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Topic Subject:CtW Campaign - Some Newbie Questions About Scripting
Eusebo Ptolomeu
posted 02-04-19 06:18 PM EDT (US)         
Hey guys, I'm diving into the amazing world of creating new campaigns for RoN, however there are some basic things I would like to know. I tried searching it everywhere, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. For now, my 2 biggest questions are:

-Is it possible to have more than eight nations in a given Conquer the World campaign? It doesn't need to be more than eight in a single battle, but more than eight nations fighting eacht other for the conquest of the world

-If the above option is possible, is there a way to trigger the spawn of civilizations mid-game? For example, imagine that after conquering a set of territories, one of those territories "revolt", changing it's ownership for a entirely new player(AI). Or perharps the Huns just "appear" in the eastern provinces in a Rome game, after a certain numbert of turns.

I understand these might be beyond the scope ofmodding this game (perharps they are hard-coded within the game), but after watching mods like DonTheDime Global Conquest, and that Quick Battle Enrichment script, I really don't know what are the limits of modding here :P
HG Angel
posted 02-10-19 06:44 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I would also like to know these answers, we need some expert players and modders to type up a new guide on modding the game - what is possible, what is not, etc.

I suggest searching through and cross-posting your questions to the RON Reddit and RON Steam forums, this will increase your chances of getting info.

Here is a topic on the hardcoding.
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