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RoN Strategy for Beginners
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Topic Subject: scaling up vs comp matches - thoughts?
posted 07-22-11 03:12 PM EDT (US)   
Hey all-

Just a quick request to get ideas on "throttling" challenges when you play vs. comp

Whenever we can, my brother and I play as a team vs comp players. I would call myself an average player while my brother is still a bit new. We started out with 1 normal and 1 easy computer (both Chinese, if that matters), then 2 normal, then 2 normal 1 easy.

So now we tried 2 tough, and we pretty much steamrollered them. We typically finish in 2hr with us 1-2 ages ahead.

My question is, what would the challenges look like from here in terms of scaling the difficultly. 3 Normal? 4?

What I had in mind

1. 2 Tough (where we are now)
2. 1 Toughest
3. 3 Normal
4. 1 tough, 2 normal
5. 2 tough, 1 normal
6. 3 tough?
7. and so on....

Any thoughts? We usually play New World, but have since tried other special maps, like Sahara. We tend to avoid water maps since the computer just seems to spam fireships (effectively, too).

Any what about adding diplomacy?

Thanks in advance,

posted 08-01-11 07:08 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I recommend this:

Play random land maps or a map like old world, which is well balanced.

When you want a scaling challenge, dont mess with normal AI anymore.

I would try vs 2 on hightest difficulty. If you cant beat them make onr AI a level weaker etc.

And even better: Play online!

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