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Rise of Nations Heaven Archived

The final tap of the hammer sent the last nail into the coffin housing this site.

No more will posting and replying be available, until such a day that enough hue and cry is made to wake the dead and revive this once glorious site. Until then, it shall slumber in a well-deserved dormancy.

The articles, pages, forum threads, and downloads will continue to be available for persual, only the ability to post replies or start new ones had been removed.

RIP Rise of Nations Heaven.

Until you arise again…

Rise of Nations Extended Edition available on the Windows Store

Rise of Nations Extended Edition is now available on the Windows Store here, and cross-play with the Steam EE is possible.

In other news Age of Empires 3 has an Un-hardcode patch project here.
Maybe a similar project is possible for RON, you can discuss the possibilities in the forum.

RON User Patch & Downloads Section Re-Opened

Rise of Nations TAP Lobby/HD Patch V4 aka Vugi’s RON User Patch has been created by Vugi and can be downloaded here.

The RON Downloads Section was re-opened for file submissions in 2016 after having been closed since 2012 for unknown reasons.
You can now submit, edit, review and download game files again.
You can also cross-upload some mods on Moddb.

In early 2017 there has been some work on the Steam entry for RON EE, players can discuss it on Steam and here on HG.

There is also a Rise of Legends User Patch project in progress which will make a Rise of Nations 2 Total Conversion mod possible.
You can join the project and discuss it here.

New Moderator by RoNH

As you may have seen, we have a new green cherub proudly flapping his wings about this heaven. This is our newest staff member, Alincarpetman, who also serves over at Rise of Legends Heaven as the main moderator. He has filled the void left by our departed cherub, Pimp, who has moved on to bigger and better things.

Alin will be moderatoring Rise of Nations Heaven along with Terikel, and is expected to provide far more technical assistance concerning the game than the old borrowed Viking ever could.

Rise of Nations Latest News

Rise of Nations isn’t completely dead as players are still playing the game and talking about it online on Youtube, Reddit, Steam, etc..

In case you haven’t checked in for a while, here’s the latest news on the game from recent years:

– A Rise of Nations Extended Edition was released on Steam in 2014, you can find a discussion forum here, game stats here

– While there is no word on a new RON EE Expansion you can contact the development team at Skybox and Forgotten Empires with your support and ideas

– A Blender addon has been developed by Ryder for Rise of Nations BH3 and BHA files. This will enable 3D modeling in Blender and will make modding the game more accessible to more players as Blender is free. Check the latest update on this news here and here

– The Downloads Area at HG has been reopened so you can submit your RON mods, maps and downloads here or use Moddb as well

Rise of Nations Extended Edition Steam Release in June!

Well this kind of just dropped out of no where unexpectedly and finally that Steam Database entry shall haunt me no more. Rise of Nations shall be receiving similar treatment to Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology with the release of Rise of Nations: Extended Edition on Steam sometime this year in the month of June.

Among the features are improved visuals with improvements to areas like textures and water quality, Steamworks intergration for multiplayer, and obviously TwitchTV intergration. With both the original base game and the Thrones and Patriots expansion included in the Extended Edition package. So pretty much the same sort of improvements that the last two ‘Age of’ re-releases have gotten.

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is currently 20% off, meaning you can grab it before release for $15.99 (USD) before the price reverts to the RRP of $20.00 (USD). Should you be inclined to do so the path to reliving yet another classic lies over here!