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The Capture of Lang Vei Special Forces Camp

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Needs T&P?: Yes
In 1967 the leadership in North Vietnam decided on a plan of action in their war to reunite their divided country. There were 3 parts to this plan, the most widely known of which is part 2, the "Tet" offensive of 1968. The offensive failed militarily and generally destroyed the "Viet Cong" (PLF) as an effective fighting force, but won politically as it heightened the unrest and disagreement with the war in the U.S.

Part 3 called for a "general uprising" by the citizens of South viet Nam. It was expected that during the offensive phase of the plan the citizens of the south would take the opportunity to overthrow their government and throw out the Americans, Australians and South Koreans who were making it possible for the southern regime to exist. This part of the plan failed.

Part 1 was a deception. Before the offensive the NVA would create a diversion by increasing their pressure on outlying border areas to make it appear as though this were the actual offensive and pull troops away from the actual targets.

The most notable of these diversions was the seige of the U.S. Marine combat Base at Khe San along the DMZ.

A few kilometers west of Khe San stood a U.S. Special Forces camp at Lang Vei (pronounced Lang Vay). Sitting astride Route 9, the main road from Laos and the "Ho Chi Minh" trail, it presented both an obstacle and an opportunity for the North vietnamese.

On 5 February the camp received fifty rounds of 152mm artillery fire. On 6 February 1968 at 0042 hours the NVA assaulted Lang Vei. At least 9, possibly as many as 13 PT-76 tanks along with infantry assaulted the camp. After hours of fighting the camp was overrun. The survivors made an escape at 1600 under the cover of air strikes. By 1800 the battle was over and the few survivors evacuated to Khe Sanh. Most of the 484 Bru, Hre, Vietnamese and American troops Lang Vei were either dead or captured. NVA losses were estimated at between 400- 500 killed plus 9 tanks destroyed.

In this scenario you take the role of the North Vietnamese and attempt to overrun the camp. The main assault will be from the south, with secondary attacks from the north and west. The camp is heavily fortified and will not be taken easily.

Included in the download are several skins that will enhance the map and make for a more authentic experience. They are in folders marked to copy the contents to RoN art and TaP art. They include 3 Montagnard hut types, a more appropriate barracks, bunker and Command bunker (redoubt). The original files have also been included in folders. There is a screenshot of Lang Vei village included as well as several maps.

Screenshots of the skins can be viewed at: http://ron.heavengames.com/gallery/Mod_Album?page=5

I hope you enjoy this. I've played it several times and it's been a little different each time depending on how you use your forces. Both sides have artillery, the U.S. also has air support.

Please take a few moments and leave a review and/or constructive comments. Thanks.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Trooper5445 Finnally a new scenerio. I look foward to playing. I'll post a reiveiw soon.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Pretty Straight Forward)

Balance: 5
(The defensive perimeter and the unit selection made this a good battle)

Creativity: 4
(Once again, you picked a good topic to cover relative to the Vietnam Conflict. You could of taken the easier route with K-Sahn, but, you didn't and made this battle a good seige scenario.)

Map Design: 5
(Excellent. Loved it & disliked it, while playing I thought it was dark, well the battle was at night...LOL...and you really captured this. The MODs made it even more "dark". I liked the Barracks and Tower Mods the most. Taking away the Gomer Pyle Can was a nice touch, leaving "Real" field troop cover.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Your descriptions covered this well.)

Additional Comments: Suggest that the Mods be installed before playing there is a significant difference and adds to the overall gameplay experience. Another piece of fine work in your Vietnam series.
File Author
Thanks for the review and comments marce. Glad you liked the skins. That barracks has bugged me for a long time. I don't like quonset huts. Similarly the redoubt and tower are OK for WW2 I guess, but a static target made of concrete is pretty permanent and easy to target.

I didn't know you don't like the dark. I'll keep that in mind in the future. lol I think it adds to the realism myself. Not only was the attack at night, but the area was WAY out in the middle of nowhere.

One historic note I forgot to mention before. The Special Forces troops at Lang Vei radioed Khe San for help that night. The Colonel in charge at Khe San refused to send help. He was afraid his Marines would get ambushed. Semper Fi!

[Edited on 05/19/06 @ 04:32 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
'Twas very simple. Walk the path to your doom.

Balance: 4
It was really hard. It is the only one of your scenrio's I have not beat. However If I played a few more times I bet I could eventully beat it.

Creativity: 5
The vetnam thing was just starting to get old and then you flipped it on its head and let us play the other side.

Map Design: 5
I loved the roads and the Mods were simply incridibel and infinitly more realistic.

Story/Instructions: 5
It was pretty simple and didn't need much instuctions. The backround material was good though.

Additional Comments:
Make more scenrios. I have not seen a bad one yet and I don't think I ever will see one.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Good unit selection and positioning

Balance: 3
I think the defeat conditions are a bit harsh, i thought i was about to win and all of a sudden i lose for no aparent reason

Creativity: 4
Good- i don't know a great deal about nam but your scens always ahve a good authentic feel to them
Map Design: 5
Great- loved the mods

Story/Instructions: 4
Not much in game, but a good description here

Additional Comments:
There was a strage bug i saw- first time i played it i could've sworn i had 2 pieces of artillary, the second time only one ??? was it me or did you in fact place 2?
Thecrayfish like this- am posting a review, like the mods a lot & like the scenario
wakain btw do you play battlefield vietnam?
marce61 I was just mesmorized by how dark the atmosphere was, and the comment, I meant as a scenario construction compliment!

And I didn't have any NVG's so I was SCARED...LOL...LOL...apprehension probably is a better word...if I spelled it correctly.

Again great scenario. Is this the last Vietnam installment, or you got more coming ?
File Author
Thanks crayfish. Glad you liked it.

Wakain. I don't play anything online. I'm not a big fan of FPS games in general. The only FPS of this era I've tried is LOS Vietnam and it pretty much sucked.

Sorry I couldn't supply any night vision gear marce, but at the time the "Starlight Scope" was all there was and it was rather ungainly to try and carry around. Maybe if I could've made everything on the map black and bright green you would've been more comfortable. lol

Right now I have 2 more that I'm playing with. In one I'm having a little problem getting it to do what I want. The other I'm working on the unit balance.
File Author
Thanks Trooper and crayfish for the reviews and remarks. They're appreciated.

One of the hardest parts in making a scenario is getting the difficulty just right. Too easy and it will be boring, too hard and many won't be able to ever beat it. (See Meat Puppet's Blitz.) After you work with a scenario for a while it becomes harder and harder to tell how difficult it's going to be because you've played it so many times. I played this maybe 30 times, lost twice and I'm no expert player.

Trooper: Sorry to hear you think the Viet Nam series was getting boring after only 2 scenarios. Each of these and the next couple of future Viet Nam scenarios take place in a different part of the country with somewhat different types of units and are different types of battles.

crayfish: Yes. Each side starts out with 2 artillery pieces and a supply wagon. They should be isolated enough that they can't be killed. I'm not sure how you could have lost one.

As for the victory conditions being harsh...since there are no cities to capture and probably not much left on the map by the time you're near the end I used a population total trigger for the victory/defeat. Taking into account the artillery, supply wagons and aircraft, either side should be down to almost nothing when the trigger goes off.

Did you notice that when you destroy an American bunker the Special Forces unit takes off running? If you don't kill them at that point they're still out there running around. That could account for your feeling of being almost to a win, but still losing.

Basically this is an old-fashioned siege. Albeit with tanks instead of Trebuchets and Rams. Take your time. Let your ground units reveal the locations you want your artillery to hit. Let your siege do their jobs(they all have extended range). It will save your ground units from being eaten up by the defenses.

Thanks again.
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