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War Stories
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Topic Subject: The Munich Campaign
posted 07-09-10 10:34 AM EDT (US)   
The year is 1492, the Germans were fighting against the Chinese, Americans, and the Russians in a free for all brawl over control of a watering hole in the center of a desert, where resources were rich.

The Germans had founded the city of Munich there, and all of those resources were German territory, which greatly bolstered the German economy, helping them advance in technology in an unimaginable rate.

The Americans, however, had declared war on Germany, and sent their army into German lands. The Germans, immediately after hearing the news, scrambled their own army and readied for the bloodshed. Two Fortresses stood proudly over the city, protecting it from the initial horde of horsemen and pike.

But the first battle didn't last long, and the Germans were terrified when 7 Bombards emerged from a mass of gunpowder infantry and steel clad warriors. The Germans retreated, leaving the city of Munich burning. They retreated to Dusseldorf and luckily, the Americans did not pursue them.

The German Scholars have found new knowlege and Germany's gunpowder weaponry was vastly improved. The Germans called this time the "Enlightment Age". The Germans brought their new army to battle, cannons punching holes admist the sea of Americans. A Russian Scout happened to pass by and saw the chaos. The Russians therefore declared war on the Americans, helped the Germans rid Munich of Americans, and declared war on the Germans.

The Germans were furious. They called for more reinforcements while conducting their Scholars to find more useful technology. Soon, the Germans had retaken Munich and have a fully mechanized force. The Chinese, who were spectating the war, decided to join in, take Munich from the exhausted soldiers, and wipe out all three of the defenseless nations. The Chinese sent their Manchurian soldiers, and were bombarded to death by the new "Tanks" and "Machine Guns" the Germans have invented. The Germans fortified Munich, founded the city of Hamburg nearby, and built up the two cities to a highly developed, economically independent military base.

Munich and Hamburg made the foward base that the Germans used later on to destroy Russia, retake Dusseldorf, and serve as the temporary capital when Berlin fell in 1937
posted 08-01-10 09:52 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
hahahaah this is very entertaining. keep writing.

- jimmy
posted 08-03-10 00:47 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Yeah. Keep writing it.
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