posted 02-13-11 08:06 PM EDT (US)   
America was a quaint country that most others considered to small and peaceful to be a threat. All countries but the Empire of Japan.
America had seen when the Japanese had begun to construct a city on the southern side of the island and ignored them When they began to build a Fort. But with thoughts on Science, Religion, and exploration the Americans gave this little thought.
That was until the Japanese declared war on the country and had captured the City of Washington located to the west of the Capital, Concord.
Immediately the Americans began training an Army to withstand the coming invasion. But alas, it was in vain.
The Japanese Army Swarmed into Concord from the North and South. Bravely the American Troops and Militiamen Fought off the Invaders time and time again; but in the end the proud city of Concord lay in ruin... It's monuments crumbled... many of it's citizens dead... Dozens of American and Japanese Ship alike now sat at the Bottom of the German channel. An Alliance between America and Germany was forged. The Surviving Americans sailed to Germany during the onslaught. The City of New Concord was established and America began to slowly rebuild itself. In a few years the country was not only back on it's feet but had an economy to rival even the greatest nations. They began to construct a Navy and form an Army twice the size of the Japanese.
One early morning the American Army set sail for the City of Old Concord... Dozens of Battleships with their flags raised sailed by their side... The Army Secured a foothold on the very northern tip of the island and let all hell rain down as the cannons blasted away at the Japanese Held City. Hundreds of American troops charged into Old Concord and within a few minutes they had Retaken Old Concord and had begun to pound the Japanese City to the south with cannon shells and bullets.
After years of War the Americans amassed a giant army and made a final push into Japanese Held Washington and the Southern Japanese Cities. Eventually the Americans invaded Japan and razed half of the Island before a beaten Japan could muster a defense.
In the end both Germany and America would destroy many more Japanese Cities and would demand a tax for allowing them to live. Japan would eventually join the Alliance with America and Germany and would rebuild their empire.

And so ends the War of Concord