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Scenario Design

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Topic Subject: RON Script Maker beta
posted 08-06-04 09:46 AM EDT (US)   
EDIT: Latest version available here:
Contact email here:

i need people experienced with ron to beta test my new tool. it's available for download at the following address:

see the readme text for additional info...

Rise of Nations Script Maker 0.6 beta

Coded by Snake in VB6 and requires MSCOMCTL.OCX 6.0 (not included).


RON Script Maker is a tool for use with Rise of Nations and its expansion (Thrones and Patriots) that seeks to make implementing scripts in games of RON simple and intuitive.

It features...
-The ability to easily disable all units, buildings, and techs available in RON and RON:TP.
-Additionally, you can disable AI, plunder, attrition (TP only), costs, completion bonuses, etc.
-You can change amount of plunder (TP only) and Victory/Defeat Messages.
-Changing from RON to RON:TP game mode takes only one click.
-Saves scripts in both Big Huge Script (bhs) format and a native file format that is easy to reload.
-Program can organize (delete, rename, save as) all scripts created by it.
-Compact and intuitive graphical user interface.
-After saving a script, you only need to select it in the RON game setup to use. It's that simple.

It will feature...
-Editing of unit and building stats. (Most stats are only available in scripting with RON:TP.)
-'Scrippet' implementation. Easily allows you to load multiple dynamic scripts. Scrippets follow a simple format that is friendly to other RON script developers. See the included NomadScout.scp file for a preview of what scrippets can do.
-Launching of RON on exit (user preference).
-Much more!


This release comes with a few home-brewed scripts to get you started. You just need to make sure you've selected the right path to your scripts directory. Then, load a script in the list and save it again. (This causes the program to compile for bhs format and make the script available to the game.)

Making your own scripts is just as easy as it looks. Watch the help tips for more information and make sure you save.


However, this is a beta release and thus there are probably bugs. Most of which are due to the amount of time it takes to test all the settings in-game. If you spot something that you think is a bug (or just have a suggestion), you need to contact me via e-mail at or (preferably) on AIM at slserpent. Thank you for your cooperation.

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posted 08-07-04 01:40 AM EDT (US)     1 / 21  
Dude, great job, Although I am fairly well skilled with scripting(you may know some of my scenarios), I can help you for beta testers, and this is a great idea, man really makes it simple, ig otta say great work, if u need help my email is and aim is greeney504
posted 08-07-04 04:11 AM EDT (US)     2 / 21  
I would love to Beta test this utility. I am a scenario designer, and is in the middle of a project. Im glad someone has made this sort of program, and hopefully it will encourage more people to get in to the habit of scripting.

My e-mail is: jok2k at hotmail dot com

posted 08-07-04 05:25 AM EDT (US)     3 / 21  
thank you for the enthusiasm thus far. the best way to beta this app is to just play around with it. make a script and load it up with a quick battle. despite what ronh's news says and where this thread is, this utility is really for the average player. i'm hoping for some support from other script developers, though, so scrippets will be successful.

from what i've seen, there's three ways you could see an error. one is if the program simply gives a runtime error and crashes or a msgbox pops up saying there was an unknown error. the second is when you go to select the script, if a message comes up saying it couldn't compile. the third is if something just doesn't work in the game like expected.

could somebody test the "disable collection of resources from buildings" and tell me what exactly it does. the scripting reference isn't very clear about it. also, i'd like to know if in multiplayer games all players have to have a script to be able to use it in the game. if so, i might consider later on adding a simple way to distribute scripts to other players before a match.

i'm very excited about the next release i'm working on. i think the scrippet (script snippet) implementation could totally change how people release their own scripts; so instead of seeing bhs files in downloads, we see scp. script developers, let me know what you think of the syntax of my included scrippet prototype, nomadscout.scp. there will be four script areas in the final version of scrippet: declarations, run once, dynamic (which executes every frame), and dynamic saver (which runs every second to cut down on processing). later on, i'm also going to add parsing of code, so you can allow certain predefined values in your scripts to be changed from inside RSM.

anyways, look for the next version within this week. it also includes some changes to the gui and puts saves and scrippets in subdirectories.

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posted 08-07-04 10:52 AM EDT (US)     4 / 21  
Well I have used this gunction before
"could somebody test the "disable collection of resources from buildings" and tell me what exactly it does" this prob one of my most usefull, functions I have used. All it does is, make it so cities, dont have a gather rate ( and i think all other buildings like farms, woodcutters), but I usually disable farms and such for my scenario.
posted 08-07-04 03:03 PM EDT (US)     5 / 21  
This is an excellent idea. Scripting has always been the biggest put off for many people, especially those with little or no programming skill. I wondered when someone would get round to doing something like this - good to see it happening.

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posted 08-10-04 03:22 AM EDT (US)     6 / 21  
the download site looks to be currently down. hopefully the author give us a shout when its available again
posted 08-10-04 02:13 PM EDT (US)     7 / 21  
i contacted the host of my site and they have fixed the anonymous ftp. it should be working fine from now on.

i took some time yesterday to make some more scrippets to assist in testing rsm. one for capturing enemy artillery and one for interrogating enemy generals. they will be included in the next beta release. might also include a scrippet for increasing all populations by a certain percent, but i was having problems converting floats to integers.

right now, i'm recoding the script compiler for scrippet support. the internal save files and file loader already have support for scrippets. expect a release soon.

btw, if you need the mscomctl.ocx file, you can also download that at my site at i believe you can extract it into the same place you extract rsm and it work, but if not, then extract to your windows system (or system32) folder.

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posted 08-18-04 02:43 AM EDT (US)     8 / 21  
i forgot to post about it, but beta 0.7 of RSM has been out for a few days now. it includes initial scrippet support with several home-cooked scrippets, a refined interface with interactive help, scrippet documentation, and more...see the following changelog. this will probably be the only version for some time. i'm hoping to beef up the scrippet compiler, add script includes, and make the program more intelligently interact with RoN's files and directories for the next release.

also, expect new scrippets to be added to the latest release periodically. as of just now, the release includes a new scrippet called "Red Light/Green Light". red is peace and green is ensues, let me tell you.

Changed in 0.7:
-changed gui around some. script list is now wider and types list is included in the tabstrip. no more funky resize button.
-saved scripts and scrippets now have their own subdirectories.
-initial scrippet support for compiling, loading available, and saving/loading from native save files
-statusbar for displaying info, help, and warning messages. also shows loaded script and version.
-error checking setup throughout the compile process to display any errors that occur as warning messages without the program crashing.
-help messages added on mouseover.
-info messages added on end of processing with time it took to process.
-included new scrippets: interrogation and artillery capture
-included scrippet documentation for developers

posted 09-24-04 04:40 AM EDT (US)     9 / 21  
Version 0.8 of my tool just completed. I was hoping to make sure of include scripts in this release, but then i found out they're totally useless. just have to stick to scrippets for now. there are six of them included in this release. there's an update on DarthVeda's regecide script. besides making the script just plan simpler, there's also commands for AI kings.

even though i scraped the includes code (10 hours to waste), i did learn some things that scenario designers and script developers might find useful. first of all, the script docs from BHG claim that you can edit the rise.ini file's ScriptIncludePath line to add more paths to search for scripts to include. this does not work. I tried in both T&P and RON 1.03. it will only check the scenario\scriptlibrary path and the path that the script is in. i found a way around this if needed, though. just include the full path to scripts starting from the RON root. that would look something like this:
include ".\scenario\Scripts\Ground_War\Ground_War.bhs"
the last item of interest about includes is they don't execute themselves as i had thought. you can only call functions in an included script from the executed script.

this is mainly a bug fix release, but then also some changes to reflect that the app will find the paths of RON and T&P automatically. download it from the usual url. enjoy.

Changed in 0.8:
-errorlog.txt created for keeping log of all errors.
-gui changed around again because the script directory text boxes weren't needed anymore. tabstrip and script list are now taller.
-reading of registry to find out if ron and rontp are installed and to where. overriding these is possible via editing of ronscript.ini.
-removed code module for "browse for folder" dialog, because it isn't needed anymore.
-compiler will remove any comments or commented lines in scrippets.
-compiler will skip empty tags in scrippets.
-removed includes because they weren't worth
-changes to the help display; less CPU usage now.

watch for unit editing (finally) in the next release. make sure to let me know about any suggestions, errors, or just what you like in RSM. because some people found locating the script paths themselves too confusing, i added the functionality for finding them automatically. the best way to get amateur developers motivated is to let them know what's up.

posted 09-24-04 03:53 PM EDT (US)     10 / 21  
Did u also update want to put a copy on our download section?

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posted 11-08-04 10:18 PM EDT (US)     11 / 21  
i've finished a small update today. it should work with the new patch for T&P but i haven't had a chance to test that yet. no further updates or new features expected until this semester is over.

Changed in 0.8.16:
-added auto peasant time to game settings
-more changes to the help message system. now it doesn't display when the main window loses focus. less CPU usage in some circumstances.
-changes to the types list. consolidated the two lists for ron and t&p into one list; added ages (in case one wants to put a cap on end age?); and fixed some issues with subgroups.

you can download it from my site, as usual, or i plan on uploading it to ron heaven soon.

posted 11-15-04 01:52 AM EDT (US)     12 / 21  
Great idea! The scrippets are a great idea, keep it up

Another Home Remedy!

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posted 11-30-04 05:24 PM EDT (US)     13 / 21  
I keep getting the message "editor has cause a error in USER.EXE, program will now close" can anyone help?
posted 12-02-04 01:38 AM EDT (US)     14 / 21  
thanks for the props. i decided to code some more scrippets. one makes generals heal all units nearby. heal radius and rate can be upgraded with command research at the fort and medicine at the granary. the other scrippet is brutally fun. i call it tank smashing. if you've ever played command and conquer, you know what i'm talking about. here's a truly magnificant screenshot of a couple hundred citizen being rolled over by light tanks.

i was also working on two other scripts, but bhg's script implementation is so shoddy, they didn't work right. one of them was sorta like the big head mutator for UT--made your units bigger or smaller according to your kill to death ratio. the other was for raising the pop limit for a set amount for all players...set_population_cap doesn't seem to work right...hmm...i'm definitely going to make a capture the flag scrippet and team version of redlight/greenlight over winter break. watch out for those and a new version of RSM.

download the new scrippets plus a few other minor fixes (not to the app, though) from my site.

umm...i dunno. i don't think it's specifically a problem with my app, but rather your operating system. i'd need more info on your system to figure it out.

posted 12-02-04 08:20 AM EDT (US)     15 / 21  
I'm running win ME, 700mhz, 250MB RAM, what else do you need to know?
posted 12-06-04 12:01 PM EDT (US)     16 / 21  
mark, your main problem is that you have the worst windows os ever made. however, the next version of RSM i release will be tested (and hopefully successfully debugged if there are problems) on a windows 9x machine--winme is based on win9x. WinXP has a user.exe file that i decompiled and took a look at. as far as i can tell, user.exe is a user interface api handling program, specifically for 16-bit apps. RSM is 32-bit, but i'll check my user32 api functions closely when it's time to debug on a win9x machine. check back when i get the next version out within the month.

P.S. i'm loving this tank smashing scrippet. RON players don't know what they're missing.

posted 12-25-04 00:42 AM EDT (US)     17 / 21  
Special Christmas release of RSM 0.9! This time, there are two release files: Full and Lite. Generally, I'd recommend downloading the full install for newbs and first-time users and the lite install for any updates i release.

both releases of 0.9b are at RoN Heaven. much thanks to the guys here.

lite release at my site is here:

full release is here:

no new scrippets in this version. however, i did remember to turn the debug line off in the Auto-Merchant scrippet finally. here's what the changelog looks like (i know it's a lot of stuff):

-new installer for "full release version". it includes all the redistributable elements that RSM needs. it also has the nifty installshield interface and makes shortcuts and (gasp!) uninstallion possible.
-did some finishing touches: help messages, tab stops, and changed all string references of RON to RoN.
-added a view button next to load that will attempt to open the bhs file in notepad.
-adding the about tab stuff with release version info and a crap-load of links to mail, download, view included texts, and even IM Snake.
-compiling of objects stats implemented (test compiles within RoN successful).
-more bugs ironed out of stats editor. added reset to defaults command.
-saving and loading of object stats finally implemented.
-options to remove comments from scrippets when compiling and to run ron on exit.
-prompt to run ron on exit window added.
-removed some old includes code that was floating around from v0.8.
-updown buttons in the object stats editor now automatically increase/decrease when held down for 500ms. also recoded the way the editor loads values.
-buildingrules.xml also loads to be edited in the object stats. can edit everything but speed (obviously).
-added help messages for new elements. disabled a paranoid help system fix from last release.
-fixed all the tabstops.
-popup menu for various functions added on right-click of the object stat list. also added a simple way to switch between the same unit on the types and object stat list.
-changes to the tabs. added RSM Options and About tabs. some tabs give focus to their listbox on click.
-object stats editor coded with percent and value fields and updowns.
-progress shown while loading the list setups (after the app initializes and when changing game modes). load time was getting long with the addition of XML reading the unitrules.
-did a debug on WinME. no errors found once MSXML 4.0 was installed.
-XML reader added with MSXML DOM for getting unit stats from unitrules.xml. initially uses MSXML 4.0, may change to 1.0 for compatibility.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

posted 01-17-05 01:18 AM EDT (US)     18 / 21  
i'm going to stop posting updates to this thread. for future news on this wonderful app's development, see the news on my site if you need help, send me an email or im.
posted 08-01-07 12:39 PM EDT (US)     19 / 21  
I can't download the files :S
posted 12-24-08 03:26 PM EDT (US)     20 / 21  
I only want to make Boadicea a Big Unit, so i can make a project. Is this possible?
posted 05-17-17 09:13 AM EDT (US)     21 / 21  
EDIT: Latest version available here:

Contact email here:

RoN Script Maker October 31, 2014
Rise of Nations
Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista/7
RoN Script Maker is a modding tool for use with Rise of Nations that edits scripts in an intuitive interface. Scripts created by this program can then be used in Quick Battles and Multiplayer games.


-Support for Rise of Nations (vanilla), Thrones and Patriots, and Extended Edition
-Disabling of any unit, building, or technology
-Researching of any unit, building, or technology at game start
-Editing of unit and building stats like health, attack, and speed
-Changing various game options like plunder and attrition
-Interchangeable script snippets (“scrippets”) that add new gameplay elements such as smashing units with tanks, generals that heal nearby units, and capturing artillery
-Game paths can be found automatically or set manually.
-Scripts can be saved, loaded, and organized in various ways.
-Option to run RoN on exit

Visit link for downloads, changelog and comments

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