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War Stories
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Topic Subject: Victories of the American Empires
posted 04-27-10 08:43 PM EDT (US)   
This is a combination of the expansions of the USA and Brazil; in the storyline, they take control of the entire Western Hemisphere between the two of them.

Central America had enjoyed a brief period of prosperity, before the War of the Isthmus caused just about as much chaos for them as the African War did for North Africa.

Guatemala and Belize had military coups, followed by the generals making themselves monarchs. When the monarchs of Guatemala and Belize married, the two nations became one Guatemala-Belize, Guatemala being the dominant nation in this situation.

Honduras conquered El Salvador during an expansionist campaign. The other nations went on about their business, changing little when it came to boundaries.

The Guatemalan-Belize had a communist revolution, and was slowly withering away, having plenty of food but not enough of the other materials.

Honduras had a massive population boom; almost no land in the nation was unsettled. Incredible as it sounds, the reason was simple. Honduras had a communist revolution as well, but there the government experimented with artificial insemination and conditioning to create "perfect" workers: and lots of them. Once again, the other nations were fairly unchanged.

Honduras began the Nicaraguan Genocide not long after the Sino-Vietnamese War. The massive Honduran Army swept into Nicaragua, razing everything and slaughtering the population.

America wanted more land to expand, and found this the perfect opportunity. They could "liberate" Guatemala-Belize, "stop the atrocities" of Honduras. Nicaragua could be "saved and rebuilt", Panama was willing to become the 56th state everybody had been debating so wildly about. Costa Rica had an unstable government: they could easily be "occupied". In short, America could conquer them and still play the hero.

The US Marine Corps set out, beginning with Guatemala-Belize. They swept through Belize City, Belmopan, and then came to the Motagua River area, where they utterly defeated the nation: one of four nations was defeated in the FIRST day.

Honduras fell next, though not easily. The cities were captured and systematically burned to ashes; the population was killed with a programmed virus that fed off the Honduran DNA. Honduras was easily taken and "liberated". While America was contending with Guatemala-Belize Nicaragua was finished off by the Hondurans, felling two birds with one stone.

Finally, America swept into Costa Rica and easily destroyed it (though naval raids made trouble for the USA). Afterwards, Panama joined the USA. Central America had been unified, and the US began planning it's next move.


Only ten years ago had Mexico been split apart. A military coup left Mexico an empire once more, and the independent Aztlan Drug Confederation had been formed in Northern Mexico: they ruled everything including and north of Mazatlan.

The ADC WAS a problem for America, as they polluted the USA with drugs, despite the Great Wall of Texas, but the general feeling in Congress was a desire to capture all of Mexico, extending America's reach throughout almost all of the North American mainland.

The US began by making a pact with Cuba, to gain their graces and allow them to freely move in Cuban waters. In turn, the USA regularly supplied the Communist nation with food, money, and petroleum.

The first step of the war was the bombing of the Yucatan. Large air corps flew over Cancun, Merida, and Villahermosa (coming out of captured Belmopan and Guatemala City), razing much of the three cities. Land forces moved in and captured the entire peninsula within three weeks.

From there, the USA made peace with the ADC: the ADC, having anticipated their attack, declared war on them first. The two nations could now look elsewhere, and the USA was able to divert more attention to the Yucatan. Unfortunately, much of the Great Wall of Texas had been destroyed during the fighting.

Fighting raged pointlessly; the entire Yucatan was secured, but beyond that, what happened but unnecessary death? Within the first year of fighting, only those initial three cities and Coatzcoalcos were captured, and the Mexican Navy scuttled at the Battle of Cozumel Island.

The US could play the ADC and Mexicans against each other, and did so. They made peace with Mexico so that they could turn against the ADC. Ciudad Juarez fell relatively quickly, but the advance ground to a halt. The ADC Navy was strong enough to hold off the US Navy, and in till more ships were shipped from the Atlantic the Aztlanites dominated the seas.

Vicious bombing runs razed Matamoros, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo to ashes. Further marine landings captured these cities and desperately defended them from Aztlanite counterattacks.

The poorly-coordinated invasion began to turn around in the second year when conscription was passed, allowing many more men to be put into service. Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon were overrun, and Tiajuana almost fell.

Six years went by, and the protesting became very violent. Never had the American people been so enraged since the Vietnam War. Finally, Congress made a heavy-hearted decision: nuke Mexico in till nothing was left.

Every free city in the ADC was bombed to ashes, and subsequently captured. In the meanwhile, Mexico had tricked America into paying tribute to them, only to declare war once more. The USA vowed to not forgive them, and bombed Mexico with no mercy.

On the 85th day of the sixth year of the war, the ADC was captured in a blitzkrieg-like advance on the valley between the Sierra Madre mountain ranges. The USA gave an option to the Mexican government: become a client state, or perish in the radioactive clouds and flames. They chose the former option.
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why do i come back here to read these? because they are epic!

mewp: a word to describe awesomeness in its supreme form.

EoB Heraclies gets a hard-on from noobs.

Damn, you got me. I just wish I knew how to make quality threads like you do. -Blatant7
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