Lakota as modelled in Rise of Nations

Unique units

  • Ranged cavalry Line
Sunka Wakan (Classical Age)
Fast raiders able to fire even while moving.
Provides 4 food income while ungarrisoned.
Receive plunder while damaging enemy collection buildings.

Eagle Feather Horse (Medieval Age)

Musket Horse (Gunpowder Age)

Repeating Rifle horse (Enlightenment Age)

Unique powers (Power of the Plains)

  • Instead of building Farms and Granaries, receive Food
    for each Citizen, Scout, and Calvary unit (except when garrisoned).
  • Farms and Granaries in Captured Enemy Cities Instantly Destroyed.
  • Have no National Territory, and can construct buildings
    in any territory not held by another nation.
  • Ranged Cavalry upgrades are free.

Written By: One Dead Angel