Bantu as modelled in Rise of Nations

Unique units

  • Light Infantry Line
Umpakati (Ancient Age)
Faster moving and to create, cheaper, and more effective then slingers

Yangombi Umpakati (Classical Age)

Impi Umpakati (Medieval Age)

  • Fighter Aircraft Line
Hawk Fighter (Modern Age)
more effective fighter aircraft, especially against ground targets

Eagle Fighter (Information Age)

Unique powers (Power of Migration)

  • Cities cost 75% cheaper
  • May Build one more city beyond the normal limit, bonus city begin with 1st civics upgrade
  • Double population limit per military technology, up to 25% above maximum game limit
  • Barrack units and citizens move 25% faster
  • Unit upgrades do not require military research, except Cavalry
    which requires Level 2 Military Research

Written By: One Dead Angel

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