. ps.well done with the skins probed1969,really adds to the atmospheare
Thecrayfish love it! review on the way
probed1969 Thanks crayfish. For some reason I couldn't find the bomber shadow until last night. It's right there in the folder, as plain as day. Doh!

I think marce's graveyard is great. It really adds to the spookiness of the scenario.
File Author
This site has many talented Scenario Writers, I'm definitely not the best, but, the encouragement is well received. Thanks for setting me up for a "Stinker", LOL...LOL...

crayfish, I,m glad you liked it, alot effort went into this one, not more than the others, but, I battled the scenario editor, night and day to get this to work.

The "toys" helped to keep me going, by you know who, LOL, so any glitch, is marginal in comparison to the effort to re-enact the battle. "What you see is what you Get", that includes the models in RON, I am more than satisfied with what it "pointed" out about the tactics of this battle.

Creating the atmosphere close to simulating them going into tunnels, moving the OB, to simulate recon reports, and the balance, whew, if you know anything about this battle, you can understand what that was like!

I got to give WWI historical battles a break for a while, there just so difficult to construct, I think I got "trench mouse"! So, pick up the gaunlet and finish the Western Front, Somme and Verdun need to be done.

probed69, thanks for your comments, AND THAT'S IT!!!, LOL...LOL

[Edited on 05/04/06 @ 08:02 PM]

SwinginBlade ok...shovel? check...helmet? check...mod? on the way....dammit, i can hardly wait...
probed1969 I'm not going to rate this because I don't think it's the proper thing to do what with my skins being involved. If I were to rate it I'd give it about a 4.9. The map alone is brilliant. I'm holding back giving a 5 in hopes that there's something better in the works somewhere. Hint!

Good to read you're moving on from WWI. With no disrespect to the honorable men and women who fought in that war, it has to rank up there with the most idiotic of all time. Making these scenarios must be mind numbing.
File Author
I'll take that "un-official" Rating, thanks

Yeah, with volunteer Armies commanded by mostly royalty who used a method of attrition to win, I guess they were the first to imagine "spawning" of troops into battle.

Between dealing the constant Artillery shelling, covering your face with your own urine, fighting off rats, and seeing the normal horrors of war, this must have been quite an Adventure for the average soldier!!!!!

There real tough to script for a novice like me, because you have to "keep the action" in fixed AOs. It also screws with the balance.

Then your limited on the "toys" you can use. So I need to step back from them (historical) scenarios for a while. It all becomes a creative blur after awhile, you begin to start repeating, Rocky III, IV, ......LOL

I had a lot of fun and a suffered many hours of comlex confusion making them, but, I did at least get the satisfaction of harassing you with my weird requests, but, it fell together, and seems to be getting a positive reaction.

I don't understand the 5.0 rating requirement,but, it looks like another set up to make a real "Stinker"....1.2...LOL

[Edited on 05/09/06 @ 02:11 PM]

Mauritania A slight historic critism:

Vimy is in France!

[Edited on 05/13/06 @ 06:35 AM]

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