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War Stories
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Topic Subject: How I Got Shat on as China
posted 08-10-10 03:33 PM EDT (US)   
I decided to play RoN on a Lan Network with my brother for the first time in a while. We chose Australian Outback Big Huge and he was France. As you've probably figured out I was China, which I hadn't chosen to be.

Anyhow, the game started as any normal Nomad game starts, except I made my fatal flaw: I put my capital in the center part of the map. My brother intelligently placed his near the coast in a protected point.

I didn't create a military until the Medieval Age, at which point I decided to invade India (red). They were a backward people and I quickly captured three cities at which point America (green) declared war on me, focusing my goal on defense. I fended off they're raid and achieved peace with the Americans.

After the early wars, there was relative piece all the way up until the Early Info Age. At this point in time, my empire was surrounded by all remaining nations which consisted of my brother and four others. Every nation with the exclusion of my brother declared war on me and I was forced to defend myself.

Because I was rusty, my economy was not very efficient after my citizens were killed in each city and thus I wasn't able to create a defense system.

Slowly but surely, America began to absorb my southern cities, the ones I had captured from India far earlier in the game.

To my right, Japan (yellow) was putting up a very heavy attack on my cities and I had to continuously pump out troops from my capital just north of Shanghai (the city that the Incas focused the majority of their attack on) to defend them.

Slowly but surely, I ran out of resources and the Japanese captured Shanghai. At that point, I quickly moved my capital to the Northern coast in order to avoid from having my prior capital captured. Beijing, my prior capital, was soon captured thereafter and I was left with absolutely nothing.

At this point in time, my brother had conquered all of India and America and controlled nearly half of the map! Luckily, we were Allies, which had been his decision near the beginning of the Industrial Age.

I then decided to use my remaining resources to build four Redoubts and seven Air Defense Guns.

In the end, however, my brother went on to capture Japan and he controlled eighty percent of the territory. The lessons learned is: never put your capital in the center of a land map.
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