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Native Names: Version 2

Author File Description
Alexandre Jerome
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
Contents :
1. To Install
2. Help/Options (Only in ReadMe)
3. Purpose
4. Changes
5. Update (Includes Version Choice)


1. Install font 'gulim' into fonts folder
2. Place 'Thrones and Patriots' folder from the folder with the options you want (see 'Update' for choices) into 'Rise of Nations' folder in Program Files

And you're set!


It has always been a question to me why us English speakers have to make up new names for places just so that
we can have an easier time pronouncing them. While places with different systems, such as China, Russia, Egypt,
etc. are understandable, why call Roma, Rome? why call Warszawa, Warsaw? and why drop accents and thus
change pronunciation (ei: São Paulo, Běijīng, Besançon, Tōkyō)? These are some questions that led me to create
this game altercation. Also, being very interested in languages, speaking French, learning Japanese, Spanish, German; having a limited knowledge of Greek, Dutch, Latin, Hungarian, etc.; and fascinated by Chinese,
Korean; plus having family ties to Norway, Iran, & Hungary, not to mention a worshiper of History & Geography,
I wanted to have more fun and learn, simultaneously, when conquering 中國 or allying with Ελλάδα. So I created this!

Why did I choose Czechoslovakia, Poland, & Hungary?
~> Hungary: As I mentioned, I have family ties to Magyarország. Through that connection, I've come
to love Hungary and learn much about its culture... Why wouldn't I choose it?
~> Czechoslovakia: Some people are lured to a country by wine, sights, charm, etc. I'm lured by accents.
Czech's variety of exciting accents lead me to replace the boring accent-free Inca with
this new exciting nation.
~> Poland: While partially beceause of its accents, I also choose Polska because of a childhood experience
that has added "Varsovie + Varsovien" to my everyday vocabulary thus pushing it first
in mind when I got bored of the treacherous Nubians.


Game font changed to 'Gulim' in areas where neccessary.

Nation Changes
~>Accents added to city names where neccessary (ei. Tenochtitlán)
~>Name changed to 'Mexica' (Yes, the Aztecs called themselves Mexica)
~>Replaced by entirely new Magyarország (Hungary)
~>Otherwise, no changes
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: 北京 [Beijing])
~>Name changed to '中國' (Traditional Chinese)
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: Den Haag [The Hague])
~>Name changed to 'Kemet' (Thanks for the correction)
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: Waset [Thebes])
~>Name changed to 'France'
~>Accents added to city names where neccessary (ei. Nîmes)
~>Name changed to 'Deutschland'
~>Accents added to city names where neccessary (ei. Nürnburg)
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: München [Munich])
~>Name changed to 'Ελλάδα' (Prefered over Ελλάς)
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: Αθήναι [Athens])
~>Replaced with Czechoslovakia
~>Otherwise, city names changed entirely to native names (ei: Qosqo [Cuzco])
~>Name changed to 'Tawantinsuyu'
~>Name changed to '日本'
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: 東京 [Tokyo]) {Label endings such as -市or -都
removed for simplicity and superfluousness}
~>Name changed to '한국'
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: 서울특별시 [Seoul]) {Label endings such as -시
retained because of lack of aquaintance with the language}
~>Name changed to 'Ch'olti' although that is the name for the language, not the culture
~>Accents added to city names where neccessary (ei. Mayapán)
~>Name changed in the Chinese fashion
~>City names changed entirely to native, usually in the Chinese fashion, sometimes the Farsi
~>Replaced by entirely new Polska (Poland)
~>Otherwise, added accents where needed (ie Meroë)
~>Changed to modern Īrān
~>Name changed to 'Roma'
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: Constantinopolis [Constantinople])
~>Name changed to 'Россия'
~>City names changed entirely to native names (ei: Mocква [Moscow])
~>Name changed to 'España'
~>Accents added to city names where neccessary (ei: Cordóba)
~>Name changed to Türkiye (Turkey, not the Ottoman Empire)
~>Accents added appropriately

The new update includes:
1. Two choices: Which nations to use: European (With Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland), or Normal (With Inca, Bantu, Nubians); and The Level of Change: Original (If possible, changed to native script), no Font Change (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian reverted to Romanizations) and only Latin Characters (Russian, Greek, Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Romanized). This allows more freedom to choose what you want: the exacts (excluding Arabic, Hindi, etc.) or close without the ugly font change, and whether or not you choose to use the replacement nations.
To install, just choose which options to use and then use the inclosed version of "Thrones and Patriots" to install

2. Includes Fix by pghassasin, allowing users at any resolution to enjoy the fruits of localization.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ronman111 looks like you've done alot of work cant wait to see
eazyhasaids This mod is somewhat pointless. You haven't really done anything with you modded nations except change names and unit/building sets. This will just make all of the new nations have the old nation's unique units. If you want to make the mod better try making new skins and editing the units to fit the new nations.
wakain if you want I can make the dutch part for I'm dutch.
check my profile for my e-mail.

[Edited on 06/04/06 @ 07:19 AM]

Alexandre Jerome
File Author
True, it is a little pointless. However, it is the little pointless things that I like the most. Additionally, I have never attempted to edit skins, and other things so I have no idea how to do your suggestions. They sound great though!
If there is anything you think should be done to the Dutch, please let me know, I'm not an adept in Dutch at all.
In addition, upon reading back on what I wrote, I sound a little conceited !!! I only meant to show further why I wanted to make these changes.
Thank you kindly. Cheers, Alexandre Jérôme

[Edited on 06/04/06 @ 02:55 PM]

probed1969 Interesting concept.

Hard to tell from above. Did you change ALL the nations? Who did Czechoslovakia replace?

What files are included in the download? If I place a folder named Thrones and Patriots into my Rise of Nations folder it will overwrite everything. Data, art, etc. I don't think that's what you meant.

[Edited on 06/04/06 @ 06:47 PM]

Alexandre Jerome
File Author
Czechoslovakia replaced Inca. I'm sorry I forgot to meantion it. If you'd prefer the original Inca, Bantu, etc. the ReadMe explains how (The Inca and Nubians original versions I DID edit: Nubians- accents added, and Inca-changed to local names)
I only included the files changed in the Mod in the 'Thrones and Patriots' folder in the download, thus only those files are replaced. If you would like to do it more manually, simply place the files in the folders in which they were located in within the modification folder. Sounds confusing, but hopefully made some sense.
Cordialement vôtre, Alexandre-Jérôme
wakain I'm dutch and all the city names are either changed (The Hague-Den Haag)
or represent veeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyy old glory places,which are now merely small villages with a dock and a church+some houses.the dutch haven't got any really interesting unique's(at least nothing to be proud of)
and I really would like to change that.

my idea:
making it a very strong gunpowder nation(superb pikemen and arquebusiers+additional cavalry)but a quite weak,booming nation in the earlier and later ages.
probed1969 @Alexandre-Jérôme
Sorry. I must've had a brain dump on the file replacement.

So...if I understand eazy's comments correctly, you 've changed the Nation and city names, the building art and the unit art, but if I select Czechoslovakia I get the Incan unique units?

Doesn't it seem a little strange to have a Czech nation (for example) having units that have feathers as part of their uniform?

For some strange reason I can't seem to get my head around this mod.

[Edited on 06/06/06 @ 08:03 AM]

Alexandre Jerome
File Author
I, in fact, did not change any of the art. While it is obviously the right thing to do, and I would, I cannot. Vous avez raison; however, they do look out of place. That is why I included the original Incans, Bantu, Nubians etc. That way it was simply a matter of preference. If you think it wise, I'll gladly revert to the originals in the download, I just wanted to make either available. Hope that made some sense, Cheers Alexandre-Jérôme
probed1969 No. I'm not suggesting you do anything. It's your mod. I'm just trying to understand it and for some reason I'm having a hard time. Not your fault, but mine.

I think the basic idea is a good one. I suppose if you played in Industrial age and later the units wouldn't make as much difference as earlier ages.

You could redo all the unique units or just replace them with the standard units. That would be less work.

@wakain, Are you going to do the Dutch for this?
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