How do I join?

To be able to play on the Conquer the World NetCampaign you need to have a forums id first. You can sign up for the forums from this link. After you've signed up you'll need to register for the CTW NetCampaign Map at this registration page. You will then be guided on, to select a player color and starting territory. You should also click on the CTW NetCampaign profile page, to enter your Gamespy ID should it be different then your forum name. Once a season is on the way, no other players may join that map until a winner is declared or the season is over.

How do I play?

Gameplay Rules

  1. The CTW NetCampaign is similar to many Netcampaigns you may have seen. The people you can challenge will be determined by who you have adjacent territories with on the CTW NetCampaign map. This is where the CTW NetCampaign differs from ordinary tournies where are put into brackets, or in a ladder where you are allowed to challenge anyone.
  2. As mentioned, upon registering you are required to pick a starting territory. This will be an important decision, as it determines who you can attack initially, and naturally who and how many potential opponents you can reach or can reach you.
  3. Each territory on the CTW NetCampaign map will be shown painted in each player's color. You can click on the map territories to view details on each territory. You can see who owns that territory. What territories are adjacent to it, which region each belongs to, the player who owns it, and any actions you can perform against that territory. At the bottom, you can also see a historical record of all the past battles that had occured on that territory!
  4. If you own a territory and have valid adjacent territories to challenge, you will see a link button to the right of that territory entry where you can issue a challenge. Clicking on the Challenge button, you will take you to a page where you can issue your challenge formally and send them a taunting message to prepare them before your armies lay waste to their lands!
  5. Each territory under challenge will be locked from other challengers for 72 hours, until the pending challenge is resolved and recorded. During the lock out period, the two players can not challenge each other for any other territories, nor any other players able to challenge for the territory of the defender that is involved the challenge. That is only one person on the map can attack and challenge for each territory at a time.
  6. When you challenge someone for a territory, an email will be sent to the players involved. The attacker and the defender are asked to arrange a time to play an online battle against each other. The result of the online game will determine who wins the challenge on the strategic Conquer the World NetCampaign map. If the attacker win, then they take over the defender's territory and gets a total of two points. If the defender defender wins then no territory is exchanged, but the defender instead gets a point. On some map settings, the administrator may also wish to award an additional point for taking over every territory within an entire region, and holding it until the end of the season.
  7. Note that you get one point for every territory you hold, so that is why the attacking player who gains a territory gets two points. One for the win and one for the added territory.
  8. Either player involved in a challenge can upload the recorded game for that challenge in the appropriate event listing on the My Games page. Whoever uploads the recorded game can claim a victory or defeat. The losing player has a choice to accept or dispute it. If the defeated player accept the results they can simply do nothing and the results will be recorded in 8 hours, or they can go to the event listing and confirm the results, at which point the results will be recorded immediately after.
  9. However, if the losing player wishes to dispute the results, they can go to the dispute link in the events listing and explain why the results are invalid. An email of the dispute will be sent to all involved and the map administrator will then look into the matter and make a determination as soon as possible.
  10. If an attacker looses a challenge then the attacker can not attack from that territory again for 24 hours. The failed attacker is also not allowed to challenge the same player for 48 hours after on any of the defender's territory.
  11. If a player has no territories left and no pending challenges in which they can gain a territory they are eliminated from the Netcampaign. Note the latter condition, so just because you have lost all of your territories its not over for you. If you were active in issuing challenges then there is still a chance you can make a come back if you win one of those attack challenges!
  12. If challenge is not resolved within the lockout period then the event is considered to have expired. At which point either player involved in the challenge can force the other player to forfeit the game for the next 12 hours. If a force forfeit is requested then the challenge is considered resolved, and the opposing player can accept or dispute the results as if the challenge had been resolved normally for the next 8 hours.
  13. If no one wishes to force a forefeit within the first 12 hours after a challenge has expired. Then the challenge event is cancelled, and the players and territories are released and the defending territory will be open to other challenges.
  14. Therefore each player can challenge any number of opponents, as long as they have a territory which they haven't used to issue a challenge with and as long as its not with a player they have a un-resolved challenge with. In other words, each territory will also only be allowed to launch one attack. You must resolve a pending challenge before you can launch another attack. If you have more then one territory, then each territory will naturally be able to have one current pending challenge, each upon different opponents
  15. Up until a event is cancelled, either player can ask for an extension in case they could not arrange a time to play each other before the normal lockout period. They just need to go to the My Games page and then click on the Request Extension link, and the lock out period will be extended by 48 hours. While a challenge is extended but after the initial lock out period, that is when the event would have been normally expired, either player can request a force forfeit as per the rules stated above.
  16. If the territory adjacent to you is not owned by any players, you will instead be able to colonize that territory. Clicking on the Colonize button, you will taken to a page where you can formally send out your expedition. If no one else attempts to colonize the same territory that you did within 12 hours then you will gain that territory without a fight.
  17. If however someone else also wants to colonize that territory before the grace period, they can either cancel their colonization attempt or choose to challenge you are the territory. If the latter then you immediately gain possession of the land but it will be under challenge from the other player. At which point the normal challenge rules will apply as if you had owned that land and your neighbour challenged you for it.
  18. A territory that you have sent a colonial expedition from can not issue other challenges or colonization parties until the colony is established.
  19. An email from RoN Heaven CTW NetCampaign will be sent to the registered email address of the person you are challenging to notify them of the challenges, dispute and colonization events as well as reminders to resolve pending challenges or they can also see it from the My Games page. When a recorded game is submitted, the loser will also be sent an email to confirm or dispute.
  20. In the event a player withdraws from the CTW NetCampaign voluntarily or otherwise, their territories will be returned to the unoccupied state. The map administrator will at their discretion leave their lands as is, and remaining players can issue regular game challenges and then requests force forfeits to take over the territories, or the administrator may distribute that player's land randomly to the remaining players or leave them unoccupied so that they can be colonized by the remaining players.
Note that the time limits posted can be different for each map, determined by the map administrator settings, so please check the rules link from the specific map page that you are playing on. Your My Games Page links will also keep you informed of when various events are due accurately.

Reporting Games

The winner of a game will post the results using the My Games link in the CTW NetCampaign Interface. Results are based on the honor system. Usually the winner reports the game, uploads a recorded game as proof, and an email will be sent to their opponent for them to confirm the win, or dispute it. Should it come out that someone has been cheating, they will be banned from the CTW NetCampaign. We hope that we'll never need to ban someone for making up results.

If there is a dispute in the game results, the disputing player should follow the dispute game link from their challenge resolution confirmation email and explain what happened and why they are disputing the results. Your opponent will also be informed of the dispute. The map administrator will then do their best to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If a matter needs our further attention or you wish to resolve a issue with your opponent, please post the details of it in this thread and we will attempt to resolve it, please include the information about the challenge shown in the status section: Event ID in particular would be helpful.

If over time it seems that someone is at the root of multiple disagreements, disrupting the CTW NetCampaign in anyway, or otherwise not being a good sportsman they may be banned from the Conquer the World NetCampaign

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