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The Six Day War

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The Six Day War

This scenario plays the “Six day war” fought in the middle-east in 1967. This conflict almost triggered a direct military confrontation between the United States and Russia, as this was one of the fronts of the Cold War.

At the time, the newly formed Israeli state (1948) was not recognized as such by any Arab country, and therefore, threaten the very existence of Israel as a nation. Most of these countries had ever since waited for an opportunity to destroy Israel, and many wars were fought in order to accomplish this objective. The threat is still real as of today.

The 1967 “Six day war” was fought by a coalition of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and other Arab nations against Israel. The battle fields were the Sinai Peninsula (west of Israel), The Golan Heights (north-east) occupied by Syria, and Jerusalem (one half of the city was occupied by Jordanian forces). Other Arab nations joined the coalition and sent troops to all fronts under the orders of the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian commanders.

Please refer the story line below to understand a little more about this scenario.


•Capture the Golan Heights from the Syrians (to the north-east)

•Defend the city of Jerusalem from the Jordanian troops close to your border.

•Conquer the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal by capturing the city of Port Said from the Egyptians.


•You and your enemies have five minutes before the war starts. Use this time to build your economy and knowledge, review your armies and their locations as well as of your enemies. Prepare your tactics and movements. Plan carefully, whatever first movements you do will affect the course of the war later.

•Your main advantage is your Air Force (this is a real fact for that conflict). Locate and destroy your enemy’s air bases (they won’t be able to build more air-bases as for game settings), fighters, bombers, missile silos and ports in all fronts. Do this early in the game. If you don’t, your enemies will be able to build large fleets on the air and sea and it will take you more time and resources to win the war…or be defeated.

•Your supply wagons can heal your military units. Make sure you have enough of them in all fronts.

•During the game, you will receive orders from the “Central Command” (message text on the top center of your monitor). Follow these orders or you will risk yourself to be “dismissed without honor” and loose the game.


On 22 May, Egypt announced that the “Straits of Tiran” (on the Red Sea) would be closed to all Israeli ships and therefore blocking all ways to enter the Mediterranean sea, breaking an agreement reached on 1957, as a result of a previous war.

The Israeli cabinet met on 23 May and decided to wait 48 hours for the Tiran straits to be reopened before launching a pre-emptive strike, as well as sending Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Abba Eban to Washington to meet with President Johnson. The US administration, which was Israel’s ally, insisted that Israel allow more time for a diplomatic solution to be reached, and warned Israel not to attack. A similar message was received in Israel from the Soviets through Premier Alexey Kosygin (the Soviet Union had interest in Egypt and a war was not convenient), and the Israeli cabinet decided on 28 May to wait an additional 2 weeks before taking further action.

In the mid-time, Egyptian president Nasser in his speech to Arab trade unionists on 26 May, announced: "If Israel embarks on an aggression against Syria or Egypt, the battle will be a general one... and our basic objective will be to destroy Israel." Four days later, Nasser proclaimed: "The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of Israel ... to face the challenge, while standing behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan …and the whole Arab nation. While he was speaking, these nations began mobilizing their armed forces to join Egypt, Syria and Jordan.

The war started on June 5th, 1967 with the “pre-emptive” air-strike by the Israelis on Egyptian air bases across the Sinai Peninsula. Other air-strikes were launched on other minor air-bases deep in Egypt territory and Jordan.

Closely watching these events, The United States and the Soviet Union were ready to jump to support their allies if needed…

But that is another scenario…
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Plays pretty well. A little more room to manuever would be good.

Balance: 4
Just a little too many troops on the friendly side for me. Balance is hard to achieve because of different player's abilities.

Creativity: 5
I think this is a first for this area.

Map Design: 4
Pretty good. It didn't seem huge while I was playing it. =) The map was laid out similar to the actual area.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good. Your last comment about what happened after would've been better if you'd made it with the original upload.

Additional Comments:
Good work. This scenario really shows your improvement over the last few weeks. When I first saw the layout of the map and the number of troops I didn't think I'd like it, but I was pleasantly surprised. There are enough fronts to keep it from being a free for all.

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Map Design4.0
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