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The Walls of Jericho and the conquest of AI

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---------FILE UPDATED ON JUNE 2TH, 2006-------

Jericho’s Walls

This is a battle of how Joshua conquered the Promised Land. Please refer to the story line bellow.

Please rate it as this is my first scenario. Special thanks to Com_trooper's and Marce's tutoring on scripting. You guys are great!


1- Conquer the city of Sehon
2- Conquer the city of Bashan
3- Place at least forty units just a few steps outside Jericho’s walls. Be aware of the towers and the fort. When achieved, you will see the "Power of God" destroy the city walls.
4- Conquer Jericho
5- Build a large army and conquer AI

History: After spending more than two hundred years in Egypt, the people of Israel became the slaves who built Pharaoh’s cities and monuments. God listened to their cry and then sent Moses, the "deliverer" who would convinced Pharaoh (with a little help of many sings and miracles) to let Israel's people go into the desert in search for their "Promised Land", in fulfillment of an ancient covenant between God and Abraham, the father of all Israelites.

Led by Moses and his brother Aaron, more than two million people left Egypt and entered the desert on their way to the Promised Land. Due to disobedience, God made that generation to spend forty years in the desert. Only their children, now expert warriors, would enter the Promised Land.

After Moses' death, Joshua was appointed the leader and commander of all Israelites and its forces. God told Joshua to "be strong and courageous", as he was ordered to enter the land and conquer all cities and people living already there. The "Presence of the Lord" in the form of the "Ark of the Covenant” (which held the Mana, The Ten Commandments, and Aaron's rod), was to be carried at all times during the battles. The presence of the Ark of Covenant would help the Israelites win all the battles.

There was one city, Jericho, that presented an special challenge since it was well known for its invincible walls around the city. The people of Jericho relied on their wall and were very confident that it would protect them from the invading army of Joshua. God had, however, told Joshua to march seven times around the city, and then He would personally destroy Jericho’s walls and after that, he could enter the city and conquer it with little resistance. Nobody could face Joshua after that; the "Promised Land" finally was of Israel's people to posses.

You can read the whole story in the Holy Bible, in the book of Joshua, Chapter 1 through 6. In fact, there are many interesting military strategies written in The Book that help Joshua conquer the land.

To play this scenario, please consider:

1- As Joshua, you start with a few troops (scouts and spies included), and the Ark of the Covenant. With this small group you have to identify and later conquered the cities of Sehon and Bashan, the first ones to conquer on your way to posses the Promised Land. These two cities are necessary for your supplies and the rising of your army in preparation for the conquest of Jericho, Ai and the rest of the Promised Land.

2- Joshua (a General) and the Ark of Covenant must survive at all times during your conquest. If any of those two is lost, you are defeated.

3- The Ark of Covenant has the special ability to heal troops near it. Maintain it close to your troops during the battles, but no so close to be in danger to be destroyed.

4- You have spies and scouts to help you find the cities and explore the map. You can use your spies to ID your objectives and "convert" enemy units so they can join your army. You won't be able to train more spies during the game. Use them wisely.

5- You start with a camp (many barracks and farms). You can raze them to obtain more resources.

Enjoy the scenario and tell me what you think. Please send me your comments to zonadejuego@hotmail.com

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
marce61 This is a very good start. Couple of items to consider:

1. The objective Capture/Conquer the cities, didn't trigger = remove objectives from Box (I didn't review the script for "bugs", I'll go back if you get stuck fixing)

2. The POP cap in the beginning of 25, you have to wait until you lose enough units, to make Citizens to build a Library. Nice quagmire to start, if intended, but, could be a little confusing, if you "rush" into the scenario.

3. #2 makes the gameplay "drag" a little, while you build.

4. The AI nation, I didn't care for the units here, nice surprise, but, didn't work for my taste, I would of rather seen something else.

Or not seen them at all because of the Title and the amount of game play time that had elasped by the time I encountered them. "Some movies are just too long"

Stuff I liked:

The age was something I haven't seen in a while in a created scenario, and I enjoyed as a change of pace.

The "xxxxx" was a nice touch, as the divine act, made use of what you had...

The map was different and had a few challenges (see # 3).


FIX # 1, with simple capture city scripts, and update

Stay with your storyline, when you start making more complex scenarios in the future this will pose problems.

Great First Scenario, look forward to seeing others from you.

[Edited on 05/23/06 @ 01:40 PM]

File Author
Thank you Marce. In fact I was curious about how to remove the objectives on the pop up window once it is accomplished. I imagine some sort of "check" mark appears on the box, correct? Please feel free to add the script line to do so, or just tell me here.

About #2. The population cap at 25 is intended. This is to let the other nations gain a little more time to build their units and become stronger before you get to Jericho. I will take a look at it anyway.

And about the Ai nation... You are right, the name suggest it only gets up to Jericho's conquest. I added AI as this is the next city the Israelites conquered after defeting Jericho.

Thanks again.
StealthArcher I like that, "sings and miracles" lol.
But other than that good job, I saw this back when you were asking for help scripting it.
marce61 Okay, here is a fix

Nation 1= Israelites
Nation 2= AI
Nation 3= Sehon, Bashon and Jericho

Place this in the begining of the Main Body Portion of the Script and Test. Update the popups to reflect your taste.

if (city_captured_by(3,1,"Sehon")) {
run_once {
popup_dialog("We have captured the City of Sehon");


if (city_captured_by(3,1,"Bashon")) {
run_once {
popup_dialog("We have captured the City of Bashon");


if (city_captured_by(3,1,"Jericoh")) {
run_once {
popup_dialog("We have captured the City of Jericoh");


if (city_captured_by(2,1,"Ai")) {
run_once {
popup_dialog("We have captured the City of Ai");


probed1969 Pretty good for a first scenario. A couple of thoughts:

1. I'm a careful player. I have to kill some of my own units in order to get 1 citizen to build a library.

2. I'm not fond of the unit selection at the stable. Something more than Light Camel to counter the elephants would be good.

3. This ended up being the longest game I've played in quite a while. There's an awful lot of standing around waiting for something or another to happen. When I finally won I was more relieved that it was over than being glad that I'd won.

[Edited on 05/24/06 @ 05:38 AM]

File Author
Thank you all for your comments. This is what I've done: (a) 3 citizens have been added to go along with the starting army, and (b) The skill level on AI has been lowered for the game not to last that long.

Please be kind and rate.


[Edited on 05/26/06 @ 11:20 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
game play was great, but i found that some parts of the map i tried to explore would stay black even though i tried to explore.

Balance: 5
the balance between me and the AI was great i didnt have to wory about my army being totaled right away

Creativity: 5
you dont see alot of old time games now (mainly WW1/2). its great some people think about history

Map Design: 4
map design was great but that little black spot problem caused me to get confused

Story/Instructions: 5
instuction were explained nicely. i understood every part

Additional Comments:
everything was great expect for the little black spots problem.
probed1969 Have you uploaded the updated file?
File Author
Yes, the updated file was uploaded on May 26, 2006.

For the record, I used the scnario editor tool to create the map, so I have no idea how to fix the black spot issues...if anyone can help...

Have fun
probed1969 I'm guessing the "black spots" are a bug in the editor having to do with cliffs. If you place cliffs in the editor and save the map a couple of times they grow and grow. Even elevated land along a river can get a little out of whack.

I'm not sure why, but the research at the library seems wrong. I have to research all military science to be able to build anything more than light camels. Classic age takes something like 8 prior researches to become available.

Part of what's taking so long to finish this scenario is waiting to assimilate the cities and attrition to take down the towers, since you have no siege for such a long time. Not to mention the time to do all the research.

When I played this version the nation of Ai built no military at all. So after I captured Jericho I built up my army for no reason. I could've taken it with a handful of troops.
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