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Topic Subject: Time Limit - How to turn it off?
posted 08-05-10 12:15 PM EDT (US)   
Hello there!

I just discovered this game and i am an beginner. I really enjoy the game but i have question about the time limit in campaign: how to turn it off? Its not like 1 and half hours isn't enough but im a guy who doesn't like to be rushed. So i want to take my time instead of rushing my way to victory.

So if any of you know how i can remove it - thanks!


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posted 08-06-10 03:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 13  
That's determined in the map and/or script files for that particular battle. You would have to modify these files with the scenario and script editor.
posted 11-06-10 07:03 AM EDT (US)     2 / 13  
It has been long time but im back now. Anyways i uninstalled RoN because of the time limit. I cannot play games with time limit, i just cant. I dont like to be forced to make fast decisions, i want to take the time...

I want to play RoN but that only happens when i can turn the time limit off. So please, be little specific, what scripts and where?

posted 11-06-10 11:16 AM EDT (US)     3 / 13  
I may be able to lead you in the right direction.

I did a test on cold-war-russian campaign "Battle of Seoul"
In this mission its easy.
Find the folder:
Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\conquest
Find the xml file
and open/edit it
Search for "Battle of Seoul" make sure its the right one as there may be several version because, is it a barbarian fight or custom fight etc.
Here you will find this under <CUSTOM>:

<STYLE title="Battle of Seoul" id="Battle of Chosin" eliminations="Conquest" victories="Time Limit" player_start_x="37" player_start_y="142" a_start_x="344" ai_start_y="149" min_victory="90" max_victory="90" map_style="Custom" setup=".\conquest\ColdWar\korea3setup.bhs" runtime=".\conquest\ColdWar\korea3runtime.bhs" custom_map=".\conquest\ColdWar\korea3.scx" reveal_buildings="1" objective="Defeat the South Koreans (Blue)." description="The South Koreans have been separated from the North Koreans for long enough. The battle lines are drawn; now the North Koreans need your help to defeat the South Koreans and their American allies. Capture all South Korean cities to win." victory_text="You have won the battle." defeat_text="You have lost the battle."/>

So I want to have 120 min. instead of 90, and just change min_victory="90" max_victory="90" to min_victory="120" max_victory="120"

Notice the in-game time, cant show this big number and will count down from 10 twice, before showing 99:59

The reason its simple in this case is the 2 files setup=".\conquest\ColdWar\korea3setup.bhs" runtime=".\conquest\ColdWar\korea3runtime.bhs"
are not hard-coded with any timelimits

(Notice: it appear saved games, are saved with the original xml file, so you will have to give up any saved games.)

Now to the harder case. I tried "New world" campaign
again in
Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\conquest

I tried editing Nomad under the section <BARBARIAN> by changing min_victory and max_victory

It didnt work! Why? Because the scripts file listed here in the xml file
setup=".\conquest\scripts\nomadsetup.bhs" runtime=".\conquest\scripts\nomadruntime.bhs"
have hardcoded some timelimit.

I found it in nomadsetup.bhs as this:

switch(diff) {
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:
case 6:
So under toughest settings I changed set_time_limit(25) to set_time_limit(120), and it worked.

(Apparently saved games don't save the script files, so here you can test it on saved games)

Warning: backup your files, and when opening the .bhs files, make sure you uncheck the "Always use the selected program..." and look at it in notepad.

So as far as I know, it require some work to get what you want. But good luck with it.

Edit: I only used notepad to look at the files, and saved the changes from inside notepad.

-Happy gaming

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posted 11-13-10 08:15 AM EDT (US)     4 / 13  
I've tried it countless times, i really dont know what im doing wrong but timer is still shows 90 minutes.
posted 11-14-10 02:30 PM EDT (US)     5 / 13  
What battle and what campaign are you trying to modify?

when I read ur reply, I thought that if you followed my previous post, its properly because you didnt edit the right battle in the xml-files:


so I tested CTW_New_World_Map_01.xml again, and I thought if you attack into unclaimed territory it would always be under the battle-type <BARBARIAN>. But it turns out that if I attack as american into unclaimed teritory and with scenario type "settlers" sometimes (in CTW_New_World_Map_01.xml) its the battle under the section <BARBARIAN> and sometimes its the settlers-battle under the section <CUSTOM>

But this is easily solved, just change every goddamn min_victory and max_victory to
min_victory="9999" max_victory="9999" you can find in the xml-file.(hint: use search to find all the min_victory and max_victory)

After all you will have to do this anyway, as you dont wanna play with timelimits, if the comps attack you, or some other battle variation.

The only exception have to be the battles where you have to survive the comps rushing ur base for like 5 minutes, there you dont wanna have to defend for 9999 minutes, but you should be able to find those battles by searching for Rally or expires.

So when you have modified the .xml file, you can start playing, if trouble shows up, you know its because some time-limits have been added to the 2 scipts that follow each battle. But as I found out earlier these scripts dont affect ur games that where saved from the world map view, so then you have to modify the script to change or remove the added timelimit. After that you can reload the game from last "world view"-save and continue playing. Eventually you will properly end up with a lot of modified scripts.

I am 99% certain that the code you see in all scripts:

static int end_time = get_time_limit();

is the min_victory and max_victory that you have now changed to 9999 minutes.

I have to say I know close to nothing about c++, so if you run into serious script trouble, try to ask in the mod section, as Im sure some people there are good at scripting.
Though as far as I have looked, it is fairly easy to spot where the time-limit code is and then change it. Try look in the xxxxxsetup.bhs first, as that's properly where the code in question is located.

Let me know if this has helped you, or you just gave up


Edit: just wanted to let you know, that there are no cheat codes available, that gives you unlimited time. Only solution is doing the above.(AFAIK) But for testing purpose, maybe these cheat codes, can come in handy
cheat ffwd
cheat ffwd off
this will speed up the game ALOT, but will be hard on ur comp.

Edit: I must be bored since I'm doing all this Just looked in some xxxxxsetup.bhs scripts

here is from metalrushsetup.bhs that has to be changed:

if (diff == 2) {
else if (diff == 3) {
else if (diff > 3) {

Here is from warpartysetup.bhs


And here from federationsetup.bhs

This is just bad programming, that they spread out some timelimits all over the place in some battles, instead of using the much neater
static int end_time = get_time_limit();
that picks up the time-limit from the central xml. file.

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posted 01-23-11 02:12 PM EDT (US)     6 / 13  
now that needs some working...any simpler methods??
posted 02-25-11 02:58 PM EDT (US)     7 / 13  
Its been awhile but im back now with the same question again. I_like_BW i tried your method but still it didnt work. Are there any other solutions?

This might be so weird to some people but i just hate time limits in games. I never play games with time limits or if i have the possibility i turn the time limit off. I dont like to be rushed and if game wants to rush me i dont play that game. Same thing is with RoN, its just standing on a shelf because of this time limit. Who tought this time limit would be a good idea to be in a game in a first place ? ...
posted 02-28-11 04:59 AM EDT (US)     8 / 13  
Hi man.

If you need more time, just play on slow gamespeed It doubles the time you have.
posted 03-01-11 00:23 AM EDT (US)     9 / 13  
Actually slowing game time down doesn't help. It just makes everything slower etc. I really do not need thinking time, i just dont want to rush.

For an instance i played Alexander campaign. There was this map where i had to destroy my enemy, i did just that and i had 20 minutes extra. Then game asked me if if i would like go to war with another enemy on the map or leave them alone. I had to leave them alone because 20 minutes was not enough to get enough resources and a huge army.

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posted 03-01-11 04:00 AM EDT (US)     10 / 13  
Hmm, i never played the campaign, but maybe it is the challenge in that campaign you mentioned, that you dont have time to build a huge army.

The challenge could be to win with a small or medium army...
posted 03-01-11 04:52 PM EDT (US)     11 / 13  
@Flegmatica: Some CTW battles have a time limit set in their script files, if so you have to edit the script file, otherwise open up the map you want to edit with map editor, all the map/script files are in the "Conquest" folder under their respective campaigns ie: "Alexander", "New World", etc, open up the map you want to edit and set it for no time limit, now again, if there is a time limit specified somewhere in the script you will have to remove it.

As Galahad also mentioned there are several other scripts in the Conquest folder that the AI will use for non-specific battles, so you will have to check them as well.

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posted 03-23-11 11:23 AM EDT (US)     12 / 13  
hello guys! I started to play the rise of nations this week, I enjoyed the game a lot, except that the limit turns spoiled my joy at Alexander. I tried to remove the limit of 18 turns, but without success. Can anyone help me? I need to do to remove the limit? I await answers. Thanks guys! I would put at least 40 turns

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posted 11-15-20 04:12 PM EDT (US)     13 / 13  
yYou need to download Cheat Engine. Select process rise.exe Search for the seconds in the bottom left corner (not top right corner). 00:27:13 = 1633 seconds. Default settings: exact value, 4 bytes. My address is 01D9DC8C. The timer in the top right corner won't stop but it does nothing, even after 00:00 you don't lose, the real timer is in the bottom right corner. .CT file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CheatTable CheatEngineTableVersion="28">
<LastState Value="1000" RealAddress="01D9DC8C"/>
<VariableType>4 Bytes</VariableType>
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