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I figured that I should share with everybody the games I've played to improve my gaming skills. So let's discuss over this and we could all benefit from it vastly.

Map: British Isles
Nation: Germans
Difficulty: Moderate
Sudden Death Capital
Ancient to Modern
Opponents: Incan, Roman, Dutch (all AIs)
Rest are normal settings

The Beginning
I went for this build order:
Sci 1 -> Civ 1 -> Fill Woodcutter Camp(2 slots remaining) -> New Farm and extra Citizen -> Com 1 -> Another Wood Camp and a Market -> New City with Farm -> Final Farm on Capital and a Granary -> Classical

I had explored most of the island by then. I shared a large island with my Incan neighbour, but I had a large mountain all to myself, which suits my playstyle.

Classical - The Great Boom
When I hit Classical my economy was good. I had 200 Wealth stockpiled and my Food income capped. I started on Sci 2 immediately. I also researched Mil 1 and built a Barracks and a Stable. I used all Wealth I had to make Scholars so that I could start gathering Knowlege ASAP. I researched Civ 2 and built another City to get more Wealth for my Scholars. Once I got it done my Food capped at 100 again, I sent those now idle civvies to build a Mine on that huge mountain. I had also gathered enough Knowlege to research Com 2. I did that. I built 4 Solduris and 3 Slingers but did not upgrade them because I was about to age. I built a Lumber Mill on Berlin since it had 2 Wood camps in it's radius. My wood skyrocketed and I built the Collosus, and aged at the same time.

Medival Age
I had Mil 2 researched to train Cataphracts. I made a few of those and put some civvies on the Mine too. I then noticed that the Incans' Capital was fairly close to my borders, so I ammassed a large army of 10 Slingers, 15 Solduris and 7 Cataphracts, upgrading all 3 unit types. I also made 3 Trebruchets for his City. Too late. He already advanced to Medival and his Capital was a Large City, so I built a Senate in Dusseldorf, my second city and the one with the Collosus. I researched Despotism and I used the Patriot as a Supply Wagon.

Warm-up - Germans vs Incans
I attacked, leaving his army lying on the ground. He had truckloads of Archers and my Vandals were tucked back to avoid the deadly arrows. Just as my Elite Javelineers slaughtered their archers some Cataphracts emerged from the flanks. The Solduri were too slow to save all of the Slingers from slaughter. I paused the game, used Forced March on the Despot, and sent 3 HIs to each calvary unit. In the meanwhile, the city was only half reduced, so I sent my other force in, and advanced to Gunpowder with help from the plunder from enemy units.

Gunpowder Age
I researched Sci 3 , Com 3 and Mil 3. I then upgraded the Javelineers. The Incan Archers were suddenly fighting with their bows and arrows against an army of people holding guns, all of them died, and my HI moved in for the capture. But the treacherous Incans have moved their Capital. Too bad. I will crush them later. My attack was running out of momentum. Right at that moment the Incans proposed peace. I accepted, because the Dutch contacted me for an alliance at the same time and proposed a mutual attack on the Romans. I accepted that as well, and turned my focus on the Romans.

The Spaghetti War - Germans vs Romans
The Romans and the Dutch were on two different islands. They were blockading the Dutch on the sea, and have achieved naval supremacy. I spammed a few Fireships at their navy, which wreaked havoc and allowed the Dutch navy to retake control of their waters.

I then built the Forbidden City on the Roman's island, using 4 citizens. After 5 minutes, my army was on the Forbidden City and military buildings were being constructed. The Forbidden City was heavily fortified with Stockades and Fortresses, requiring lots of Wealth and Metal, so I negleted my Cuirassiers. Big mistake.

The Musketeer army took a small Roman city called Saturnia. 10 Musketeers held the line against the oncoming horde of crossbowmen. It seemed fine until the calvary charged. I lacked healthy Fusilers because most of my metal was spent building Fortifications, so I built the Angkor Wat with the excess wood and wealth and gave my ally 2000 Food. Now my treasury is nice and empty and I could try to rebalance my economy. The Musketeers were all dead or dying. In the end, I withdrew my Cannons while my limping Musketeers bought them time.

The Romans chased me all the way back to the Forbidden City. If I lost this foothold, it would be ages before the next D-day. Luckily, the fortifications I built slaughtered them, and 5 fresh Cuirassiers were awaiting. I returned to Saturnia, which the Romans didn't bother to take for some reason. The Dutch made their own D-Day too, landing on the northern part of the Roman island, before getting slaughtered. I knew that supporting them would be stupid, as my foothold was on the south, so I marched east towards Rome, razing it with 10 Cannons.

I advanced to Industrial, the Angkor Wat was finished, capping my Metal so I researched Com 6.

The Final Conquest - Germans vs Incas
Tanks are available, I upgraded 15 Cuirassiers still sitting on Incan borders, and made 5 MGs and Artilleries to support them. I researched Socialism with my overflowing resources. The Dutch had obviously benefited from the Food I gave them, because they had completed another army shortly after their first got massacred. I offered them a mutual attack on the Incas, and he sent his army to the slaughterhouse. My armor advanced from the Incan city I captured earlier, tearing apart Enlightment Age units, and swiftly taking 2 Small Cities. I had control of the Southern Incan Empire. From that territory, I could advance more easily without pesky forests getting in my way. My main army(from Rome) had arrived at the east of the Incas and are ready to catch the primitives in a deadly crossfire.

The Incas were advancing in Age, so I had to be quick. The greatly weakened army was destroyed in a matter of seconds as they are attacked from the front and flank. Shells rain on Chan Chan, flamethrowers burning garrisoned citizens to death. The Incas have lost their last defense, and are utterly defeated.

Game time: 39 mins approx.

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