Iroquois as modelled in Rise of Nations

Unique units

  • Heavy Infantry Line
Spearmen (Ancient Age)
Faster than normal heavy infantry while in friendly territory.

Mohawk Spearmen (Classical Age)

Heavy Mohawk Spearmen (Medieval Age)

Elite Mohawk Spearmen (Gunpowder Age)

  • Scout Line
Takohs (Ancient Age)
Greater LOS then normal scouts,
Able to walk through forests.

Akweks (Medieval Age)

Okwari (Enlightenment Age)
Commando Unit that is available one age Earlier.
Can not be seen by enemies while idle.

Unique powers (Power of the Forest)

  • Get one free Scout unit with each New Barracks built
  • Scouts get free upgrades and can move through forests
  • Woodcutters also gather +2 Food each
  • All units heal when not moving or attacking in friendly territory
  • Military units in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking
  • Barracks units +10% hit points
  • First Senate build is free and builds instantly

Written By: One Dead Angel