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RoN Strategy for Beginners

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Topic Subject: My shortcuts list to help you win.
posted 06-12-03 09:03 AM EDT (US)   
Hi everyone,

I grabbed theses shortcuts here and there, so here is a compiled version for you all to enjoy:

Drag = Select all
Ctrl + Drag = Prefer Military (May be swapped with above by a preference change.)
Alt + Drag = Non-Siege
Ctrl + Alt + Drag = Siege
Alt +Shift + Drag = Aircraft
Ctrl + Shift + Drag = Workers
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Drag = Transports

Ctrl + Right click = Attack move
Alt + Right click = Siege attack only

Shift + Right Click = Send all your planes to a target
Ctrl + Right Click = Send one bomber
Alt + Right Click = Send one fighter
Shift + Ctrl + Right Click = Sends all bombers
Shift + Alt + Right Click = Sends all fighters

F = Forward
Ctrl + Up = Forward
Ctrl + Down = Backward
Ctrl + Left = Rotate Left
Ctrl + Right = Rotate Right

I still need pratice to beat that damn computer in "Tough" mode.


posted 06-12-03 10:16 AM EDT (US)     1 / 8  
Nice work. Seems like a good list. Ill try em out.

~*S c a r f a c E*~
posted 06-12-03 10:51 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8  
N1- ive started played on tough 2...
posted 06-12-03 12:01 PM EDT (US)     3 / 8  
Other very useful shortcuts:

Shift-K = Select all Barracks
Shift-S = Select all Stables
Shift-O = Select all Siege Factories
Shift-D = Select all Docks
Shift-C = Select all Cities (try Shift-C A V for super-quick econ growth)
Shift-, = Select all military units
Shift-. = Select all idle citizens
Alt-Rightclick = Garrison
Shift-A = Aggressive Stance
Shift-E = Defensive Stance
Shift-R = Raid Stance
Shift-Z = Raid Stance
Shift-G = Stand Ground Stance (I think)
Shift-Multiple Tasks = Queue orders

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posted 06-13-03 05:13 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8 more shortcuts and hotkeys I learn about in this game, the more I wish I had an extra hand. I dreadfully fear the player who masters these techniques. And just think, if a 'wounded units' hotkey or hotdrag is added...the fear level only grows worse

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I agree with the second part
posted 06-13-03 05:39 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8  
yeah man i just played a 3way ffa vs tough comps
ended up losing in the end (one comp got off a wonder victory)

but man i did stay with'em till the end, even though it was a really tough fight - i kept getting double teamed, lost a city once or twice for awhile due to that

man oh man it was a good game though! matter of fact ill post a replay, perhaps we can all learn from it, since that game seemed, atleast to me, to have alot of different faccets to it

one last note, i think the biggest thing that lost me the game is that the russian comp (the one that won) was able to hold this huge mountain, not only giving him a ton of metal (which i was severly short on with only 2 small [shitty spot sorta] mountians the whole game) but a big defensive advantage aswell

anyways, now to figure out how to post the replay...

posted 06-13-03 12:50 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8  
hey, just wondering..

is there any way to modify this??

Id use ctrl-shift drag to select civs from time to time

but cy computer actually switches language fonts everytime i hit ctrl and shift together. (this doesnt help me cecause it messes up the chat and also temporarilly reassigns hot keys.). if so, please let me know because id like to maybe use ctrl or alt drag for this function

Audentis Fortuna iuvat.
posted 06-13-03 01:01 PM EDT (US)     7 / 8  
Unfortunately there isnt an option to remmap the drag click selection hotkeys. maybe there is a way to mod it in the data files.
posted 06-13-03 04:03 PM EDT (US)     8 / 8  
according to the BHG interview that bridger has in his sig, the drag combos are hard coded.
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