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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject: Basic RoN Counters
posted 12-19-04 03:52 PM EDT (US)   
If Attacked With…
Light Infantry
Gunpowder Infantry
Modern Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Foot Archers
Machine Guns
Light Cavalry
Ranged Cavalry
Artillery Weapons
Fighter Aircraft
Bomber Aircraft
Heavy Ships
Light Ships
Bombardment Ships
Heavy Bombardment Ships
Fire Ships
Aircraft Carriers

Counter With…
Heavy Cavalry, Tanks
Tanks, Machine Guns
Archers, Gunpowder Infantry, Machine Guns
Heavy Cavalry, Light Infantry
Tanks, Cavalry
Infantry, Machine Guns
Heavy Infantry
Archers, Tanks, Light Cavalry
Cavalry, Tanks
Tanks, Infantry
Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft, Cruisers
Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
Fire Ships, Submarines
Heavy Ships
Submarines, Aircraft
Light Ships
Submarines, Light Ships, Anti-aircraft
Light Ships, Helicopters

** Here is a Microsoft Word document if you are having trouble with those lists. NOTE: This is only for the original Rise of Nations.

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posted 10-28-09 01:35 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
If Attacked With…
1 Light Infantry
2 Gunpowder Infantry
3 Modern Infantry
4 Heavy Infantry
5 Foot Archers
6 Machine Guns
7 Flamethrower
8 Light Cavalry
9 Ranged Cavalry
10 Artillery Weapons
11 Anti-Aircraft
12 Fighter Aircraft
13 Bomber Aircraft
14 Helicopters
15 Heavy Ships
16 Light Ships
17 Bombardment Ships
18 Heavy Bombardment Ships
19 Fire Ships
20 Aircraft Carriers
21 Submarines
22 Heavy Cavalry
23 Tanks

Counter With…
1 Cavalry
2 Heavy Cavalry, Tanks
3 Tanks, Machine Guns
4 Archers, Gunpowder Infantry, Machine Guns
5 Heavy Cavalry, Light Infantry
6 Tanks, Cavalry
7 Infantry, Machine Guns
8 Heavy Infantry
9 Archers, Tanks, Light Cavalry
10 Cavalry, Tanks
11 Tanks, Infantry
12 Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft, Cruisers
13 Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
14 Fighter Aircraft, Anti-Aircraft
15 Fire Ships, Submarines
16 Heavy Ships
17 Ships
18 Submarines, Aircraft
19 Light Ships
20 Submarines, Light Ships, Anti-aircraft
21 Light Ships, Helicopters
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