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Game Modifications

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Topic Subject: Modeling Help Thread
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posted 06-06-10 02:24 PM EDT (US)   
Ok so I am going to start this thread so that any of us that are modelling can post our problems and questions here.

This is in the hope that any of our veteran modelers like ODA can drop by and answer some questions as I am beginner at Max too.

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posted 02-11-12 00:20 AM EDT (US)     151 / 212  
Hi Uthum! Of course i can help you (or at least iŽll try :P).
Ok send me the models and iŽll do my best. Which aircraft do you want for the PLAAF? If you give me time i can create su-27/su-30/j-11 (they are similar), j-10, j-7(same as mig-21), h-6 bomber, etc.
IŽll send you a message on your email because i canŽt send you a PM.
Question: guys does ever took the so long to upload something to the download section? I sent like 5 days ago a file...and nothing :S

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posted 02-11-12 02:24 AM EDT (US)     152 / 212  
That's most likely because RON Heaven has no active moderators. I'm sure it will be approved though... eventually.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-11-12 02:31 AM EDT (US)     153 / 212  
Jelu I sent you some Chinese models, I think they might need to be re-made, as some of them are high in poly count. But see what you can do with them

Super, the skins have been sent.

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posted 02-11-12 06:17 AM EDT (US)     154 / 212  
Thanks uthum876, I must have been merging/attaching the objects together in poly mode not mesh. It now comes out all right. No flashing, or other funny behaviour like an invisible wreck then the tank is destroyed.
posted 02-11-12 04:19 PM EDT (US)     155 / 212  
Sorry but I just keep getting small problems. For example, I added a new helmet to a guy and exported it yet the helmet wasn't showing up in game. Apparently this is solved by reunwrapping the model, yet I made another model (the foot knight) which has an added sword and shield which both appear. Perhaps I need to reattach the nodes of the helmet to the body, because I did that with the shield and sword?

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-11-12 05:39 PM EDT (US)     156 / 212  
Wait, so you solved the problem by reunwrapping? I don't understand.
posted 02-11-12 05:53 PM EDT (US)     157 / 212  
To put it simply, on one model I added something and the part I added showed up in game without me having to reunwrap it or anything like that, while on another model the part I added wouldn't show up.

I do remember you telling me when you sent me the fixed foot knight to reunwrap it if the sword and shield didn't show up, so I had a go at reunwrapping the model I'm having trouble with, but it's quite difficult. So why are the added parts showing up for one model but not the other?

UPDATE: And the issues keep coming - this time all I did was lengthen the spear of the phalanx model you gave me to make a sarissa and when I export it, the spear's length is unchanged.

UPDATE 2: I've solved the invisible helmet issue! It was something quite simple actually - the background for the texture had been masked out so all I had to do was get rid of the masking for where the helmet was. My bad...

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-11-12 07:03 PM EDT (US)     158 / 212  
If you change the topography of the model, you ALWAYS HAVE TO re-physique it! Thats why the spear isn't working.
posted 02-11-12 07:57 PM EDT (US)     159 / 212  
That makes no sense because I made a variation of that model with a new helmet and its sarissa works!

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-11-12 10:45 PM EDT (US)     160 / 212  
I've managed to successfully get two models into the game:

As you can see, the pezhetairoi (Macedonian pikemen) have pikes of realistic length rather than the spears the pikemen wield in the vanilla game. It might be hard to make out but I gave them crested Thracian helmets. The swordsmen are equipped with pylos helmets.

Credit goes to Uthum for the textures and the original models for both of these guys.

I'll try fixing those two models I'm having trouble with later.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~

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posted 02-12-12 11:50 AM EDT (US)     161 / 212  
Hi guys !

Sorry for bringing it back, but I still haven't found out how to deal with the unwrapping issue I've been having, and it is the very last model we need to release, so we really need help on that.
This model had a lot too much polygons, so I passed it through PolygonCruncher, to reduce it to a more acceptable number. The crunching itself do go well, the ship is integrated into the game, but as it seems, in the process, the UVW got scr... messed up a little bit, and now looks like that :

How can I fix this ? That thing is unskinable... unskinnable... does this adjective take two n's ? Does it even exist ? Never mind.
Anyway, if anyone of the more experienced modellers had an idea about how to fix this, this would save our lives.
posted 02-13-12 02:40 PM EDT (US)     162 / 212  
Hi Colonel!!!
I think this might help you:
1) Go to Unwrap UVW modifier and reset the UVWs
2) Click on the "+" sign and click in "select face".
3) Select a part of the model (for example the bridge of the aircraft carrier in your case and the nose of the fighter in this image) by clicking and dragging.

You have to check in all the views if the faces that you want to be mark really are.
Do this pressing control while you click on the faces you want. (E.g: i consider all this faces like the nose)

4) Now in the right menu go to "Sub Objects Params) and choose "X" if you want to get the chosen part from left view, "Y" from the front or "Z" if you think that a top view will be easier to paint it later. I choose X.

5)click in "planar map"
6) Go to "parameters" and click in edit. (I suggest to maximize that window to work more comfortably.)
7)There is the section of the model that you chose but is mixed on the others parts. So move it "outside the limits" and correct the size with scale.

Do the same with all the other parts of the model and then organize them inside the square. IŽll hope that this help you and sorry for not answering before, but i just learnt how to use this program the last month (and just a little, not all the functions). Greets mate! Good luck

Update: I think my a-4 is never going to be published xD

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posted 02-14-12 03:55 AM EDT (US)     163 / 212  
Thank you very much, JeluArg, I'll try it today and let you know how it went !

I noticed that RoN Heaven's file hosting is really terrible... how about you uploading your A-4 on another website, such as Fileserve, or bayfiles, or any other, and publishing the download link on the forum ?

EDIT : It worked, thanks a ton !

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posted 02-17-12 08:05 PM EDT (US)     164 / 212  
Uthum was right, different parts of the shield were attached to different parts of the arm. But the foot knight is working now.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 02-17-12 10:38 PM EDT (US)     165 / 212  
YouŽre welcome Colonel.

Great Super!!! Those foot knights look very good and your macedonian pikeman is very impressive! Good job man

I got a question: IŽve tried to export a tank to RON, and everything works well, but there is a problem. When the tank is standing-by, it moves the turret from left to right. Well, mine moves the torret up to down XD is funny to see. So how can i fix that? Something like this happen to any of you? (When it fires the animation is correct).


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posted 02-18-12 02:15 AM EDT (US)     166 / 212  

Jelu, if you are using the Churchill nodes for the tank, then you have to use the "medium tank" animations in the unitgraphics.xml file.
posted 02-20-12 00:07 AM EDT (US)     167 / 212  
Thanks Uthum!!! It was that

Questions: When are you planning to release chinese for WIC?
So i stay in schedule. I advanced with all the models (skins are left) but i have to make J-10. About J-10: Did Greathan send you his J-10 model? I think is a very good one.

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posted 02-20-12 06:36 PM EDT (US)     168 / 212  
Not anytime soon, You can take your time for the next 2 months. So you have plenty of time, if you want to you can even try to make some of their land vehicles too.
posted 02-20-12 08:17 PM EDT (US)     169 / 212  
ThatŽs good! I have an exam next week and i was afraid to not finish the model on time. Greets!
Question (again, yes iŽm very anoying!): It is possible to make an aircraft to have to different animation for atack? Example: I want that for air to air combat fire missiles but when it strike ground targets i want it to replace the missile with a bomb (or two, whatever).

Greets mates! IŽm trying to make a mod to include Argentina i have some units iŽll show you later in another thread.
posted 02-20-12 09:22 PM EDT (US)     170 / 212  
Hmm...interested in figuring that out too, Im experimenting with some coding regarding that, I'll let you know.
posted 02-24-12 03:30 PM EDT (US)     171 / 212  
Hi there,

After adding new ships to AWT, I came across a slight problem : the default death animation is in now way adapted to custom models, and needs to be replaced. However, I don't know the first thing about animating, so I have a couple questions :
- First and foremost : how do I do to create and export a custom bha animation ? Is there a tuto available somewhere ?
- Also, we have about fifteen implemented ship models. Will I have to create that many death animation, or will one single animation work with all of them, given that they've been physiqued around the same nodes and using the same physique file ?

Thanks !
posted 02-24-12 08:44 PM EDT (US)     172 / 212  
There are plenty of animation tutorials on youtube, you just create different poses for each frame (make sure you have the auto key button pressed)....and you go through frames by moving the trackbar at the bottom of the interface. Then when you finish what you want just export the animation out and instead of "mesh", select "animation" (this creates a .bha file). Its simple to make animations for mech units, but to make animations for infantry you need to be on a different level as the human physique is quite complex. I've adjusted infantry animations some 10 times now to make them look more realistic and some of them Im still not satisfied with. I watch a lot of videos on youtube to study human poses so I can emulate them in my animations. Anyways I think just one death animation for all ships is insufficient, every new unit I created, I created around 4 to 6 different death animations alone for them, these are for mech units though for some reason the game won't recognize my custom infantry death animations.

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posted 03-07-12 08:29 PM EDT (US)     173 / 212  
I have a question with modelling:

I am currently creating fully-rigged ships as an exercise, yet I have hit a snag: would rigging, oars, gun ports and other accessories such as masts and the like count towards the polygon count or are they part of something else?

Super7700 once told me that he found an alternate skin for the carrack, which he managed to modify because there were different parts to it. So I am wondering if for stuff like 19th and 20th century warships, turrets and guns must be made separate from the model.

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
posted 03-07-12 10:24 PM EDT (US)     174 / 212  
Everything on the model goes towards the poly count.

Well firstly, it was a model, though it did come with a skin. And what do you mean by there being different parts to the old carrack model?

Things like guns and turrets should be part of the model.

~ Creator of Kings and Conquerors, a total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots ~
posted 03-07-12 11:38 PM EDT (US)     175 / 212  
See your correspondence (640/788) from this thread:,0,0,10&st=625

Ideally I would like to try my hand at creating hybrid models once I get the galleass and lanternas underway, however, I am unsure just what would be required. For now, the steamships I am making would be pretty easy (especially the Lave-type floating battery) but once it comes to super-huge ships of the line and galleys, I think that is when the trouble would begin. Two different skins, being the galley and the Victory-class battleship, are to be made but different units will be created by adjusting the sizes of the models so that I can get small galleys and even large ones. The big problem I anticipate will be the mounting of guns, because you can't have an Indiaman have a larger number of guns than HMS Victory!

[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
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