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China Dolls-Part I

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Needs T&P?: Yes
China Dolls- Part I & II


The zip file was too large for upload so, I had to separate the files and scenarios

Files Included:

Part I- 1st Scenario, All Mods and Sound Wave Files
Part II-Scenarios (2,3 and 4)


There are a total of four (4) scenarios created in RON GE T&P:

Overview: The fictional Brigadier General Winston Collins (Bushwacker) has been promoted to Major General from his successful operations in the Republic of Chile.
The General has just taken command of United States Special Operations Central Command. He is still trying to progress through the General Officer ranks and
is still getting increasingly complex assignments from General Thomas Bright (Whisperwash), Deputy Chief, Joint Chiefs of Staff for Operations.

Background: China, with over one-fifth of the world's population, exists today as a state known as the People's Republic of China, but it also refers to a long-standing civilization comprising successive states and cultures dating back nearly 5,000 years. With one of the world's longest periods of mostly uninterrupted civilization and the world's longest continuously used written language system, China's history has been largely characterized by repeated divisions and reunifications amid alternating periods of peace and war, and violent imperial dynastic change. The Chinese Mining industry is an improving and relatively low risk operating environment in a politically stable and evolving regulatory regime. Infrastructure and logistics are excellent. The economy has been growing rapidly since 1978. China joined the WTO in 2001 and there are incentives for development in the Western Development Zone. International Companies typically secure position through Co-operative Joint venture agreements (CJV). Granted ‘CJV Business Licence’ enables acquisition of mineral assets in China while a strategic Chinese Partner assists with operating in China.

The abandonment of children surged in China during the 1980s, in part due to the one-child population control policy and in part due to policies restricting adoption by Chinese couples who are not childless. The national statistics on mortality reveals that the vast majority of children in orphanages are, and consistently have been during the past decades, healthy infant girls; that is, children without serious disabilities who are abandoned because of traditional attitudes that value boy children more highly. The financial and social problems that these children are perceived to constitute are made more acute by the fact that Chinese couples are not permitted to adopt them, for
the most part. Reports of inhumane conditions in Chinese orphanages have attracted growing international concern, prompted chiefly by the country’s greater openness to foreign press coverage and charitable work financed from abroad, as well as a dramatic increase in overseas adoptions from the People’s Republic.

In this series you are trying to gather intelligence relative to reports that the newly elected progressive government in the Republic of China has some internal problems
which may lead to instabilty in the region. During periods of political change there is always some form of greed and political corruption that must be cleansed for a new political system to take shape and potentially benefit it's citizens.

Well let's see what mess the General gets us involved in now.

Scenario Mission(s):

The scenario order is a follows:

1. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
2. Humpty Dumpty
3. Dust Off
4. Dirty Laundry

Art Mods/Sounds:

Wakain and probe69 have provided some interesting Artwork for this group of scenarios

1. special forces_arab (All scenarios)-wakain
2. space program (Dust Off)-probed69
3. house6_3i, house2_3i, and house1_3i (Dirty Laundry)-wakain

4. there are few wav files I found at soundrangers.com for your enjoyment

a. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (all sound files)
b. Humpty Dumpty (Jet1 Only)
c. Dust Off (Jet1 Only)
d. Dirty Laundry (Girls & Jet1)

Mission Objectives/HINTS:

The scenarios are primarily "objective" oriented versus random large troop engagements:

1. Take Your time, use all assets provided
2. Pay attention to the popups
3. The characters have some scripted protection and strength to balance the battlefield
4. Enjoy

credits: meatpuppet, com_trooper, wakain and probed69
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
wakain I'm really sorry I let you down this week.
probed1969 Hey marce',
Glad to see a new Jackhammer series. After all the WW1 scenarios this will be like a breath of spring air. LoL

I'm quite fond of Oriental women, so this should be fun!!!
File Author
I figured it was time to move the story along, it was a little difficult finding a new area of operation, (terrain), with your release of the terific Vietnam Series you have been doing. But, special op units have multiple operational tasks, so, I just needed to create a storyline and missions based on the "backdrop" selected (China).

I changed the type of gameplay for this series, so, hopefully the members like the difference in storyline and "combatants".

The members who responded to the "Spies" thread were also a help in putting together the strategy and tactics deployed. Com_trooper gave me some script help trying to get the air units under some control and I borrowed a MP classic script to pull it together.

I was also fortunate enough that you and wakain had a few ideas of a new version of Thingey from the WWI scenarios, and, had some stuff in construction that I thought would fit nicely to the scenarios.

Thanks to all for ideas, help, and toys for this series of scenarios !!!

File Author
Okay, your back, you got a little catching up to do, several new scenarios produced by all and worth playing.

I noticed no comments to the Grit, Shovel and the Thingey scenario about Vimy Ridge, and figured your outbursts finally got you in a pickle.

Well, I looked at your site, maybe you should create forums there, so you can vent and discuss politics.
wakain hey Iamcanadian!!! good to see you again!
after my situation a few weeks again I checked the warnings forum and I was really surprised to see your name there
you were temporarily banned becasue you advertised and spammed on the forums(?!)
never saw anything of that anywhere,but we really missed you.
File Author
probed69-thanks for the rating. I specifically tried something different with the Special Ops units this time for the series. In real battle they are away from the heavy troop engagements for the most part, but, frequently, the battle overlaps into or around their AO, making for a quick and sometimes deadly situation for escape or completing their mission. I wanted to try and re-create that, so the series can branch out in the future.
probed1969 Quick and deadly is right! In Dirty Laundry there was a serious war going on. I had to keep moving to stay out of the way of the boys with the big toys. =P

[Edited on 06/07/06 @ 04:50 AM]

iamcanadian i have officaly delcared the end of my "political comments"
p.s. i also would like to get my hands on mead puppets scripting tourtial, seeing as that im getting nowhere on my own :P

[Edited on 06/22/06 @ 06:28 PM]

One_Dead_Villy political discussion is fine, please just keep it in the appropriate forum. u can post a link to the forum thread within the downloads to point to the discussion you wish to have. But try to keep this section purely related to the game (and specific comments on its implementation, playability etc as a scenario or mod or whatever).
File Author
It;s in his Stalingrad V1 scenario. Great scenario by the way. Also I think he posted it in the Script Design Forum. It's really easy to catch on, he explains things real well. Don't forget the Script Editor also on this site, a little more complex, but, once, you get the basics down, it's gets EASIER...LOL.
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