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Topic Subject:CTW Vietnam War camping
posted 03-26-19 03:14 AM EDT (US)         
Hello everyone ... I've started dealing with this unforgettable game again and need the help of everyone who knows about game modifications to finish my new ctw campaign for RON ... I need help. I will Share with you some of what has been done so far on my CTw campaign of the Vietnam War!
I've done everything, drawing, programming, music... but I was dedicated programming .

This is a game that can be played with 3 nations(North Vietnam,
Viet Cong and United States). I created a few key weapons when be used in the Vietnam War but things can still be improved.
Also, i created key facilities such as Independence Palace in Saigon and Hue Flagtower but other buildings should be adapted.

What is most important programming on external and internal folders has been brought to perfection.

First things first
North Vietnam camping

The game begins with action "Operation Laos". On the outside of the map free movement of players is disabled because historical assumptions.
After the first turn, Norodom Sihanouk King of Cambodia becomes a client state of North Vietnam and the territory of Cambodia is possible to attack a province of South Vietnam .

Next tour obliges players to attack the province of Gia Lai "Battle of Plei Me." Then United States declared war North Vietnam and South Vietnam became an American client state. Americans correspond to an attack on Gia Lai and this coming to the battle of La Drang...ect ... everything is carefully planned out and historic battle of Dak To, Hue, Ke Sanh, Tet Offensive, Cambodia Camping, Estern Offansiva etc. are programmed.From the beginning to the end of the campaign each attack the opponent nation is provided ect La Drang, Barel Roll in Laos and ect... in order to avoid a meaningless random attack. Also North Vietnam General Nguyen Vo Giap appears in the game and led his army in every battle, whether you are a player or enemy of North Vietnam army.

United States camping

The player who plays with the Americans begin with 3 tours of limited freedom of movement on outside map to be played battle Ap Bac, Binh Gia,Operation Quyet Thang 202 against gueerila Viet Cong. After then turn, North Vietnam declared war United States and attack Gia Lai province "Battle La Drang".And in this game opponent attacks are planned from the beginning to the end. Americans must invest vapor in South Vietnam provinces because all provinces less than 3 territory strength fall under the control of the Viet Cong in the tet offensive, that continues to attack the Viet Cong on Capital South Vietnam and the battle for Saigon.

Viet Cong camping
This campaign is recently over. Now my programming experience is much beter than 2010 when I started creating this campaign That's why this campaign was best done.

I created several fictional characters who lead the VIet Cong.If you are playing with the United States, it is up to you to find and kill three leaders of the resistance movement int the 12 turns. You can liquidate the leader of the Viet Cong during the Battle of Binh Gia or the Cambodian campaign...If you play with Viet Cong, on the first campaign, the leader of the movement goes to the South Vietnam villagesto raise the uprising. That's very well programmed. There are also a number of other tasks for Viet Cong leaders during the campaign.
The capital of Viet COng is located in the border area of ​Cambodia that would then be moved to Loc Ninh in the case of the release of Binh Dinh Province .

Diplomacy is done.
Americans will get an offer from the Kingdom of Laos and Thailand for client state, as well as from Cambodia after the coup by General Lon Nola.

The Paris Peace Conference will convened and it is possible to declare a marginal victory in the event that you are playing with the Americans, or continue the war in Indochina against all nations except that America withdraws after peace concluded.

I need help to design the interface. Also I need help editing external map because it looks pretty bad now... I want it to be something completely new... .. Does anyone want to join?
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