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Throne & Patriots Expansion Pack
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Topic Subject:Computer AI in Thrones and Patriots
posted 01-29-13 10:29 AM EDT (US)         
The computer AI in Thrones and Patriots might be better than in other RTS games, but it is still far from perfect. What I've noticed comes from my extensive usage of air superiority as a tactic in the information age - the AI practically never scramble fighters to meet by bombers. Multiple times the computer controlled fighters have risen out of an airbase in the city my bombers are bombing and simply flown away to fire their missiles at one of my wonders.

The second problem, and potentially the greatest, is that I never have the need to build an air defense except for my own amusement. To make the game more realistic I tweaked the cost of the bombers and fighters upwards, and now the AI does not build any bombers, and the only thing they do with their fighters is attack my wonders, which they cannot realistically destroy because with two fighters it would take several hours!

Additionally, the AI in my games (I play at moderate - tough) has stopped building nuclear missiles entirely, it has never built conventional missiles, and even when nuclear missiles are built it just fires them randomly at city centers. Another common mistake, when they rarely do build nuclear missiles, is that they send two nuclear missiles within several seconds of each other at the same target (!).
posted 02-28-13 07:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
After enough play time I realize how unfinished the AI seams to be. I'm agreeing more and more that even though this game is great, it does seem rushed in many levels.

Not only is does the AI work funny in some ways, but there is just some crucial features that were left completely out. Without mods, the industrial age biplanes are hardly useful, giving to their lack of range and, even more crazily, the lack of bombers. Why didn't they put bombers in that age? It makes the airbase virtually pointless!

Back to AI though, depending on their resources available they will spam some units while failing to utilize crucial ones. The AI will never build carriers, and without carriers, their navies usually don't stand a chance.

With nukes, the AI will only attack cities, forts, and big enough armies (to my best knowledge), but will not aim places that could prove more tactical (such as heavy defenses, bottlenecks, and infrastructure away from the city).

I could go on and on, but there's not too much of a point until we can get this game to become freely developed (by getting granted the hard code).
M o d
posted 03-17-13 09:17 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
the first airplanes where actually biplanes, with MGś instead of bombs.. bombers at that time(first bombers) were biplanes too, only difference: the pilot(or second person, depends on model) threw out explosives by hand

wikipedia on the first bombers

does one of you know how to tweak the biplane range?

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posted 07-21-13 01:51 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Some AI flaws.

On water maps like E v W, Nile and East Indies maps the AI will spam ships. Ridiculously spam ships. Knowing this you can strategize accordingly. The only water map that's probably worthwhile playing vs. AI is E v W. (AI or no AI I think East Indies is probably one of the worst maps)

On African Hole or Great Lakes they rarely fish. On Hole I'd say never fish. Meaning on Hole the water is yours.

Egyptian AI is the worst offender for spamming wonders. While some other AI nations may do it, Egyptians, are crazy wonder spammers. Even if their nation is collapsing they'll find time to start up a Versailles. Which translates into simply waiting for them to complete a wonder before conquering.

Lakota AI doesn't usually take advantage of their ability to build anywhere and restrict their new city or barracks to their borders.

In fact AI doesn't usually take advantage of building their next city in friendly borders and simply build within their own.

The criteria for AI nukes I haven't figured out but notice some nations don't seem to go that route. The guys I play multiplayer comp stomps don't go nuclear excluding that as a trigger. But yeah, once a nation has nukes it's pretty much random, even to the point of nuking a city three times in a row. Expect your cap to be nuked though. The AI is generally consistent in making sure caps are nuked at least once. And you're right, I've never seen the AI use conventional missiles.
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