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Topic Subject: What would you like to see in a Rise of Nations re-release?
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posted 12-05-13 05:58 PM EDT (US)   
As reported here and here, the rights to Rise of Nations are up for sale this month which you can also read about here and here.

Another game Rise of Nations: Tactics was also discovered for the auction, it was finished but unreleased.

So this might mean RON will be re-released on Steam, Gog, or some other way. It could be a simple re-release or maybe some people will be hired to add some things to the game which would be cool if they did that. If they read these and other forums there is interest and talent among the modders and players of this game so spreading the word around and contacting whoever buys the rights might help to get something done besides a simple re-release like Age of Empires 2 HD which was largely already done with the fanmade Age of Forgotten Empires.

Anyway I thought it would be interesting to make a thread for anybody who wants to post their ideas and requests for an improved, expanded, etc Rise of Nations here if you're interested. Feel free to get as detailed as you want - again, if the people who buy the rights see there's some interest then maybe they might pay attention, so it's worth a try and all in good fun at least.

There have been similar posts scattered in various topics so searching and copy and pasting any relevant ideas can be done also.

I've also posted a similar thread for Rise of Legends here.

So what would you like to see in a Rise of Nations re-release?

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posted 01-02-14 09:40 PM EDT (US)     26 / 43  
I really like your ideas! It would be great if they could be included in an expansion.

You can actually already get most of those nations you mentioned as mods, though they don't have new nation powers since currently that's not possible. There's also a WW2 campaign that you can get here

What bonuses were you thinking of for those nations and wonders?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 01-03-14 04:46 PM EDT (US)     27 / 43  
Yeah I've played the ww2 campaign and enjoyed it, and most of those nation mods too. The only issue was with the nation mods was not having unique powers; that was a downer.

Okay, so for wonders I was thinking something like this:

Parthenon: Classical Age; wealth costs reduced by 15%, temple research 50% cheaper and faster.

Library of Alexandria: Medieval Age; scholars 25% cheaper, library research 50% faster, age advancement 10% cheaper.

Basilica: Gunpowder Age; income from taxation +100%, wealth commerce cap +100, national borders +4



Powers: Generals and spies (excludes patriots) have 50% more craft and 25% more hit points; senates are built free and governments are researched 50% faster and cheaper; receive free light cavalry with each new stable (1 with 1 military, 2 with 3 military and 3 with 5 military), light cavalry upgrades are free; cavalry do 25% more damage to buildings; ships are 15% cheaper.

Units: Elephant line from War Elephant to Culverin Mahout and Numidian Cavalry and Elite Numidian Cavalry (light cavalry that is faster than normal light cavalry and is particularly effective against heavy infantry)


Powers: Plunder from city capture increased; ships are created 10% faster and move 20% faster; ships have greater line-of-sight and range; military buildings (excluding forts, lookouts and towers) are 25% cheaper and build 10% faster; start with one free military research at the library; fishermen are 50% cheaper and gather additional resources.

Units: Longboat and Heavy Longboat (heavy ships that have greater attack than normal galleys); Axemen, Heavy Axemen and Beserkers (heavy infantry that are faster and have a greater attack than normal heavy infantry)


Powers: Light infantry are 10% cheaper, created 10% faster and receive free upgrades; mines hold additional workers; metal commerce limit +20%; smelter upgrades are free; marine transports +50% hit points.

Units: Not too sure but probably indigenous light infantry, maybe boomerang warriors from Ancient to Medieval Age; as well as Anzac Riflemen and Anzac Infantry (significantly tougher than normal riflemen and infantry).


Powers: Oil costs are reduced by 15% (excludes library research) and oil wells and refineries are 50% cheaper; civic research is 25% cheaper and start with a free civic research at the library; cities exert additional national borders and have additional hit points; citizens are created 20% cheaper and 20% faster.

Units: Not sure about their units


Powers: Start with a free commerce research, a market and 50% more wealth; merchants and caravans earn additional wealth each and do not ramp in cost; heavy ships are 10% cheaper and 25% faster to build; first city built builds instantly (excludes nomad games, or games where you start with no city) and all further cities build 25% faster.

Units: Other than Bandirantes and Elite Bandirantes I'm not sure


Powers: militia, minuteman and partisan upgrades are free, air defence units and buildings are created 33% faster and receive free upgrades; forts and towers have 15% more hit points and have increased resistance to air attack; helicopters are 25% cheaper and are built 10% faster; farms and granaries are 50% cheaper

Units: Viet Minh and Viet Cong (light infantry that are hidden when not moving or attacking) with others also

Alright so that's what I've got, let me know what you think of it.

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posted 01-03-14 09:18 PM EDT (US)     28 / 43  
Great ideas! You've obviously spent some time thinking about the bonuses, and they make a lot of sense historically. Here are some more ideas for UUs:

The Arabians could get the Nubian camel archer line, and perhaps also the Egyptian camel swordsmen line as well. I suppose that's not particularly unique, but it's better than the Indians who only have 1 UU line, and that is also used by the Persians.

The Carthaginians had a powerful navy, and I believe it was only after the Romans discovered a shipwrecked Carthaginian ship that they were able to contest with them. So in the Classical Age they could get a Quinquereme instead of a Galley, and possible a Bireme to replace the Dromon. These could be faster and have a longer range than normal ships.

The Portuguese had an advanced navy during the age of discovery, perhaps they could have cannon-armed Carracks in the Medieval Age (other nations should have Cogs instead) and Galleons to replace the Frigate. They are tougher and have a stronger attack than normal heavy ships.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 01-03-14 11:44 PM EDT (US)     29 / 43  
since persian and indian unique units are totally the same so I'd like to suggest some indian unique units, yesterday I saw a documentary film called ancient indian warriors. They are
1. The rajputs
2. The chakarani warriors
3. The urumi warriors
4. The bagh nakhas.
5. Chakra akula sub marine
6. Vikramditya aircraft carrier
And other wonders like sydney opera house, lotus temple, hagia sophia, the blue mosque, himeji castle, potala palace, the guggenhiem museum.

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posted 01-04-14 04:28 AM EDT (US)     30 / 43  
Good idea on the Carthaginian ships, especially the Quinquereme. I included it in their powers but overlooked it for uu's. Maybe a slight variation on those camel units so they can be unique, because I agree that it is dumb for a nation to lack a uu that is only theirs (Indians as mentioned). And yes I have spent many hours pondering ideas for the next RoN. I even tried to contact BHG, then Impossible Studios, then Epic Games, then Brian Reynolds with my ideas to no avail haha.

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posted 01-04-14 09:09 PM EDT (US)     31 / 43  

That's all I ask, to any team seeking this topic for future development.
posted 01-04-14 09:46 PM EDT (US)     32 / 43  
What do you mean? Do you want proper trenches or do you want the AI to actually use it?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 01-10-14 03:32 PM EDT (US)     33 / 43  
Oh yeah another thing I remembered: it would be good if Lakota could build granaries so that they can research Herbal Lore, Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
posted 01-10-14 03:38 PM EDT (US)     34 / 43  
I suppose the medicine line could be moved to the Temple, since religion has often had close links to healing. For instance there was the Asclepeion, a temple in ancient Greece and Rome that pilgrims would visit to be healed.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 01-10-14 05:55 PM EDT (US)     35 / 43  
Yeah plus Jesus and his disciples links to healing and stuff, it could be possible. It would mean there would be a research vacancy at the granary though. It could be easier to make the Lakota be able to build it, but either way would work fine
posted 01-17-14 03:40 PM EDT (US)     36 / 43  
Proper entrenches. Just seems like the tactics would be a little more fun if they really worked every time you used them, so far, it's pretty much the american unique light soldier unit that get's them
posted 01-31-14 07:45 AM EDT (US)     37 / 43  
While we're dreaming about edits to the game...

1. I'd like some unit-experience mechanic, whereby a unit that inflicts a certain amount of damage or accumulates a certain number of kills gets to be promoted for extra effectiveness.

2. There used to be a legacy code in the game for manual upgrading. I think they deactivated it in favor of auto-upgrading the moment the relevant tech was researched. I think it would still be an interesting mechanic if each unit (and certain buildings) had an upgrade button that you could hotkey, and doing so added a small lag when the unit or building became useless. That would mean no more charging the enemy with Cataphracts and then suddenly storming their city with MBTs.

3. Crossbowmen should not span two ages as an infantry unit. Maybe they could upgrade to something like the Zhuge Nu in Age 4. Or even just "Elite Crossbowmen" - after all, the Pikemen get a simple "Elite" upgrade in Age 4.

4. If it were up to me, I'd make a slight tweak to the late-age air units.
a) Jet Fighters and Jet Bombers would be one tier.
b) Advanced Fighters and Advanced Bombers would be another tier (using, for example, the Asian nations' bomber model, which looks very close to a Tupolev-160, a 1980s-era bomber which came out much later than the 1950s B-52 Stratofortress model used by most other nations).
c) Drones and Stealth Bombers would be the final tier.

5. Air transport of units could be a fun mechanic. You wouldn't have to build an air transport unit (just like you don't have to build sea transports - the land unit just "transforms" into the relevant unit). You could move a land unit onto an airbase and activate the air transport function, then set a waypoint. The airbase would send a transport unit to the target, and paradrop the unit down (or land at a nearby airbase if one is available - a safer option, since enemy air defenses wouldn't be shooting at a helpless paradrop package). This could be used to get artillery, generals, supply wagons, and even civilian repairers to hot spots quickly.

6. Missile Shield currently shuts down the entire missile game, which I think is somewhat inflexible. If I were the designer, I'd see about writing in an option to allow "missile interception" at my silos once Missile Shield is researched. This causes the silo to fire off its Cruise missile directly upwards, and if any incoming missiles are in a certain radius, it will destroy them. This is primarily used to defend cities against nukes. It will use the "proximity select" function currently in use with silos and normal V2/cruise missile strikes (i.e. the game is smart about launching only one missile per mouse click even if you have multiple silos selected, and it will generally launch from the closest silo to the targeted area). In this case, the game will smart-select the silos nearest any incoming nukes first. This could make for dramatic escalations where the attacking enemy launches as many nukes as possible against a broad array of targets, and the defender hits Shift+X to select all silos, and then mashes the Intercept hotkey in a desperate attempt to destroy all incoming missiles.

7. Markets should use smart-selecting for merchants and waypointed rare resources. They currently do not. If you select all your markets and rally on a rare resource and then hit B, you will get multiple merchants all converging on one rare resource, instead of the closest Market creating one merchant only. The designers were able to implement smart-selecting for silos, so it's definitely possible.
posted 02-04-14 02:43 PM EDT (US)     38 / 43  
I made a facebook page about the need for a new RON game a while back, not much has happened with it, but, here is the link should you wish to contribute to it:
posted 04-24-14 10:58 AM EDT (US)     39 / 43  
One of the things I've always found lacking in RON is flexibility in scenario editor. I'd like some more terrain types and the ability to actively paint water and terrain on the map, like in the AOE games, as well as the ability to directly plonk down mountains, cliffs, and rivers without entering that horrible editor that is currently available. Tree graphics could either change to match the terrain under them, or all tree variants could be available to paint with. I'd like to see support for more map sizes in addition, with the absolute largest (if such a thing was possible) being four times the size of a current big huge map (just imagine how accurate a map of Europe or Spain or something you could make with such options, and how much depth it would give).

In addition, some new nations to play with. Europe is already fill to bursting with options, but I would like to see Polish or Lithuanians in the East and Portuguese in the West. I'd like to see an Indonesian, Philippine, or Polynesian civilization in that area of the map, and a
Southeast Asian nation such as Khmers or Vietnamese. In Africa, I'd like Moroccans or Mali as an additional civ. South America seems complete, but a Brazilian civ might also be nice. To match the increased map sizes and number of civs, increasing the max number to play on a map to perhaps 10 or 15 (I think it's 8 currently).

an overhall of the games graphics might be nice. Although it isn't necessary really, 3D graphics for buildings and geographical features would be nice instead of flat facades. A game like RON converted to AOE3 style graphics would be spectacular, by the way, if demanding.

Finally, since I've gone on for too long, I'm running out of time, and none of this will happen anyway, I'd like to see a lot more depth added to the units and possibly buildings of the game. Multiple tiers of unit per age, which have to be researched successively (or can coexist), as well as multiple unique units for each nation where applicable (Americans, for example, don't really need 8 unique units in the ancient age, although perhaps they could share uniques with Britain?). Something that someone else suggested that I hadn't thought about, but really liked, was that each unit would have to be individually upgraded as an upgrade becomes available through research. This begets a possibility of obsolete, decrepit military hardware coexisting with a more modern level of research (WW1 weapons in modern age, etc., even though new units will be created with proper modern age weapons.) All of these would add a gargantuan amount of realism/believability to the existing game, without significantly altering the existing game mechanics, which are golden, in my opinion.
posted 04-28-14 01:15 AM EDT (US)     40 / 43  
As we are now a decade further on in PC capability since the game was released a lot more complexity and diversity could be included in the game, much of which could be handled automatically and intelligently by the PC. There have been some good suggestions already, but here are some of mine...

1. MAPS.
Really huge playing areas (for multiplayer games at least, although for one-off solo games these would be good too). More map variety for specific globe locales (i.e. each region has its own unique map, and these should have a simple modding capability to switch from lush grassland to sandy desert, to icy plain, etc. when wanting to play one-off games rather than global campaigns). Note: a benefit of this could be partially to randomise the whole globe, e.g. at some point in the Earth's history it developed differently, maybe by tilting more or something, and this would mean that Siberia could be hot and lush, whilst Peru could be a sandy desert or where the ice caps are. Different climactic conditions would affect resources available and also the water table (so a map as desert would have little or no waterways, tundra could have streams, lush plains have rivers, forests have swamps & lakes). The water table would rise and fall, with wooded areas expanding or shrinking, depending on which climate zone was selected for that map.

Start off in CTW as hunter/gatherers with no buildings, other than a simple dwelling such as a tent, cave, whatever. Need either to research farming or have time pass so that observational experience means that farming becomes available. Similarly this could be applied to dwellings, and thus other buildings.

The combination of 1 & 2 would allow for 'mystery' campaigns, where you do not know how many other players exist (there will always be at least one, but this may be computer controlled if no other humans have joined the online multiplayer game). You then choose whether to go the alliance/diplomacy route when encountering them, or the aggressive/war route. At some point one player will control 70% of the map, so even if only two players co-exist happily one will always win the game (so you could have an economic war, not by the sword). Note: if no alliance was agreed between two players they can co-exist and help each other but they can also attack each other freely (this must be a manual instruction - units will not automatically attack other nations with whom you are not at war). If an alliance is agreed (which costs X amount; the cost varies depending on the civilisation status) then they cannot attack each other without first declaring war (the cheaper option if done originally) or via traitorous sneak attack (which costs a lot and must have a research delay; it cannot be done on an immediate whim). Obviously, an alliance brings trade benefits, both by caravan wealth between each nation's cities, but also affecting the price of goods at the market. For example, one nation holds the sea border so has lots of food, but the beach is enclosed by rocky mountains, so has very little wood available. The other nation, on the other side of the mountains, is in a forest zone, so has lots of wood, but little space to build farms. In isolation they would each find one resource to be very expensive, but when allied they would have a trade agreement in place which reduces the cost of the resources they do not have within their own territoty.

Watching some of the recorded games I keep getting confused over who is which nation, so I'd like a simple three character prefix option so that if you were unsure of other nations you can have displayed onscreen "TR_xxxxxx (nation)" or "TC_xxxxxx (nation)", where 'TC_' denotes Team Cyan, and '(nation)' stipulates the chosen nationality. Either of these may be switched on or off, so just "xxxxxx" (i.e. the player's name) can be displayed if desired. Note: for the multiplayer one-off games (which occur on one map only, not ranging across the globe from one area to another) players can have the same nationality. This then allows for scenarios such as Queen Maud & King Stephen, or the gallic tribes of Gaul/France, or even communist vs national socialist vs democrat in a civil war Weimar period Germany.

I'd like to see more visually unique units in the default game (as opposed to relying on modders to create them), e.g.: the Stuka (slower and weaker than a generic fighter/bomber, but with greater accuracy and thus increased hitting power, plus with the Jericho Siren effect; the Harrier Jump Jet (created at air bases but can be positioned anywhere afterwards where flat land is vacant); minelayers (both land-based and water-based), who can lay mines but also detect & remove enemy mines) - mines would have to be expensive to prevent overuse. I would also like to see machine units be able to carry some human units, e.g. helicopters could carry a few soldiers (or ships carry marines) to enable them to be moved rapidly across the map; bombers could carry some paratroopers (and this would look good graphically if the early USSR method was used too, where they actually clung to the wings and slid off). How about a scout with his dog having an upgrade to a motorcycle with sidecar and machine-gunner? I also want to see airships prior to more modern aeroplanes ruling the skies, and what about observation balloons replacing or accompanying lookout towers too for some nations?

I'd also like a bit more dual-weaponry realism. We already have aircraft carrier fighter bombers, but we could have early bi-planes dropping the occasional small hand-dropped bomb too, and battle tanks using a machine gun for anti-personnel use (not just their main gun). Early cannon should not have explosive balls (!) to begin with (they might look super in Hollywood films but it ain't the way it was!). Firing a cannon ball into the enemy would take out horses and people in a row, either killing them or severely injuring them. Tactics then come into play, based on the terrain to be defended, on how to lay out your artillery units. One could even have each unit be built with a certain amount of different kinds of ammo which is used based on AI (so as not bog down the player with trivial button-clicking). Thus, tank vs tank would use armour piercing to begin with, only switching to high explosive when the AP ammo was exhausted. If they faced an onslaught of charging infantry it would be the other way around. The close vicinity of the supply wagon would gradually replenish the ammo.

6. ERAS.
In a one-off game the span of eras should be variable, so one could restrict the game to purely the Medieval era, or allow it potentially to encompass all eras, from hunter/gathering through to The Information Age. Also, just as the game developers had to imagine and invent later technology for early nations, so we could have a couple of ages/eras beyond modern day. This would need to be decided prior to the game commencing, but it could include The Gravity Age (tanks and cars hover without the need for wheels or tracks, and thus go faster; aircraft need not worry about aerodynamics for flight design; 'repulser' walls exist to act as energy barrier defences) and The Particle Age (effective particle weapons created, either with short but high powered blasts, or long, slow siege beams to sap the strength of a city; teleportation devices created, which are very expensive but allow for tactical troop insertion or sneaky bomb placement). These could just let the fun continue and let the game stray in C&C territory (after I've been trying to go for realism for the rest of my suggestions).

I'd like to be able to cluster some commands over the function keys. I could then use F1-F4 and F5-F8 as banks of commands, with F9-F12 being the switches which determine what the two banks do. I could create & print info-strips for my keyboard to show visually what each F-key does. This would alleviate the need to remember which letter-key I need to press for 'this' or 'that' action (or alternatively selecting an existing unit to see which key is assigned to them), as it is at present.

I like to concentrate on the "S" rather than the "RT" in "RTS", as I feel like I'm playing a bigger game and want to build an empire, not so much bother with the little fights which occur on the map. I also play in Slow rather than Normal as I think the men walk across the map at a more realistic and sensible speed. Consequently, it is too easy to get into the habit of continually pausing the game to decide my next strategic move. Imagine the King with his Barons, or the Armed Forces Chief with his Field Marshalls and Generals, huddled over a gigantic table strewn with maps. True, battles could be ranging at the front, but they won't cause the loss of the empire that afternoon whilst the bigwigs ponder their next move. That's how I look at the game, admittedly trying to make it grander in scale than it really is, but I'm sure some readers will understand what I'm on about. Anyway, it would be good to introduce a pause limiting element in solo games, e.g. only 10 pauses allowed per scenario (a bit like the Armageddon countdown), or each pause incurs a 5, 10 or 15 minute delay before pause can be used again (a bit like the market embargo after a nuclear strike). I admit I could do this manually but it's something else to think about when I've already got more than enough with the existing game elements.

Sort of carrying on from the sentiments expressed in 8, combined with what I've written in earlier points, I'd like to see some big multi-player games played on huge maps have an extra player as the Leader. So, a 4 vs 4 game could be a 1+4 vs 1+4 game, where the 1 is the Leader (King, Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshall, Monarch, whatever you want to call it) who does not control cities/armies directly, and the 4 are the generals who do control their own cities/armies. The direct players can elect to see just their own screen area or lift the fog of war for their team mates' areas too (or it could happen at a certain trigger point in the game's progress). They are semi-autonomous and handle local skirmishes and economic matters themselves, but cannot speak to team mates. The Leader can speak to all under his/her command, and can see everything they do, but (s)he decides the overall strategy. This might mean telling player A to concentrate on creating wealth via available land & water resources, player B to build infantry, C cavalry, D a mixture plus forts, as D needs to defend the valley in front whilst A, B & C create the main forces in the rear. Or it could be the Leader arranging massive pincer movements with one player holding elite troops in reserve. If any of the direct players disobey orders the Leader has the ability to cede some elements of that player's units to another player as punishment. Prior to the game commencing all players are ranked, so that should one drop out unexpectedly the Leadership or owned units pass to another player. The 1+4 vs 1+4 could also be a 1+3 vs 1+3 vs 1+3 game for added variety. This would have to use truly large maps to be an effective and enjoyable gameplay experience.

I'm less bothered about this being included, but it would be a nice feature to have height-difference boundaries, which allow for enemy troops to appear at the top of the hill/gulley sides/cliff/whatever. The troops on top have the advantage and a valley could be defended differently, depending on which side it was that a player occupied (if it narrowed at the low side a fort or a few troops would suffice, but the broad high side would need more defences, hence the usefulness of stationing troops along its high sides). A limit could be place on the available space for troops on these clifftops otherwise the areas could become impregnable borders, rather than an area where the nation occupying the low country accepts that casualties will be incurred, but victory is possible. Deep ravines would also allow for bridge building. This could be a later technological invention which permits passage over natural boundaries. In this instance both sides would be on the same height, it is just a map area which cannot normally be traversed. A similar thing could be applied to rivers, which slow down or even prevent units crossing them unless a bridge is constructed.

I'd like to see the cessation of one unit magically transforming into something else when an upgrade is installed at a barracks, factory, etc.. For example, an old style cannon in the field should remain a cannon, but all newly built units should come off the assembly line as modern artillery, and a horse riding cavalry unit in the field should not magically transform into a tank!

Rather than have just supply wagons, how about larger static depots and hospitals? They could be utilised in a couple of ways. One is that units with different ammo stocks (as mentioned in point 5) have instant reloads when visiting the depots, with soldiers being healed quicker in hospitals than in other buildings. The other utilisation is that supply wagons could be made to have a craft-like value which once depleted requires that they return to a depot for restocking (prior to going back to the frontline if they are set to follow a fighting unit). This would mean proper supply lines are created in the game, not just the pseudo-supply line of units travelling to the warzone from barracks/whatever. Also, hospitals could be attacked if your nation is despotic, or held in siege if not, but as they can only be built within city zones, once that city has been assimilated then the occupants of the hospital surrender and will ally themselves with the victor for a price (as gratitude for not slaughtering or imprisoning them), only able to be ejected when 100% healthy and at a suitable cost (which is cheaper than the cost of building a new unit). If they are not bought out they stay inside the hospital, but that means they take up bed space which the victor could otherwise be using.

13. ROADS.
Rather than solely letting the caravan routes change with the age advances, I'd like to see proper roads introduced. These should be properly worked out by the pc instead of the sometimes jagged and poorly routed version we have at present. Certain nations (e.g. Romans) would be able to construct them early, and they allow units on them to travel faster than over rough ground (including caravans, so a wealth bonus emerges).

EDIT: Re-reading my post I think that the global change in point 1 would be easier to visualise if the global map (of all the different regions) was a proper spinnable globe, and not a scrolling flat map as it is now. Then it would be more obvious where the repositioned poles are and where the equator is. As a mod. you could have a lost civilisation of Atlantis in Antarctica, with special technological upgrades in the ruins.

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posted 05-01-14 11:52 PM EDT (US)     41 / 43  
Well mostly i wanted is buildings and increased population well in my concept each Civilian building has a +1 Gold income
in Modern age a Commercial building districts can be build with +2 Gold and can Garrison 5 more People to work in there it will have 0.5% Gold income for each building
and i do hope the enemy units will not open fire on those buildings just occasionaly if troops are Inside it with so there will be an Urban fighting scenario Population is important well Maybe it can be relied on cities maybe each city supports 300 people and Farms Specialy i dont want them inside cities because you dont see some farms inside cities literaly and And if a city is surrounded it will automatically in besieged mode where units in the city that is surrounded have a minus on fighting and a more realism perhaps Food and ammo should be delivered to your armies so when your city is besieged you will have to punch a hole into the enemy lines to get your food and ammo crates inside the city and civilians Should return home for 1 Minute to sleep and Eat
Ancient age to enlightment age Formations in these times formations are essential for example if you have recruited 10 Phalanx each unit has 3 persons right? So equivalent to 30 men a Phalanx formation should appear so you can group them together Romans must have a unique Legion formation in Medieval age Pikeman can be in phalanx or in a tight double Layer Lines effective against cavalry in Enlightment age a long Straight line will be used or a Phalanx like Formation but with some distances like where in you will have 3-4 short but long lines whe the front units fire they will Automatically sit when they fire like a fire by rank method
and i would like to see Airborne unit IN game and i dont like similarities with all nations Every nations units is Unique leave no Similarties because Originally They call their units Differently and you must have to build Some War industries like Armor builders,Blacksmiths Weapons Manufacturing plant (.etc) and Exceed some FIghter base planes on the Carrier and some Warship base choppers
Maps should be Enlarged TOtally and please make Scenario maps Of the World like Europe Asia ,N.America and S.america because i have a hard time building my own Real Maps scenariosthere should Be Light and Medium heavy tanks to be precise and like in Aoe3 where on if you group your units in a thight packed Foration and An Artillery is fired you will have Heavy casualties in one shot thats all i can think of right now
posted 05-15-14 06:54 PM EDT (US)     42 / 43  
first of all paratroopers and personal carriage ability for helicopters and armored wehicles as every gamer.
posted 06-02-14 00:06 AM EDT (US)     43 / 43  
Rise of Nations Extended Edition is now on Steam, here are some links and info:

Steam store page
Steam community page
Steam discussions

Heavengames forum
Heavengames downloads
Heavengames - discussion and ideas on re-release here and here

Moddb - RON
Moddb - RON T&P expansion


Fans of RON may also want to consider supporting a Rise of Legends re-release also as a Rise of Nations 2 "total conversion mod" may finally be possible if the modding options of both games are expanded to make that a possibility.

If you have any more relevant links & info post it here.

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Rise of Nations Heaven » Forums » RoN General Discussion » What would you like to see in a Rise of Nations re-release?
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