Americans as modelled in Rise of Nations

Unique units

  • Light Infantry Line
Continental Marines (Enlightenment Age)
Powerful in quantity but somewhat slow-firing.
Water Transports are faster, tougher. Auto-entrenches
when Idle even in enemy territory without a General.

Marine Riflemen (Industrial Age)
Powerful and accurate foot troops.

Marine Infantry (Modern Age)
Fast, powerful, rapid-firing, accurate long range foot troops.

Assault Marines (Information Age)
Fast, powerful, rapid-firing foot troops.

Unique powers (Power of Innovation)

  • Governments at the Senate are free
  • First Wonder is built instantly, provided no other nation is
    building it also (excluding Space Program or Supercollider)
  • Aircraft and Carriers are 20% cheaper
  • Start with 1 Science Tech Already Researched
  • Recieve two free bombers starting at Modern Age whenever a new Airbase is Built
  • Recieve a free Scholar whenever a new University is Built
  • Military Ground Units Upgrade 25% cheaper
  • Recieve +3 Food, Timber, Metal, and Wealth for every non-Scout Barracks
    unit while they are not garrisoned

Written By: One Dead Angel