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The Walls of Jericho and the conquest of AI

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---------FILE UPDATED ON JUNE 2TH, 2006-------

Jericho’s Walls

This is a battle of how Joshua conquered the Promised Land. Please refer to the story line bellow.

Please rate it as this is my first scenario. Special thanks to Com_trooper's and Marce's tutoring on scripting. You guys are great!


1- Conquer the city of Sehon
2- Conquer the city of Bashan
3- Place at least forty units just a few steps outside Jericho’s walls. Be aware of the towers and the fort. When achieved, you will see the "Power of God" destroy the city walls.
4- Conquer Jericho
5- Build a large army and conquer AI

History: After spending more than two hundred years in Egypt, the people of Israel became the slaves who built Pharaoh’s cities and monuments. God listened to their cry and then sent Moses, the "deliverer" who would convinced Pharaoh (with a little help of many sings and miracles) to let Israel's people go into the desert in search for their "Promised Land", in fulfillment of an ancient covenant between God and Abraham, the father of all Israelites.

Led by Moses and his brother Aaron, more than two million people left Egypt and entered the desert on their way to the Promised Land. Due to disobedience, God made that generation to spend forty years in the desert. Only their children, now expert warriors, would enter the Promised Land.

After Moses' death, Joshua was appointed the leader and commander of all Israelites and its forces. God told Joshua to "be strong and courageous", as he was ordered to enter the land and conquer all cities and people living already there. The "Presence of the Lord" in the form of the "Ark of the Covenant” (which held the Mana, The Ten Commandments, and Aaron's rod), was to be carried at all times during the battles. The presence of the Ark of Covenant would help the Israelites win all the battles.

There was one city, Jericho, that presented an special challenge since it was well known for its invincible walls around the city. The people of Jericho relied on their wall and were very confident that it would protect them from the invading army of Joshua. God had, however, told Joshua to march seven times around the city, and then He would personally destroy Jericho’s walls and after that, he could enter the city and conquer it with little resistance. Nobody could face Joshua after that; the "Promised Land" finally was of Israel's people to posses.

You can read the whole story in the Holy Bible, in the book of Joshua, Chapter 1 through 6. In fact, there are many interesting military strategies written in The Book that help Joshua conquer the land.

To play this scenario, please consider:

1- As Joshua, you start with a few troops (scouts and spies included), and the Ark of the Covenant. With this small group you have to identify and later conquered the cities of Sehon and Bashan, the first ones to conquer on your way to posses the Promised Land. These two cities are necessary for your supplies and the rising of your army in preparation for the conquest of Jericho, Ai and the rest of the Promised Land.

2- Joshua (a General) and the Ark of Covenant must survive at all times during your conquest. If any of those two is lost, you are defeated.

3- The Ark of Covenant has the special ability to heal troops near it. Maintain it close to your troops during the battles, but no so close to be in danger to be destroyed.

4- You have spies and scouts to help you find the cities and explore the map. You can use your spies to ID your objectives and "convert" enemy units so they can join your army. You won't be able to train more spies during the game. Use them wisely.

5- You start with a camp (many barracks and farms). You can raze them to obtain more resources.

Enjoy the scenario and tell me what you think. Please send me your comments to zonadejuego@hotmail.com

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File Author
You are right...the cliffs are the reason...

As for the tech researh at the military buildings, I think that is something the editor does automatically if you set the starting age and the finishing age so close together. For this scenario, the starting age is ancient and the finishing is classical...If there is a way to fix it I would be happy to know.

In the updated file, I lowered AI's difficulty level from moderate to easy, this is to make the game not to last that long, as stated in previous feedbacks.

And Probed, I really appreciate your comments, although tough, they are helpful and makes me think and work harder...


[Edited on 05/28/06 @ 11:58 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
My personal opinion is that this scenario just takes too long to get going. I do a lot of waiting for things to happen so I can do something constructive. Maybe if I could do something while waiting it would help, but right now I just want it to end.

Balance: 2
The first version was better than this one. After taking Jericho (check the spelling) this time there was no resistance left, although I expected it from the earlier version. Ai did absolutely nothing.

Creativity: 4
This was a different idea for a scenario. I could live without the Judeo-Christian religious aspects, but that's my opinion. I think this event is still under some debate historically.

Map Design: 3
Leaving aside the cliffs bug there wasn't much here except for the walls. I looked at a couple of photos of the area and there were TREES and bushes! Something to look at other than sand would've helped a lot.

Story/Instructions: 4
Your explanation of the story here set it up pretty well. I knew what I was supposed to do.

Additional Comments:
I was waiting to review this until it was fixed/finished but I see by your post in the forum that you're moving on. The scenario still has bugs in the script and the map. The gameplay is uneven and without the "Divine Intervention" and "walls" I'd enjoy a quick battle as much, if not more.

My main recommendation is to play test your scenarios a LOT more before uploading them. This is more like a "beta" version, which is OK if it had been labeled that way.

[Edited on 06/22/06 @ 06:25 PM]

File Author
Probed: Thanks again for your feedback. I have updated the scenario according to your comments and recommendations. The map has been added a few things, and the script had some mistakes that have been fixed.

Updated on June 2th, 2006
probed1969 Sorry. I didn't notice you'd updated this until a little while ago.

It's better. The map is better, the enemy was better, the script seemed to work and I must be getting better at playing it. lol

Overall it's much better than the first version you posted. This is your way of getting more downloads right? Just keep updating it. =P

I'd give it about a 3.6 or 3.8 now. Still a little slow for my taste.

I'm glad to see you stuck with it. I'm impressed. A lot of people just give up.

[Edited on 06/07/06 @ 01:56 AM]

File Author
Well thanks Probed. And by the way, thanks for the help on the scenario editor a while ago.

The Jericho scenario was my first one, but boy did I learn...

I have finished another scenario which I will post soon. Your feedback is always welcome.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
(The corrections you made based on comments, it played much better.)

Balance: 3
(Unit selection was fine, and you didn't fall into the mass units trap, but, just a tad off, too many lulls in the action. )

Creativity: 5
(OVER THE TOP HERE...GREAT IDEA... A Biblicial Story without trying to save my soul...LOL.. The divine act wasn't perfectly timed, but, you pulled it off, which was impressive for your first scenario.)

Map Design: 3
(Spacing okay, but, no eye candy, I thought they came out of the Desert. Map was a little too barren, your next scenario you costruct with a Middle East backdrop consider Surfing the Net and see if you can find pics so you got a better idea of the terrain. Nobody could of lived long on the map you presented, and three Armies needed to be supported in your story.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Good, you took the time and laid out the story, which basically is what the player game experience turned out to be.)

Additional Comments: After you made the vital corrections to the first upload, tis was a very unique and good First scenario...take your time on the next one and release another good scenario...looking forward to your next one.
File Author
Thanks Marce, as I said before, this scenario is possible thanks to your help and Com_trooper's.

I posted a new scenario. It is called "The Six Day War". Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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