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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject: What do you know about business (wealth, markets, caravans)?
posted 03-21-06 10:17 AM EDT (US)   
These are notes I accumulated through time.

Irishfast said that, the longer the trip, the higher the income. It is not obvious to me. Play a Lakota and set far away cities, the first caravan will also bring you 20 wealth (COM1).

Irishfast and Master Silver say that there is nothing you can do about rerouting a caravan. It seems so. But they do themselves. Building City 4 on a new continent, most or all caravans went to this city (so they got killed by sloops on the way). Could it be avoided? What is then the point in having the special golden icon to use with your caravans?

It seems that, when you have more cities, caravans do longer trip involving several cities –maybe all, but only some parts are remunerated? This point and the one before could have a significant influence on your economy if you have a widespread network of cities, compared to a cluster where they are as close as possible to each other. Or a very remote city where the caravans have to make a very long trip (Mesa map with one backyard entry, Continent far away, city on top of a high slope, surrounded with rivers).

For every COM science, each caravan trip brings you 10 wealth more. The evidence is the Nubian. You can have a caravan without any COM. This first caravan without COM1 will bring you 10 wealth, what no other nation does.

If you are Nubian, you get a +20/-20 discount on prices. But the Nubian cannot cumulate with the +10/-10 bonus on the corresponding rare. I moved, killed my merchant there, the prices did not change at all.

Master Silver says: the price of goods is influenced by the way you and other nations buy and sale. Sure, but not only. If you are the only Nubian, at Ancient, prices start to fluctuate since the very beginning of the game, when nobody has purchased anything. It seems to me that prices fluctuate according to the stocks of the warehouses of all nations put together, like in real life:
I want to buy timber (at Ancient, Nubian), price going down from 105 to 101. I save the game at 101, I build barracks but do not buy. Price for timber jumps at once to 123 and increases, but not for long. I reload, do not build barracks, prices goes down to 99.
Do you have more ideas about the statistical model about trade?

posted 03-21-06 12:56 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4  
If you order a caravan on a particular route or watch as they activate their routes the game reports varying income depending upon distance. This may not apply to a nation with a bonus built in.

The first caravan goes from city 1 to city 2, the second from city 1 to city 3, the third between cities 2 and 3. After that it would be logical to go to city 4 if you have it or your ally's city (you must have researched the necessary commerce level.

Having said that, later in a game the other day, after setting up the first 3 caravans as above, I noticed 4 of my 6 caravans heading to my ally's cities. Maybe the game reassesses routes over time and maximizes caravan income??

I once read somewhere how to control both ends of a caravan's destination, but have forgotten the sequence of clicks that makes it work.

The market seems to raise prices on things I need and lower them on things I have surplus. It also seems to me to be somewhat map dependent. But those are just my observations.

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posted 03-21-06 04:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4  
you can set them though so i dont know what ur complaining left on the thing right on a city

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posted 03-21-06 09:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
I guess I should've added that the right click on caravan, left click on city only works when both cities are available for a caravan.

Point one on a caravan's route is defaulted to the city where the market is. So...your third caravan can't be set up by left click, right click on destination. (Unless you've built more markets in other cities.) There's another instruction needed.

Where did you see a complaint Tigger?

added: You're right Tryhard. After reaching the necessary Commerce level 3 out of 4 caravans changed their routes from my cities to my allies'.

"No good deed goes unpunished."-Murphy

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posted 03-24-06 09:35 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4  

Set two Lakota cities at the two edges of a big huge map and the caravan will bring you 20 wealth.

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