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Apocolypse Then

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Needs T&P?: Yes
This scenario is historically based, but is of no one particular engagement. It's an attempt to portray what the conflict was like in the jungle and along the waterways of the Delta.

Small unit tactics are the order of the day here. Platoon size engagements (9th Infantry Division), plus patrol (PBR) and Gun Boats (Navy Riverine Task Force), fighter (Air Force) and helicopter gunship support (Army Aviation). Even a small SEAL Team Phoenix Program mission.

You must protect your base area while patrolling the waterways and high speed trails in your AO (Area of Operations). There may be an attack or two, an occasional ambush and attacks by enemy Junks, but the rest is up to you. As in the actual conflict you are rated on body count, not territory gained or lost. Kill enough enemy and you win. Lose too many of your own units and you lose.

This is a somewhat unstructured scenario. Use your assets as you see fit, but use them wisely. It's your AO. Your mission is simply to kill the enemy before he kills you. The enemy is at home in the Delta and can hide and wait for you, as well as mount attacks on your patrols.

Included is a short document with some background, explanation of formations and tactics of the period. It may be helpful if you're used to playing only classic large scale battles.

Just as in the real event there will be periods of heavy activity as well as lulls in the action. The enemy is out there waiting. You have to go find him.

Please refrain from political comments here, but rather take them to the appropriate forum. This is simply my attempt to portray a relatively less well covered conflict.

Also...as Meat Puppet has suggested, feedback is important. Take a minute and leave a review with constructive comments so that future scenarios can be made more playable for you. I played this scenario numerous times and it was slightly different each time depending on my action or inaction. I'm interested in hearing how things work out for you using your own tactics.
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marce61 I am assuming you didn't make a Marlon Brando Mod, but, Do I get to hit an OX with the little Counter Intel knife?...LOL

Well, if, this is any thing like the game play in We were Soldiers, it should be fantastic.
wakain I like the name!!!!!:Dlol×10
File Author
Thanks wakain. Glad you got the humor.

marce, Those little counter-intel knives are evil. They use them for everything. Including clearing bamboo. Bamboo is tough stuff. I'd rather face a machete' than one of those things.

Oh sure. Now you give me the idea of skinning Brando. Geez. lol I was too busy making thingeys. =P The horror!
wakain wasn't too hard to get;)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Pretty straight forward.)

Balance: 4
(The unit balance was excellent, just enough, ambushes to keep me occupied, and I didn't always come out on top. I was really disappointed with the Patrol Boats performance (see comments below), the Junkers should not be able to take out a patrol boat so easily, but, they were resourceful protecting home base, the rest was a 5)

Creativity: 5
(In fairness, you made a very good firefight, consistent with the tactics of the War, got what I expected in that regard, and your scenario description laid out what to expect, so I can't give you less than a five.)

Map Design: 5
(Vietnam and Southeast Asis as a whole is tough to make a map for, the weather seasons, really change the terrain, from what the "expected" terrain should look like from the Title. But, you got it right, with the density and the sparse habitation. The SE doesn't allow you to cherry pick foilage types to get to exacting standards. The mixing of terrain and foilage is out, but, you made up for that with the overall layout and the unit placement, so you get a five)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Fairness again, it's a "big" firefight, if the action wasn't so good, I would have to give you a Three.)

Additional Comments: probed69, after playing We were Soldiers...I enjoyed this scenario very much, I am assuming you are doing a series of these VN era scenarios, I remember some of your email comments about the patrol boat in your emails, when you were helping me with the blimp and the grave sites, so, not to chide you, I felt like I was being led to the next one...which would be appropriate, if this is where your going...Great Work...waiting on the next...Oh, the OX (nice candy, not used much) wouldn't stay still long enough, and that patrol made it difficult to kill the General unit and cut one of them up for lunch...DANG IT....LOL

[Edited on 06/26/06 @ 05:06 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the rating and comments marce. It means a lot coming from someone that designs such good scenarios himself. Just a couple of points...

The naval vs land unit aspect in the game is a joke. A machine gunner can take out a battle ship. lol I upped the attack and armor of the PBRs some but didn't want to overpower them too much. The Junks should be able to hurt the PBRs and Gun Boats. They could have AK's, RPGs and machine guns onboard. The PBRs are a fibre glass hulled boat. Not much there to stop a bullet.

Too much eye candy on the map would defeat the open space look I was trying to achieve. Not everyone owned a Water Buffalo, so they weren't all that numerous. They were the tractors, trucks, cars, lawn mowers and fertilizer factories for these people. That's why killing one was such a big event. I'll pass on the Buffalo sandwich, thanks. =P

I'm playing with a couple more of these VN era scenarios, one historical and one a little more free form like this one. Ia Drang seemed to go over well, this one is more for fun so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks again.

[Edited on 05/10/06 @ 03:05 PM]

marce61 Thanks for "righting" that raggedy boat, I wasn't thinking about machine gunners onboard, those spears looked like they were doing enough damage, LOL, but I get your point, their slow and no armor, fiberglass, thanks for pointing that out, I feel slightly better, LOL

I will re-think my opinion on these boats in the future. Never had the pleasure of riding one, and I'm glad I didn't. Second, I must be watching the movies too much.

Great piece of work.

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Map Design4.0
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