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Topic Subject: RON, single player script
posted 08-26-21 03:42 AM EDT (US)   
hi everyone

i just started to play RON again, i have the version on the windows store, however i have just started to play a couple of bot matches on moderate and i see the enemy is spamming nukes.

i would like to disable this via the script function however when i click on the script tab when setting up my single player game, it doesnt do anything, the pop up comes up when i hover my mouse over the script tab, but nothing drops down for me to select.

when i do this exact same function on multiplayer, it works perfectly fine

thank you
posted 08-27-21 03:32 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Most likely the issue is due to the Windows Store version of the game. Among other problems, that version unfortunately has crippled scripting/modding support because it's so heavily locked down (can't edit files etc).

Because that version is so locked down, simply manually disabling the nukes instead is sadly not possible either.

You could use the multiplayer lobby to play vs AI, although this will unfortunately introduce the typical multiplayer lag even if you're the only human player.

One other unconventional workaround you could try (but which is obviously quite clunky) is to use the in-game cheats (in a singleplayer game) to give yourself Missile Shield:
cheat tech missile_shield on

I'm unsure if that would work reliably or not as tech unlocks, but it's more likely to work than not.

Alternatively, if you grab it on Steam instead then you can gain full access to scripts / mods again (at least for singleplayer). If cost is an issue, it regularly goes for ~75% off retail price.
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