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Game Modifications

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Topic Subject: RON Blender Addon (3D Model, and Animation Importer/Exporter)
posted 05-13-16 07:22 PM EDT (US)   
RoN Blender Addon

A Blender add-on to import and export Rise of Nations BigHuge3D mesh, UVs, skeleton, and BigHugeAnimation files.

More information

Please post bugs here.

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posted 05-17-16 02:33 AM EDT (US)     1 / 8  
Thanks for the work you're doing on these games Ryder.

You can download the latest Blender version here and older versions here.
Most of the versions are cross-platform so you can use Blender on Windows, Mac and Linux pcs.

It would be helpful if more modders could try this out and post some screens and videos on youtube so interested players can see how this works.

I also posted a link to this in the BH3, BHA file thread here as well as the Modelling Help thread here, spread the word about this progress wherever and to whomever you can!

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posted 09-29-16 03:12 PM EDT (US)     2 / 8  
I just logged in to confirm that modding addon works very well.

Simple tutorial:
1. Import BH3 of unit You like (like knight for example).
2. Add new polygons (like bad*ss shield or horns). I suggest using "extrude" tool and grow new details , to keep it correctly joined to the skeleton.
3. MAKE FAQIN SURE all polygons are triangles. You can convert newly created polys via mesh/face/triangulare option.
4. Retexture the UV map. (Google for blender tutorials to learn how.)
5. Export as BH3 file.
6. ???
7. Profit.
posted 09-29-16 09:31 PM EDT (US)     3 / 8  
Thanks for the confirmation Khan
posted 10-02-16 12:30 PM EDT (US)     4 / 8  
Oppa! Just finished my first unit.


Blender view 1:

Blender view 2:

UV map and texture:

- How to do this?
First I opened original mesh of some rider. I used "import BH3" option. Then I added some new mesh:
- a ribbon around lance-thing
- leather belt
- minor helmet modifications
- two bitmpas for pistol and sable
- wings

Hint1: New mesh MUST be in triangles. Blender like to use tetragons for new polys, but lucky for us You can easy transform them into triangles. Just use mesh/face/tranglo-something option.

Hint2: Blender automatically mirrors textures of bitmaps. RoN doesn't. I mean when you add a bitmap element (like those wings for example) in game they will be visible only from one side, and transparent from the other. To fix it - you must duplicate every bitmap you want to be dual-visible, and then flip the normals of newly created duplicate. The flipping normal function can be found in UV options.

Because I changed the mesh I also needed new textures. I decided to scrap originals and make new one from scratch.
Remapping was extremely time consuming. I found "Y" button (i dont know the function name) useful, as it help to seperate/cut faces from each other and better reorganize the UV map.

Once the new map was ready, the only thing that remain was to retexture. I used GIMP and some web textures and after several hours it was done.
Hint3: To create a team color in texture, paint the part (like shirt or shield) grey, and reduce alpha to 25%. You can add lighting modificators as well.

- Cool story bro, but how to add a new unit into game??
As most of you know, RoN doesn't support adding new units. Lucky there is plenty of useless units in game that can be recycled. For examples Abrams tanks appears several times as different units, while they look and behave exactly the same.

Hint4: Start recycling from tanks, armored cars and campaign general-heroes. MOST but not all units can be changed freely, like you can modify slingerman to be a submarine.

Once you pick a unit you want to change, you have to modify it's model, texture and animations in "unit_graphic.xml". Change it's stats in "unitrules.xml", including placement in tech-tree, national affiliation, epoch, etc. Change unit description in "help.xml", and add sound in "sound.xml". Dont forget to add an icon to "iface_units".

And that's it. Your Abrams tank is now available with new model, new textures, new animations, new stats under new name of "Winged Hussar". It's that simple.
posted 10-03-16 05:19 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8  
Thanks NastyKhan to share your work with us.

The new unit is really well done!

I suggest just to be more carefull about replacing units like "Slingers" or "Hoplites" as they're needed by the game and to don't move units with special attributes like "continental marines" (entrench) as the game is seeking for them at a fixed position (#70 in unitrules file).
posted 10-04-16 04:46 AM EDT (US)     6 / 8  
Thanks a lot for the tutorial Khan - maybe making a video version for youtube can help more players as well?
HG and modding/scenario/etc video tutorials for these rts games in general are missing from youtube.
posted 10-06-16 01:40 PM EDT (US)     7 / 8  
Well done! Happy to hear that it's working as it should.

Alin, there's no reason why people can't just edit the Rise of Nations wikia to add modding tutorials.

Maybe even under a new Modding Tutorials category.

There's even a mods page:

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posted 10-10-16 09:52 AM EDT (US)     8 / 8  
Yeah now I recall the RON Wiki, these days info is scattered over so many sites - youtube, reddit, steam, wikis, moddb, twitch, HG, etc
and since video games are a visual medium it helps to see videos, though I know it takes time and work to get those done well...

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