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Austerlitz Scenario for RoN

by Snake (www.snakebytestudios.com)

Austerlitz, 1-2 December, 1805. In the advent of a coalition formed from nations all over Europe to remove him from power, Napolean took immediate action by pushing much of "Le Grande Armee" to the East in an attempt to catch key elements of the coalition off-guard. After the surrender of some of Austria's army by General Mack, Napolean's army was generally unopposed throughout Austria. Then, remaining Austrian troops joined up with Russian forces and advanced on Napolean's army. Seeing that conditions could get no better, Napolean forced a battle at Austerlitz...

History of this scenario:
This scenario originally began in hopes that it could be entered into the RoN Heaven "Napoleonic Era Scenario Design Contest" of Feb. 2004. I spent many days just setting up the scenario based on historical records and maps. Everything was as historically accurate as is possible in RoN. But then I realized that the AI could not handle the scenario nearly effective enough, and I didn't have enough time left in the contest to do my own AI script.

I decided to finish up the scenario for multiplayer. I spent another few days working on the script and order of battle. Then, when the scenario was finally looking complete, I went to test it in multiplayer. But to my dismay, many of the script features that made the singleplayer experience unique didn't work at all in multiplayer. Totally pissed off, I gave up.

I shouldn't have given up, though, because the scenario is still excellent. The version presented here is a revival of the scenario with a reworked script so that maybe a few people can see what could have been.

After you've extracted the script to your scenario directory, you'll notice that there are two scenario files. Austerlitz is the original scenario with the full script and AusterlitzMP is a multiplayer version with all the defunct scripting disabled.

The singleplayer version has no AI. It is basically a sandbox for you to try out the scenario's features. However, you can play against yourself if you like. To switch sides, just click a unit or building controlled by the opposite player.

The multiplayer version will allow you to play against one person (or the AI, but I wouldn't recommend it). The host will be French (Napoleon) and the other player will be Russian (Allies).

Some of the features and properties of this scenario:

There is an hour time limit, with the first 5 minutes being peace for unit movement.

The objective is to control certain key positions on the map. These positions have victory points assigned to them that are tallied at the end of the map to determine the winner. Points are also given or taken away for amount of casualties, loss of leader, etc.

At the start of the scenario, the player is shown all the objectives in a briefing. (This only applies to singleplayer.)

The map and starting unit placements are taken directly from real world and historical maps.

Following history, the Allies outnumber Napoleon's forces 4 to 3. However, Napoleon's army makes up for this by being more skilled and controlling more of the battlefield at the start.

There is one infantry unit for every 200 infantry and one cavalry unit for every 100 cavalry. Artillery is about one unit for every two cannons.

There are no citizens, techs, unit creation, etc. There is only combat.

Cities have no use other than to move borders around. Cities can be captured if you have several unopposed units at them.

Units are moved by brigade. The brigade designation is shown in a message at the top of the screen. To toggle selecting units outside of their brigade, hit the . (period) key. (This only applies to singleplayer.)

Unit attack and hit point numbers have been changed greatly, allowing for longer battles where tactics are extremely important. Use general powers wisely, outflank your opponent's lines, defend from rocky areas, force the enemy to attack across rivers, etc.

Cavalry are quite devastating against lines of infantry and artillery (discounting ranged cavalry) and can only be effectively countered with other cavalry. Grenadiers also do better against cavalry than regular infantry.

Artillery is very good against infantry or cavalry if properly defended.

Artillery can be captured if there are no supporting units nearby. Captured artillery is removed from the game, healing all the capturing army's artillery by 2%.

The leaders, Emperor Napoleon and Tsar Alexander, can heal their units. Napoleon can heal twice as fast as Alexander, but Alexander heals in a greater area.

There is a scripted display of the objective points, who controls them, and how many points they're worth.

The population max is the same as your starting unit count.

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ronman111 i havent dled let but but the sounds o
ronman111 sorry i didnt comment properly. i havent downloaded it yet, but how much is the population limit. Did u raise it but the sounds of the following quote it looks like you have raised the limit.

"There is one infantry unit for every 200 infantry and one cavalry unit for every 100 cavalry. Artillery is about one unit for every two cannons".

what does that mean?? have you raised the population limit??
File Author
the pop cap is around 500 for each side. yeh, i didn't explain the unit numbers very well. when i say "there's one infantry unit for every 200 infantry", i mean that in the game, one unit represents 200 men that were actually on the battlefield. but of course, the game has 3 men per unit, so then it's more like 1 for every 66. hope that made more sense.

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